Jewish people reject Zionism (#Israel #Gaza #Netanyahu #middleeast)

It is heartening to see so many people of Jewish faith speaking out and rejecting Zionism. Zionism is political, the Jewish faith is a religion – that is the important distinction we must always remember when we discuss Israel and Jewish issues. The problem for the world, and many Jewish people across the world, is […]


Slave #Britain: UK definition of terrorism ‘could catch political journalists and bloggers’ (#UK #politics #bigbrother #gchq #law)

The following article is from The Guardian’s home affairs editor, Alan Travis. Terror law watchdog says police and prosecutors have exceptional powers that must be confined to ‘their proper purpose’ ‘The current British definition of terrorism is so broadly drawn that it could even catch political journalists and bloggers who publish material that the authorities […]


The end for #Cameron (#politics #Gaza #Israel #uk #mh17)

If you support David Cameron, or are of no real opinion about him and the current government, the events of the past week must make you stop and think about the suitability of both to govern the UK. Why the past week? Because the past week has demonstrated very clearly where Cameron’s interests are – […]


Video evidence of #Israel’s military MURDERING a young #Gaza man in cold blood as he searches for his family (#middleeast #politics)

An Israeli soldier shoots an innocent young man who is with clearly identifiable rescue crews looking for members of his family after overnight shelling in Shujaya. He is then fatally shot two more times as he lay injured on the ground. UNARMED – NO THREAT – JUST A NORMAL YOUNG MAN LOOKING FOR LOVED ONES […]


Another day of hell for #Gaza (#israel #middleast #politics)

As we wake to another day, perhaps our minds turn to the practical things we have to do in our ordinary lives. For some people, there will be memories of a weekend pursuing the things they like to do, maybe pursuing a hobby, visiting or spending time with friends or relatives, or perhaps enjoying a […]


MI5, MI6, CIA, KGB, & Mass Mind Control

We are told that we face threats by Muslim extremists. Of course, we don’t really know there is a threat, but we react with the information we have – what we have been told by those we hold as authority figures and who we have a predisposition to think of as looking after our interests, […]


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