So you have probably read a lot and heard a lot about how the world really is. But how do we make sense of all this information?

Let’s keep this as SIMPLE as possible.

The first thing to keep in mind is information is only information! It is a TOOL to help us realise the truth of the world – sometimes truth which we may have trouble taking on board with everything else going on in our lives.

In reading this, you have probably already gone through the first stage of REALISATION.

The next stage is ACCEPTANCE.

It can seem stressful to realise that the world is not quite as we envisaged it to be. It can challenge our core beliefs about who we are and how we live our lives.

The FACT is that the world is the way it is. At this moment, there are those in power who have control and manipulate us for their own objectives – whatever those objectives may be, they are certainly not in our (humanity’s) best interest.

So we know this and have to accept the reality of it as it is at the moment. There is no point getting angry, there is no point moaning, there is no point in letting it cloud our lives. Allowing these things to generate negative emotions within us just gives those in power more power to manipulate and control us. Remember that those in power want to keep us in a state of negativity and FEAR.

Information is knowledge. When you have knowledge you have a solid foundation on which to build – you have POWER!

Now to the third stage – ACTION.

DON’T worry about your beliefs or way of life as you perceive them being challenged. It is important not to get defensive because this will cloud your rational judgement and logical thinking, and attach unhelpful emotions to your perceptions.

Your mind may play tricks on you by trying to maintain what it perceives as the ‘status quo’ – possibly by creating emotion or confusion to the challenge of your habitual beliefs and perceptions.

A response may be for the mind to try and ‘shut off’ from the challenge and ignore it. Your mind may attempt to take you to the familiar and safe places it has become used to. If you experience this, then you have to take control. Take a step back, take a deep breath and relax and just LET GO of any confusion or emotion you experience. YOU need to be in control – not the random and illogical reactions of your mind and all the junk it generates.

You are not alone. Everyone who has had to face realisation and acceptance – even those who are free thinkers and open to all possibilities – have had to go through the process of accepting challenges to their beliefs and the way the world is. The KEY is how you perceive the challenge.

If you perceive the challenge as a threat, then you will generate the emotions associated with being threatened – such as panic, wanting to run away, ignoring the challenge, fear, and so on. If you perceive the challenge as a learning experience, you will generate emotions and responses such as curiosity, thinking, analysis, and will be able to come to your own rational conclusion and look at the challenge (and more) with open eyes – a much more positive perception.  In a way, much as a child gains knowledge. It can also be FUN!

Go with your heart – not your mind.

The mind can generate all sorts of ‘stuff’ that is really unhelpful to us evolving and learning from our experiences.

Rediscover your heart.

Your heart is the one true place that will tell you if you are on the right path – if you are being true to yourself. You can call it anything you want – intuition – gut feeling – all that matters is that you listen to it and LEARN to trust it. Once you learn to trust your heart rather than trying to rationalise everything through the mind, you will start to discover how accurate your heart is in guiding you.

If you feel that trusting your heart is too scary a prospect, try with smaller decisions at first. But make sure it is your heart that is guiding you and not your mind behaving like an errant child having a tantrum.

When you learn to trust your heart you will find new paths and new opportunities open up to you, and your perception of reality and possibilities will become stronger and stronger. This may not be obvious (and may not make any sense) at the time. But when you look back on a situation where you have followed your heart, you will see that it knows better than the mind what you have to do – what direction you have to go in and what learning experience you need.

Adversity and pain to gold.

Every begin on the planet will experience some adversity or painful experience in their life – there is no getting away from it. Whether it be the death of someone they know, or something that happens to them personally that dramatically alters their way of life, or that seems to be so painful that they decide they can no longer live with it.

When something happens that we perceive as adverse, it is only an experience. To put that into context, if a loved one passes on unexpectedly, we experience emotions and a sense of loss which are amplified by the suddenness of the event. If a loved one passes on and we expected this to be the natural conclusion to a long term illness (for example) we experience emotions and the sense of loss in a different way. The way we experience the passing on of another being is also influenced by the culture in which we live. In some cultures, the passing on of someone is celebrated and is seen as a time of great joy. In other cultures the passing on of someone is perceived as something to be mourned and is a time of sadness. So each experience and perception is very different yet the event is the same and we generate emotions etc. based on our perceptions.

It is ironic that many people fear death, yet it is inevitable that our body shells will eventually break-down and stop working. Perhaps it is the perception of what happens afterwards that is the frightening part for some people.

There are many, many other events that can happen in our lives on this planet that we may perceive as adverse or painful at the time. Severe illness, losing a job, losing a home, having an accident, war and conflict – all sorts of things that can challenge our beliefs and change the course of our lives.

These ‘adversities’ ALWAYS happen for a reason without exception. Sometimes the reason can be attributed to something obvious, and sometimes we just don’t understand (at the time) why it has happened to us and the mind kicks in the syndrome of ‘why me?’

Everything that happens to us is a learning experience if we allow it to be. Sometimes it can be hard to realise what the learning is or should be. Sometimes we may think that we have already learned from a similar experience and don’t understand why is it happening again.

We have a choice. We can let ourselves get bogged down in the emotional mire generated by the mind, or we can learn. No matter what excuses our mind generates, there is a learning experience in everything that happens.

If we can take a step back from all the stuff generated by the mind and take an objective look at the experience, we may find that we either learn, or it changes our life in very significant and positive ways – if we let it. Your heart will always guide you.

We all live in a world that is challenging in many ways, and this does not mean that we have to be super positive happy clappy all the time. There will be times where you need space to learn from experiences and recover from the emotional crap that can go with them. There will be days when you feel grumpy and negative. There will be days when you just can’t be bothered with the world and the ‘problems’ of life. There will be time when the ‘why me?’ syndrome kicks in.

Even the most free-minded and positive people in the world have ‘off’ periods.

The important thing is balance. If we realise that everything happens for a reason and is a learning experience then we have the right start. We automatically and instantly get rid of a lot of stuff that is of no use and start to look at life in a generally more positive and open way. This also helps us to recover from what we perceive as ‘adverse’ experiences, and enables us to gain perspective independently of the mind and the pressures of our environment.

Seek truth in everything.

There is so much bullshit generated in the world it can seem difficult to see the truth through all the smoke and mirrors. We wade through a mountain of rubbish every day that can come from those we associate with (friends, family, work colleagues) or those who feed us disinformation (such as the media and governments), and a whole range of sources in between.

Something that is frustrating is knowing that the information (disinformation) is not true. Whether this is a friend telling you about how good they are at something (when you know they are not), someone you work with spouting ‘corporate bullshit’, or the government telling you how good something is for you because they know best.

Those who are ‘empathic’ and can read people very well will find engaging with people who they know are lying to be particularly frustrating and draining.

Trying to get to the truth of every little thing we hear or see during the course of a day would overload us. The fact of living on this planet is that we will encounter those who lie. But someone not telling the truth is not necessarily deceitful. For example, a friend telling you something about themselves that you know to be untrue may be them deceiving themselves. Perhaps they are trying to fill in the gaps or inadequacies they recognise within themselves and are trying to externalise what they feel they would like to be. Sometimes people will not tell the truth with good intentions, perhaps in the belief that it will save someone distress.

The worst kind of lie is where a person or entity lies in order to manipulate or take advantage of others. We predominantly see this with ‘officials’ who will blatantly lie to the public – sometimes dressed up in some fancy spin-doctoring. Just by watching them we can tell that they are putting on an act – that they do not believe a word coming out of their mouths and are reciting parrot fashion. Many politicians who we expect to represent us and look after our interests attend courses on effective lying!

We can also see this kind of deceit in the commercial world where corporations produce propaganda for the public and their employees that could (at best) be seen as having very tenuous links to the whole truth.

One way to handle this bombardment of bullshit is not to take any notice of it at all. This is very much a case of burying our heads in the sand and totally ignoring things that will and can affect us now or in the future. By ignoring something we are giving the perpetrators a licence to carry on doing what they want without being challenged. So ignoring it is not a useful tactic at all.

Another way we can handle the bombardment is by choosing what we challenge – the important stuff. To do this we have to be sure that what we suspect to be a lie is a lie. And this can only be done with knowledge of the truth.

In the previous example of a friend not telling the truth about themselves, you may know what they are saying is a lie because you can physically see it is a lie, or you have knowledge of their behaviour and/or previous conversations that contradicts them. If it is something you feel is important and needs to be addressed then do it. Don’t worry about the consequences, because the consequences of not addressing the issue may be worse – especially for the friend. It does not mean that you have to go head-to-head and tell them straight out you know they are lying. If they are a friend then you will know how to let them know you know by following your heart.

In the case of ‘officials’ and other entities you may have to look into the subject of the lie a little deeper in order to ensure you really have a firm grasp of the truth. Then you can take action you feel is necessary. Sometimes it is enough to know the truth, while other times you may want to discuss the truth with others, and at other times you may want to become involved in some sort of action group.

As with many other things we have looked at, it is important not to let the fact that there are lies everywhere colour our own perspective of life. Sometimes we just need to realise the lies exist and we must try not to attach our own emotions to them or take negativity from them (which will give the lies more power than they deserve) – they are part of the world in which we exist. Many of the more ‘official’ lies are ridiculous and sometimes comical – treat them as such and the people who speak them as fools. Treat the lies as indicators of who the person/entity is and what their true objectives are – just don’t buy into the bullshit.

Learn to challenge stuff! It can be a daunting prospect to start with, but provided you are coming from a foundation of truth and respect you may be surprised at the positive reactions you get from others over time.

Another very important thing to remember is that there is a big difference between confidence and arrogance. To be arrogant is to be disrespectful and dismissive. To be confident means you have a firm foundation in truth AND remain open to other possibilities.

Discover other people who are like-minded.

There is a MASSIVE awakening taking place all over the world. You probably won’t hear or see much about it in the mainstream press – but it is happening BIG TIME!

You are NOT ALONE is seeking truth and becoming who you really are. You may be surprised by how many people around you are beginning to wake up.

The problem is that because we have become so artificially ‘individualised’ and restricted in our free speech by those in power, we have lost much of the ability to communicate effectively with each other. People have become afraid to say what they really feel for fear of being prosecuted or ‘offending’ someone. In fact, the only people who should be offended are those who are unable to express themselves freely without fear!

If you want to find out about how open those around you are there is no harm in ‘testing the water’ with a few things until you gain confidence in communicating your beliefs and the truths you have found. You never know, you may learn something interesting from someone else in your life!

Perhaps you have some kind of local group you could attend, or an internet community. If you do choose to become involved in a group or community (in the real or virtual worlds) remember that YOU are the one who has YOUR beliefs and YOU must still seek the truth for yourself. There are a lot of people in society that have very radical, misguided, and downright bizarre beliefs, and there are a lot of people who have performed research and have very valid beliefs and have found truths.

It is up to you what you choose to believe and to seek the truth – you are following your own path.

Develop yourself

Busy lives blah blah blah. We can all find excuses for not seeking opportunities for developing ourselves spiritually and physically. But there are a lot of opportunities to find alternatives to the mainstream. Perhaps instead of drinking alcohol (do you have any idea what that does to your mind and body?) after a day at work, try something else like yoga, meditation or anything else that can help you learn new things about yourself and the world around you. You don’t even have to leave home if you don’t want to. There are plenty of online resources and DVDs etc.

If you have a health problem, there are alternative treatments available in most populated areas. Provided you don’t try these with expectations or too many preconceptions they may have a positive benefit. But of course, you need to use your brain and not do anything that could potentially harm you or interfere with any existing treatment.

Instead of sitting in front of the television watching trash TV why not try reading something interesting in a book or on the internet. There are plenty of interesting and reliable resources available to you – and you will be stimulating your mind instead of sending it further into oblivion.

You could try something creative. Painting, writing, all kinds of things that keep different parts of the brain ticking over. If you are doing it in the privacy of your own home you don’t even have to be that good at it!

So think about what you do in the little precious free time you get and use it to your advantage – use it to evolve.

Love is the ONLY way

Does this sound a bit weak and feeble? Think again! Love is THE most powerful thing we can use and experience as human beings.

Love as defined as an unreserved, deep, respectful, united, unconditional, considerate feeling of acceptance of all humanity. This definition doesn’t do justice to the depth of love like this. But you may already know what it is, and if you don’t, you certainly will when it happens! We are not referring to ‘romantic’ or ‘Eros’ love between two people – but a love much more intense – a love that is part of our being.

It is such a powerful love, that when humanity joins together in love it can (literally) change the world and produce an overwhelming positive energy.

When you start to use love you become powerful – you have meaning for existing in this world, you see the world in a different way, and you become part of the collective consciousness of all humanity.

Now you can find your path

With everything being so confused and upside down in the world, it can seem like we need to put in a lot of effort to make change happen. It may seem like we have no power. But in REALITY we have a lot of power. We can initiate change in the world – and the place to start is with ourselves.

As ‘individuals’ it is all too easy to see ourselves as weak and ineffective. But when you start to discover what you ARE capable of, and that you are part of a higher consciousness developing in the world, it makes perfect sense to be who you really are.

It does not take much effort to change ourselves. Getting used to challenging our own beliefs and the beliefs of others in a non-emotional and free-thinking way is the hard part. Once you start the process you may be surprised at how fast it builds, how confident you become, and how free you feel.

We have to get away from believing that our minds are the one and only thing that makes us who we are. Although the mind is useful, it needs to be controlled by us and not dominate everything we think and do. We have to realise that we have heart, and that heart is where the truth is.

Your journey – your path – is yours to follow, and only you can follow it.

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