#Cameron and #Osborne in secret deal with taxman (#Politics #UK #Tories #bedroomtax)

Self-serving corruption and manipulation within the Tory government continues to be exposed as The Mirror discovers David Cameron’s and George Osborne’s secret deal with the tax man which saves them thousands of pounds a year on their Downing Street Homes. By James Lyons, The Mirror ‘The multi-millionaire Tories are quids in after a dramatic change […]


More protests across the UK taking place this weekend – details (#Gaza #Israel #UK #GazaUnderAttack)

More protests are scheduled across the UK this coming weekend. FRIDAY 1st AUGUST Liverpool 8.30am  outside the Liverpool Town Hall for what is likely to be a short demonstration. The aim is to persuade the City Council’s ‘cabinet’ (which meets at 9am) to stop using the security company G4S. The immediate concern is that G4S have […]


Conservative MP asks government to change policy on #Gaza – Channel 4 Exclusive (#Israel #Politics #Tories #UK)

This is a first! Conservative MP, Margot James has written to Philip Hammond to ask him to rethink government policy towards the war. In the letter she says “My constituents, not all of them Muslim, regard the Israeli action as wholly disproportionate to the threat posed by Hamas.” She continues: “I ask that the government […]


Video: Our hearts go out to @ChrisGunness and all other aid workers (#Gaza #Israel #Middleeast)

Last night, or more like the early hours of this morning, we saw a video of Chris Gunness trying to make a statement about the situation in Gaza. Chris, a former BBC reporter, is the spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), an organisation that is on the ground in Gaza trying to […]


Where is David #Cameron as #Israel commits war crimes? (#gaza #middleeast #uk)

As the Zionist government in Israel continues to commit war crimes, even in the face of a UN investigation into its illegal acts under international law, Dave Cameron stays very silent – failing to criticise the atrocities. Cameron is supposed to represent the people of the UK, and those people have demonstrated very clearly that […]


MI5, MI6, CIA, KGB, & Mass Mind Control

We are told that we face threats by Muslim extremists. Of course, we don’t really know there is a threat, but we react with the information we have – what we have been told by those we hold as authority figures and who we have a predisposition to think of as looking after our interests, […]


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