About OOT

We are just everyday people who have realised the world is not as it is presented to us by government and media.

Our aims are:

  • To raise awareness of the truth behind world events to the public
  • To use (where possible) reliable and verifiable sources of information.
  • To give honest and unbiased comment.
  • To promote a shift in public attitudes from the ‘self’ to the wider concept of consciousness.
  • To promote real thought about subjects that matter to the people of the world.
  • To promote universal peace and respect.
  • To help expose those who manipulate society.

We do not subscribe to ‘conspiracy theories’ unless there is real evidence and research to support them.

Those in power operate on lies and deceit with no empathy. They don’t care about humanity other than as a resource to further their objectives, wealth and power – that is it.

The time is fast approaching where all of us are going to have to WAKE UP and make choices about how the future is going to be.

Soon, we will have two choices:

  • Comply with the bullshit and turn into a hell of a fascist Orwellian state.
  • Don’t comply and live a free live and evolve in reality

Those in power make up a TINY percentage of the population. In reality they don’t have any power because they manipulate the power we have. We are many. WE ARE THE TRUE POWER!

As for the name ‘Order of Truth’ – no particular reason other than to give our message an identity which we hope you will remember and which means something of that we are about.

We are everywhere and nowhere, we are everyone and no one.

You must find your own path, and this is one small site that will help you to take the first baby steps.

We subscribe to the principles of One Law, which you can find out about here

When you seek you will find.


4 thoughts on “About OOT

  1. ok you and i know nothing will change.The public will as always vote for the parties we will have the same system only way is to break the party system go after the mp”s report the dirt every bit of it show there voting records let the public know just who these people are ram it home like walfare cheats the tories have rammed on about that and a lot of people now believe it get and publish all the expenses of all mp keep pushing all they claim for do a ids ram it home what these people are money grabbing voting fodder publish family getting paid for doing nothing time to expose them and push out the party system the only way to beat them play there games expose them for what they are if not get lost you are pissing against a strong wind get all the shit out there expose the bastards for what they are they pay for nothing we pay for everything you gotta get that message out

  2. just a comment about ike and Sonia Poulton go poulton ike is a fraud try saying so on his website and you banned very quick his site just run by mindless worshipers notice how he chages over the years hes a very rich man with all the books if he was against them as he says he would have been clossed down by now hes just spouting money making crap well most of it look at the change through his books over the years its all about making money a celeb if this very rich man wanted to set up peoples voice why not put in some cash no no just heard his account of meeting with sonia bullshit if he is not a director just a volunteer why was he the one doing all the talking why was he there were other volunteers no david knows best tpv is a free platform for ike paid for by the public

  3. Interested and intrigued by your blog. Looking forward to your next posts. I write commentaries/opinion pieces so your site will be useful to me. Please follow back if you will. Thank you!

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