Syrian President Assad exposes Cameron’s new ‘episode’ in Cameron’s ‘classical farce’ (#UK #Syria #ToriesOutNow #politics)

assadIn an interview with the Daily Telegraph, President Assad described Cameron’s claims of 70,000 moderates waiting to take over Syria “a new episode in a long series of David Cameron’s classical farce… Where are they? Where are the 70,000 moderates he is talking about? There is no 70,000. There is no 7,000.”

During the interview, Assad also said “How many extremist cells now exist in Europe? How many extremists did you export from Europe to Syria? This is where the danger lies. The danger is in the incubator.”

The interview took place before the UK government’s decision to commence air strikes against ISIS targets with Syrian borders. He stated that if the plan to bomb Syrian territory was approved by the UK government “It will be harmful and illegal and it will support terrorism, as happened after the coalition started its operation a year or so [ago] because this [ISIS terrorism] is like a cancer”.

It wasn’t that long ago that Cameron was desperately seeking allies in arming the Free Syrian Army – an organisation that has been responsible for sabotaging potential peace talks, using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians, and giving western manufactured armaments to ISIS. Let alone that the majority of FSA fighters were/are Islamic extremists.

In June 2013 Cameron (along with Obama) sought the cooperation of member states attending the G8. However, he was sorely disappointed when his (and Obama’s) proposals were rejected out of hand.

When Cameron was directly questioned as to why he was so keen to support a terrorist organisation with definite links to Muslim extremism, Cameron embarked on a tirade of personal insults and refused to answer the question.
The fact is that Cameron has done more to add to the suffering of Syrian civilians than making any serious attempt to alleviate it.

On more than three occasions Assad has expressed that he was willing to enter into peace talks at any time, and has also said he would welcome the intervention of western governments as part of a combined initiative (with Russia) to combat ISIS. Each time Cameron has rejected Assad’s invitations and willingness to bring peace to Syrian citizens.

Cameron could easily have entered into a cooperative agreement to combat ISIS yet chose not to, citing the most ridiculous reasons – mostly based on lies – to justify his inaction. The UK could have been part of a LEGAL initiative rather than embarking on action which is ILLEGAL under international law.

Cameron’s claim that there are 70,000 moderate rebels ready to take over the country is ridiculous.

The most accurate estimate from independent sources indicate that the FSA is made up of around 90,000 to 100,000, with around 20,000 being part of the extremist group Jabhat Al-Nusra, and up to around 70,000 coming from the extremist Islamic Front. In addition, there are still ISIS members fighting on behalf of the FSA.

So where Cameron gets his figures from is anyone’s guess – perhaps they are just yet another lie as usual – the same as false government figures bandied about concerning other areas of British society. Or perhaps the latest flurry of activity to appease Saudi Arabia has something to do with it.

Although we are not approving of the Assad regime, the facts we are presented with about his government (particularly by the BBC and other government supporting media) is false and mere propaganda.

Having kept a close eye on developments in the Syrian conflict over the past few years, one thing is for sure, the version of events we are presented with through our media is nothing like the actual situation in Syria.

Cameron is merely carrying on the work of Margaret Thatcher. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, she proposed the establishment of the Free Syrian Committee, which would be tasked with destabilising Syria and their communist support from the inside. Backed by MI6 and the CIA, the plan was to topple the government of the time, install a puppet government, plunge the country into impossible to repay debt, then take control of the region and its assets – such as oil.

Territory hungry Israel has also played a significant part in fuelling conflict on the border with Syria.
In addition to sabotaging peace negotiations with Syria mainly over the Golan Heights, Israel has conducted covert cross-border missions into Syrian territory to aid the ‘rebels’. With Israeli military supplies being discovered in the hands of ISIS.

Is Assad right in his views on the conflict? Yes. Having seen several interviews with Assad on various media sources he seems to hit the nail-on-the-head when it comes to western motivation to keep the conflict going and their lack of action to defeat what is supposed to be a common enemy – ISIS.

As we always say, it is up to you to make your own minds up – bit one thing is certain, Cameron should never be trusted and should never be able to propagate the agenda he and his government have been following since gaining seats in government. There is another agenda in play here and it is not one which will be to the good of anyone except their own cronies.


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