‘The Satanic Cult that Wasn’t’ – revealing the crazy side of conspiracy theorists (#radio4 #childabuse #UK)

mckfIf you didn’t get chance to listen to BBC Radio 4’s programme, ‘The Satanic Cult that Wasn’t’ then you missed something which was as disturbing as it was bizarre. You can listen to the thirty minute programme on BBC iPlayer here.

As we wrote on the 17th April, the programme concerns claims that a satanic cult operates in Hampstead, North London, as revealed by two children.

Police investigated the claims of the mother, Ella Draper, and her two children, but the tables soon turned when police realised that the claims were fabricated, and that Draper, and her partner, Abraham Christie, had coached and bullied the children into making the false allegations. As a result, Draper and her partner fled the country for fear of arrest and prosecution.

Around the same time Draper and Christie fled the country, a German woman by the name of Sabine McNeill also fled potential arrest and prosecution by returning to her home country despite being settled and resident in London.

McNeill operates ‘The Association of McKenzie Friends’ with a partner named Belinda McKenzie, a self-styled ‘justice’ organisation claiming to help people with legal cases in the Family Court. McNeill befriended Ella Draper when she heard of the acrimonious divorce proceedings between Draper and the father of her children, Ricky Dearman.

As the months passed the claims of the children became more bizarre including babies being shipped in by courier to be eaten in the local McDonalds restaurant, babies’ skins being used to make shoes, and mass sexual abuse by just about every person the children knew – including police, social workers, teachers, and parents of other children at the primary school. The abuse was alleged to have taken place in various locations, including the disabled toilet of the local swimming pool which the children claimed was used by over 20 people at the same time to abuse them, including parents, teachers, and so on.

The children were taken by social services for their own protection and later retracted their statements saying that Draper and her partner Christie had forced them to make the claims.

When the children were examined it was found that they both had very high amounts of THC in their hair, which meant they had been exposed to cannabis for some time. This tied in with the statement that they were made to eat ‘hash’ soup as part of a raw vegan diet the parents forced on them.

A catalyst which seems to have prompted increased action by the ‘campaigners’ was a judgement in the fact-finding inquiry conducted by Mrs Justice Pauffley. After extensive investigation Judge Pauffley concluded that the initial statements of the children were the result of the children being abused by their mother and Christie. In the judgement Justice Pauffley instructed that the children’s identity must not be revealed – something the ‘campaigners’ have totally ignored.

As the case progressed so did the online hysteria instigated by McNeill, McKenzie and their band of loyal followers. The children’s police interviews were leaked and posted on the internet, as well as a video of them making a ‘statement’ to camera whilst being prompted by an associate of McNeill and McKenzie.

The craziness continued as supporters of the ‘campaign’ embarked on a campaign of harassment of everyone who the children had initially claimed had abused them. The supporters posted personal details of residents and tradespeople in Hampstead all over their various blogs and ‘secret’ sites where the story ballooned as more and more ‘crazies’ joined in.

Despite very clear evidence to the contrary, the ‘campaigners’ continued with the same deluded claims the children and their mother initially made, and refused (and still refuse) to accept any alternative, launching into a tirade of abuse against anyone who may have an alternative opinion.

One of their online ‘campaigners ’going under the name Jacqui Farmer (which may be real or not) even distributing a disgusting video containing real images of child sexual abuse. That goes to show the mind-set of these so-called ‘campaigners’.

Even those who are long-term ‘truth seekers’ and ‘conspiracy theorists’ were amazed at the way the supporters of Draper and McNeill were behaving and abusing other people online and in person as they mounted demonstrations outside the children’s primary school, telephoned residents with threats and abuse, and tried character assassination of those they believed were ‘involved’.

Now you may think that the ‘crazies’ may be a certain kind of person. Not so in this case. Those who were gullible enough to believe the lies and ridiculous theories promoted by McNeill and her cohorts included people of all ages who seem to come from a range of backgrounds. As part of their campaign the crazies created false profiles, fake email addresses, and so on so they could indulge themselves in their ridiculous beliefs, so it is difficult to know whether some of the supporters are real or fake.

The claims of McNeill are akin to some megalomaniac dictator. During the interview for the BBC programme the presenter asked McNeill if she thought it was right or appropriate that the children’s identities and videos of them being interviewed were spread by her followers, to which McNeill appeared to become very agitated and said that it didn’t matter. Several other questions from the interviewer prompted similarly manic responses. McNeill appeared to totally ignore factual evidence and carried on spouting her deluded beliefs.

Of course, as the BBC broadcast continued and the ridiculousness of the ‘supporters’ claims were addressed, the various forums and websites where they congregate were teaming with all kinds of bizarre claims about the role of the BBC and others the ‘supporters’ claimed were involved in some kind of conspiracy. Like a mob of villagers with pitchforks the online tirade continued.

This is not the first time the ring-leaders of this cult-like mob have been involved in making bizarre claims of satanic child abuse.

McKenzie and McNeill were instrumental in promoting equally ridiculous (and remarkably similar) claims about a young girl with Down’s syndrome called Hollie Grieg. As with Draper, the mother, Anne Grieg, claimed that Hollie had been abused, naming just about everyone she knew – even close family friends – as being part of a satanic child abuse ring which was alleged to include doctors (including the family GP), social workers, teachers, police officers, members of local government, and even people who didn’t exist.

You can read more about the Hollie Grieg case at Victims Against Hoaxes. The website is operated by former victims of McKenzie and McNeill’s bizarre claims.

In both the Hollie Grieg case and the Ella Draper case the police were and have been slow to take action. Fortunately, through the hard work of victims of McKenzie and McNeill the police in Scotland started to take the abuse the victims suffered more seriously as time went on – realising that there were very serious threats to the safety and security of innocent people at the hands of the crazies.

We have yet to see what will happen in the Ella Draper case. The metropolitan police should learn the lessons of their Scottish counterparts and take very direct and serious action against the core members of the McKenzie/McNeill cult.

Members of this dysfunctional cult are so focused on ridiculous delusions that they will continue their campaign of abuse and propaganda for as long as they are allowed to. As one of the Hampstead victims said during the BBC programme, it only takes one of the crazies to take things too far and there will be a catastrophe.

The police also need to address the abuse of vulnerable people and children by McKenzie and McNeill. They have managed to manipulate their way out of potentially awkward situations before – leaving their minions to take the fall. Now it is time they were brought to justice for their abusive self-interested actions.

Another side effect of the actions of people like McKenzie and McNeill and their supporters is that people who are genuinely campaigning against child abuse – such as the Westminster ring – and those who are genuine investigating alternatives to the way our world is and the abuses which do take place by those in power may be ‘tarred with the same brush’ by the public.

No doubt we will receive abusive emails as the crazies try to attack us for writing articles criticising their cult and their beloved leaders. All we do is report them to the appropriate authorities. There comes a time when their idiotic tactics just don’t have an effect.

Until real and effective actions are taken against these cult like groups, we will continue to live in a culture where anything alternative is considered with suspicion, and worst of all, a society where vulnerable people are preyed on and abused by these instigators of hate and deluded theories presented as ‘truth’.

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