The nasty side of child abuse vigilantism & protest campaigns ((#VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse)

Before we start delving into this subject, let’s make it absolutely clear that we do not believe that the perpetrators of crimes should get away with them, or hide behind officialdom to evade justice.

In particular, child abuse in all of its forms is disgusting and disgraceful.

We believe that these crimes should be exposed in the public domain when appropriate and safe to do so – and where there is real fact and evidence.

For our part, we take fact and evidence as the prime dictator of how, when, and if we assist in the exposure of these or any other crimes. It is imperative that any ‘campaign’ or initiative to support genuine people exposing crime retains credibility, consistency, and above all integrity.

As regular visitors will know, we have covered (and continue to cover/assist in) genuine cases of child abuse – in particular the institutional abuse that has taken place involving high-profile figures in our corridors of power in the UK. We will continue to bring information concerning developments and our perspective and analysis of these cases as and when new evidence becomes available.

Which brings us to our main subject – the mob vigilantism that has become something of a trademark of some ‘child abuse campaigns’.

Using the power of social media, these campaigns are able to distribute information to vast numbers of people in an instant, as well as organise meetings and other action.  The problem is that much of the information they spread is hearsay, opinion, or plain inaccurate – not evidence or fact.

As we covered some time ago when we looked into the Hollie Grieg case where campaigners claimed the woman had been abused by an institutional sadistic ring, there was no evidence for their claims whatsoever.

So why would groups of people make such outrageous claims with no proof or evidence?

The ring-leaders prey on people’s emotions and feed into their inherent and natural anger at child abusers. Mothers are a particular favourite of the manipulator.

Child abuse is an emotive subject, and when combined with a campaign claiming to have evidence and promoting hearsay and speculation as truth, it is easy to see how this kind of thing can spread like wildfire.

One of the techniques these ring-leaders use is to release extracts from official documents which they claim support their (often bizarre) claims. Taken out of context of the full document, it may seem as though the ‘evidence’ supports their claims. But dig a little deeper and objectively analyse the information, and it soon becomes clear that the claims are not as they seem.

Feeding into the ‘villager and pitchfork’ mentality is the manipulators prize technique, and very valuable when the manipulator wants to create a facade of ‘concern’ and ‘respectability’ and to hide in the background to come forward as some kind of ‘champion’ or ‘saviour’.

The manipulators behaviour is very similar to traits found in mental disorders.

The first and one Narcissistic Personality Disorder, where the person believes they are the star, and they give the impression that they are bearing heroic responsibility for cause, that they have to take care of everything because others are undependable, uncooperative, or otherwise unfit to take on such an (as they see it) important role.

The other is Anti-social Personality Disorder (psychopathy) and is the most disturbing. People with antisocial personality disorder exhibit traits of impulsivity, high negative emotionality, low conscientiousness and associated behaviours including irresponsible and exploitative behaviour, recklessness and deceitfulness. The severity of symptoms of antisocial personality disorder can vary depending on the individual. Notably, there is a pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others.

Due to their manipulative tendencies, it is difficult to separate what they say about themselves that is true from what is not. They can appear to be charming, and engage in seemingly caring behaviour. However, their prime objective is their own self-interest.

The manipulation of vast numbers of people by relatively few can be seen throughout the course of history, sometimes on a national scale.

The manipulators are also highly tactical in the shorter term, and will often use pseudo-experts to bolster their false claims. We notice that there are a lot of people within these campaigns who claim a lot but have little substance to back them up.

The hold manipulators have over their flock is incredible. We often hear of cults manipulating people into doing the most bizarre things, or things they wouldn’t otherwise do. The same principle applies to the kind of false campaigns we are referring to here.

Some claims of the manipulators will defy common-sense, but they are presented in the fervour of the mob mentality and internally justified as ‘truth’ which then spreads throughout the group.

Another tactic of the manipulator is to create a ‘them and us’ situation. By doing this, the manipulator can easily explain away any concerns members of the group have by blaming them on the ‘other side’ – thereby reinforcing the mass delusion.

The followers are then spoon-fed information that they don’t have to think about, because they have been manipulated into automatically believing that what they are told (by the inner-circle or group) is truth.

This knocks out extensive critical thinking by group members. Any member of the group who does start to question the version they have been told will be shunned by the group and often branded an agent provocateur or infiltrator.

In turn, this instils a paranoia within the group where ‘outsiders’ are automatically considered to be ‘enemies’ intent on destruction, and must be attacked at every opportunity to maintain ‘group-think’ and stability of ‘the cause’.

This pattern of manipulation and behaviour can be seen clearly in the Hollie Grieg case.

A core group started a campaign based on their interpretation of the claims of the mother of Hollie Grieg, Ann Grieg,  and further interpretation of these claims by one person (who may have had good but misplaced intentions at the time), by the name of Robert Green.

Ann & Hollie Greig

Ann & Hollie Greig

The manipulators who had latched onto the cause started to prompt and coach both Ann and Hollie Grieg in what and how they should tell their story. Robert Green embarked on a series of talks and harassment of those Ann Grieg was accusing of being involved in a Scottish satanic child abuse ring, which they alleged included government officials, the judiciary, police, social workers, medical staff, doctors, school teachers, and many other innocent people who had known Hollie for most of her life.

There were claims of ‘cover-ups’ by just about every government department and public service, together with the spread of highly toxic information across the internet and during meetings of those who believed the story.

Behind the campaign was a woman by the name of Belinda McKenzie. On first contact she may appear to be a caring and well-meaning supporter of good causes – which is how she presented herself – as some kind of champion for the downtrodden.  But it soon becomes clear that she and others are manipulating the campaign behind the scenes for their own ends.

A look into McKenzie’s past reveals an altogether different image.


Belinda McKenzie – Iran Aid

The self-styled truth-seeker came under investigation by the Charity Commission and the police when a charity she was responsible for called ‘Iran Aid’ was found to be funding terrorist activities in Iran. In addition, the Charity Commission estimated that in the time the charity has been operating in the UK approximately £5 million per annum in donations was unaccounted for.

However, when the Charity Commission and police requested documentation that McKenzie was legally required to keep, she claimed the documents had been destroyed in some mysterious fire. Unfortunately, the Charity Commission and the police were unable to get to the bottom of the missing cash or the charity’s real activities because all records had been destroyed.

McKenzie has also been involved in other niche campaigns and movements.

Along with ex-MI5 spies Annie Machon and David Shayler McKenzie was part of a 9/11 truth/Make War History movement in the UK which met at her home (where Machon and Shayler were renting rooms) and which was referred to at the time as the ‘Highgate Hub’.

Machon & Shayler

Machon & Shayler

Machon and Shayler are famous (or infamous depending on one’s point of view) for apparently ‘blowing the whistle’ on what they considered to be illegal activities within the security services.

Shayler also stated that the intelligence services were deliberately planting stories in newspapers and the mainstream media by feeding willing journalists with misinformation. Well there’s a (non)surprise.

If we are to believe Machon and Shayler, they joined British intelligence, an organisation of which one duty is misinformation and creating difficult situations for perceived enemies, and they had no prior knowledge that these kind of shenanigans would be taking place – in secret – in the secret service. You can make your own mind up on that point.

So to the 9/11 ‘truth’ movement. The main claim of the movement is that 9/11 and 7/7 were inside jobs – false flag operations. Maybe they were – maybe they weren’t – depending on your point of view.

In her 2005 book “Spies, Lies, and Whistleblowers…” Machon implicitly states that she regards 9/11 as an Islamic attack – in line with the official version. This was at the same time as she and Shayler joined the 9/11 truth movement in the UK, for which she was to become very vocal for and which claimed 9/11 etc. were inside jobs.

According to ex-members of the campaign, McKenzie, Machon, Shayler, and a couple of others formed an inner-circle within the Highgate Hub who were responsible for the majority of decision making, including finances. Some of the former members allege that there seemed to be little money for promotional work but plenty for ‘celebrities’ in the 9/11 movement from the UK and from abroad – particularly the USA.

This ties in with other campaigns McKenzie has been involved with. She places herself in a position within some ‘inner-circle’ and treats it as a sanctum where only the chosen few are deemed worthy to make decisions, contribute to the cause, or be privy to future plans.

Another side venture of McKenzie is to hold ‘talks’ at her Highgate home and charge people to attend and listen to ‘leading figures’ in the UFO/extra-terrestrial movement.

It was the same with the Holly Grieg campaign. McKenzie placed herself close to the source (in this case being Ann and Hollie Grieg) with only a few others (primarily Robert Green and long-term associate Brian Gerrish) as part of the core.

Starchild Skull

Starchild Skull

McKenzie has also been involved in the ‘Starchild Project’ in the USA. This project claims to have discovered a skull of extra-terrestrial origin. In fact, the skull is from ancient burial grounds in Mexico, and is one of many found in the area. The misshaping of the skull occurs because of the burial practices at the time. DNA testing has proven that the skull is of human origin.

An interesting fact in all of the three aforementioned cases where McKenzie has been involved as a campaigner, she has had significant control of finance. In the 9/11 ‘truth’ movement she was in charge of funds, in the Hollie Grieg campaign she was in charge of funds, in the Starchild Project she was in charge of funds. In each case there is a distinct lack of financial accountability and transparency.

Ella Draper

Ella Draper

In more recent times, McKenzie has become involved with the Ela Draper case, where a mother claimed that people in Hampstead, UK, were all part of a satanic cult ring who imported babies and ‘ate them for lunch’, and who ritually sexually abused her children. As part of the campaign videos of the children were put on the internet where they were ‘interviewed’ (although they were clearly guided and coached) by a member of the campaign group.

The spread of misinformation across the internet has (again) led to people in Hampstead being named (complete with addresses and telephone numbers) by members of McKenzie’s campaign – which she has initiated through her ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ organisation.

In case you have not heard of the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’, they are an organisation which claims to be an advocacy on behalf of “victims of white collar crimes and child snatching”. According to their website they have not charged for their help, but we are unaware at this time of anyone they have helped. They ask for donations to their ‘victims fund’ via PayPal – which on closer scrutiny goes to Sabine McNeill via her ‘business’ PayPal account.

Draper & Christie cavorting in a cannabis field.

Draper & Christie cavorting in a cannabis field.

In addition to a ridiculous amount of online hysteria by people who are not in possession of the facts, groups of ‘campaigners’ – including McKenzie – have been hounding the people of Hampstead. They have focused their main activity outside of the primary school where mothers and children are subjected to harassment as they go about their business. Some of the parents have reported that their children are afraid to attend the primary school because of the aggressive nature of the ‘campaigners’.

As with the Hollie Grieg case, the claims are that the entire community are part of some cult, including teachers, members of the local church, and so on and on – including staff at the local McDonalds fast food place where it is claimed that babies were prepared and cooked on the first floor of the restaurant.

The ‘campaigners’ claim that the police have not investigated the allegations of abuse – which is a lie. The police initially took the claims of the mother very seriously until it materialised that there were many inconsistencies in her story. What the police did discover is that the children were coached by their mother and her current partner to make claims against the children’s biological father.

Abraham Christie (Draper's partner)

Abraham Christie (Draper’s partner)

The tables have turned, and Ella Draper and her partner are wanted by the police and have since absconded. The children have had to be taken into protection by social services, where they discovered significant amounts of cannabis residue in the children’s hair during routine physical testing for signs of abuse.

As part of the police investigation, Mrs Justice Pauffley was charged with the task of a fact-finding investigation. Her findings were that the allegations against the people of Hampstead were totally false and malicious, and that it was Draper and her partner who had purposely coached the children to make the allegations.

Again, there are many similarities with the Hollie Grieg case.

Justice Pauffley

Justice Pauffley

In the judgement of Justice Pauffley it is made absolutely clear that anyone identifying the children will be in contempt of court. Even so, there are ‘campaigners’ who continue to post information and videos of the children making the claims with no attempt whatsoever to conceal the children’s identities.

The ‘campaigners’ responsible for continuing to post and distribute this information containing the children’s details are incredibly arrogant and obviously have no concern whatsoever for the wellbeing of vulnerable people. The children are going to have enough to cope with as they grow up without the constant reminder of how they were manipulated by their own mother in videos posted by idiots.

Of course, McKenzie is not the only member of the ‘core’ of the campaign who is responsible for this disgraceful situation.

Another member of the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ who was involved in the Hollie Grieg campaign and in the Ella Draper campaign is Sabine McNeill.

Sabine McNeill

Sabine McNeill

At the time of writing McNeill is wanted by the police and has gone on the run and is believed to have returned to her home country of Germany.

McNeill has launched particularly vicious and venomous attacks (and encouraged others to do the same) in both the Hollie Grieg and Ella Draper campaigns.

At the time of writing is also seems McKenzie has abandoned the Ella Draper support campaign since police started an investigation into the ‘campaign’ group’s activities.

Another sign that the motives of McKenzie and McNeill (in particular) may be other than the welfare of the children involved. If they had the courage of their convictions surely they would continue to fight for what they deem to be justice. After all, isn’t that the point of campaigns – to fight for someone’s rights or to get justice where justice is being denied? The threat of arrest or prosecution is hardly a reason to just abandon those who are allegedly in need and just give up on them when it suits– it makes a mockery of campaigning for justice.

The fact is that people such as McKenzie and McNeill are very keen to get involved and stir up the hornet’s nest when there is no risk and they are getting attention. As soon as they see the campaigns no longer being to their advantage (or in the case of arrest and prosecution, to their detriment) they run like scolded cats.

They are not the only players in the propaganda machine.

As we mentioned previously, a long-term associate of McKenzie is Brian Gerrish.

Gerrish runs a website called UKColumn which claims to be an authoritative alternative news source.

Brian Gerrish

Brian Gerrish

Although not known to be part of the ‘Highgate Hub’ as such, we know that Gerrish has visited McKenzie at her Highgate home on many occasions. He has also been highly supportive of the Hollie Grieg and Ella Draper campaigns run by McKenzie.

Again, Gerrish doesn’t check his facts as a reputable journalist would. He just repeats the same tired hearsay, occasionally making ridiculous comments about ‘points of law’ which he obviously knows very little about. More often than not he gets basic facts wrong when referring to cases in his online video broadcasts and posts.

Gerrish also receives support/input from a couple of regular sidekicks (their names escape us at the moment) who are much the same as Gerrish – repeating information from an ill-informed or ignorant perspective.

Perhaps the main motivating factor for Gerrish is that his online operation appears to rely on donations to keep going. He is also involved in an organisation called the ‘British Constitution Group’ which requires funding. Perhaps adopting a sensationalist viewpoint or one which is popular among his cronies keeps the pennies rolling in – regardless of fact and evidence.

In both the Hollie Grieg and Ella Draper cases there have been unjustified and disgraceful attacks against innocent people resulting in arrests, and in some cases prison sentences.

Timothy Rustige

Timothy Rustige

One particularly nasty individual who was part of McKenzie’s Hollie Grieg campaign, Timothy Rustige, was jailed in 2014 for nine months and given a five-year non-harassment order after mounting a vicious campaign against former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini, during which Dame Elish’s family feared for their safety.

Rustige targeted the family in February and March of 2012 with a barrage of threatening emails claiming that Dame Elish was part of a conspiracy to cover up institutional child abuse in Scotland.

The court heard e-mails were sent to Oxford, Aberdeen and Strathclyde universities, claiming that Dame Elish was a “Satanic woman”.


Dame Elish Angiolini

Dame Elish Angiolini

During his evidence, Rustige, a former mechanical engineer, blamed everyone from his wife, his son – also Timothy – to members of a group called Prisoners of Conscience for writing the material. He said the organisation’s HQ for the north of England was based in his flat in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Rustige also made numerous delusional claims during the trial, including that he had worked with CIA whistle-blower Edward Snowden and that he was trying to stop the extradition of hacker Gary McKinnon, and that he had once been a member of the Philippine armed forces, all of which are false.

Robert Green, who was the main protagonist in the Hollie Grieg campaign, has also received several prison sentences for harassment and breaking bail conditions.

Green has a history of harassment.

Robert Green

Robert Green

After Green had problems with his travel agency business, Green harassed a solicitor in Cheshire in 2008.  He delivered leaflets to neighbours of the solicitor, placed posters on the fence and gates of the solicitor’s home, and attempted to intimidate and threaten the solicitor. Very similar to the tactics he used (and was jailed for) in the Hollie Grieg case. In both instances, Green’s claims were totally unsubstantiated. Green would claim he had ‘evidence’ but fail to produce any when he had the opportunity.

In the current Ella Draper case, several people have been arrested because of their vicious harassment of innocent people in Hampstead. The outcome of those arrests is yet to be determined at the time of writing. But again, people engaging in village mentality vigilantism without a foundation in fact or evidence.

There is no doubt that some of the people who involve themselves in these ‘campaigns’ have some delusional mental health issues, and there are others whose level of intelligence and understanding may not enable them to process information very well.

These people are as vulnerable as the people they are ‘campaigning’ for, and are just as open to manipulation and abuse by those with ulterior or less than honourable motives.

In the modern technological age anyone can access and distribute information regardless of its credibility – that’s just the way things are.

But what is very concerning, is that many of the people who involve themselves in these kind of organised ‘campaigns’ just don’t bother to check facts.  Many seemingly ordinary people jump on the bandwagon with little or no knowledge and learn from others who are equally as ignorant of the facts and who resort to presumption, conjecture, sensationalism,, and their own belief systems rather than what is real.

There will always be those who believe that everything connected with officialdom is linked to some conspiracy or another and will refuse to accept that most conspiracy theories are rubbish. But the fact is most of them are. There are some theories which are based in rational fact and evidence that are highly likely to be true, but they become muddled in a mass of conspiracy gunge spread by people who have not put the effort in and objectively learned what is truth and what is fiction.

It also seems that there are those who are more interested in becoming big fish in small ponds and present themselves as having some kind of superior knowledge or expertise, even though the fact is they have just learned some stuff from dodgy internet sites. Just because someone may know one thing or part of a thing does not mean that they are either skilled or qualified to present themselves as some kind of ‘expert’ or analyst in all things.

Pseudo experts are just that – fake – false – pretentious – a sham.

When we consider that these ‘campaigns’ are organised by manipulators, supported by pseudo-experts, people who have their own issues, people who jump in with both feet before looking, and people who are too lazy to check the facts and prefer to believe nothing more than glorified gossip, we have a recipe for disaster which can affect the lives of many innocent people. But the ‘campaigners’ don’t seem to want to consider the impact of their actions on the lives of others, and prefer to indulge their own self-interest.

As we have witnessed, the manipulators and some of the ‘campaigners’ are able to recognise when the heat is on and prefer to run away and leave those left behind to face the music. They simply move on to the next ‘campaign’ which has the potential to fuel their ego-driven desires.

Interestingly, none of those involved in the ‘campaigns’ we have mentioned seem at all concerned by the factually based cases of abuse being investigated at the moment.

For example, none of the ‘campaigners’ we have mentioned seem to be involved in any way in supporting victims of historic sexual abuse by politicians and other high-profile figures. Logically, if these campaigners were so concerned about the abuse of children by establishment figures then they would surely express outrage at the very least. But that seems not to be the case at all.

Perhaps becoming involved in campaigning against real abuse is just too hot a subject for them which carries potential personal risks – something they like to stay clear of. This shows they certainly don’t have the courage of their convictions. They like soft targets – ones they think will not fight back – a typically cowardly trait.

Not only do their campaigns damage innocent people and create victims, they also make the job of exposing and supporting real abuse investigations much harder for genuine campaigns and supporters.

We could take the view that if we ignore them then they will go away. But that is not the point or the case. The fact is that these ‘campaigns’ have a real and tangible effect on their targets – as real and tangible as if those involved in these ‘campaigns’ had mounted an all-out physical assault.

The only real answer is to make those responsible pay for their actions through the courts. They are like feral animals – if we allow them to carry on they will take advantage and impose more suffering on innocent people. They need to be made accountable and take the consequences of their actions.

The kind of ‘campaigns’ demonstrate how nasty and venomous groups of people can be without any real knowledge of what they are ‘campaigning’ for. Instead they resort to their own distorted thinking which is based on manipulation and propaganda.

It is sad that in this day and age when reliable information is available if one takes the time to look that people still indulge in this ridiculous villagers and pitchforks mentality.

Sometimes we wonder if humanity has evolved at all when we observe this kind of behaviour.

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5 thoughts on “The nasty side of child abuse vigilantism & protest campaigns ((#VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse)

  1. 1986 onwards, i began breaking down, became agorafobic, began attending a self help group for CSA/Incest Survivors. I went on to attend conferences, whilst in therapy, tried to Sue my father, failed, and realising the enormity of child rape, on so many levels, piped up, that we should march through london, 1993, tho i had the idea, 1988, that our need for privacy/secrecy, often based on inflicted shame/stigma, was helping it to carry on. So the idea was mooted, spread thru the network, and boy we, made a huge, immense noise, and allowed an open mike,
    Around the plinth in trafalger sq, that day 9.11.93. I had never attended any protest, demo or even a festival/rock concert. By 1995 i was no longer involved, 2009, i was brought on line, weirdly by one of John Hemmings’ Mckenzie friends, after a short while, i got busy, amazed and happy, to find that the rallies had continued, as had the purple ribbon, so i started massively sharing on it, i went along, and spoke, expressing how i felt, and what i wanted to try and encourage, now that we had this internet, where originally, it was a few of us, round my kitchen table, so….
    My mckenzie friend, friend, got the vids onto youtube, that night 2009, i woke up to her, raging about steve from amsosa, showing me the abusive, threatening comments, i was gutted, and groaned, because i had told her, not to release anything, until we had checked with organisors/speakers, and that we might need to blur faces, edit….. they were taken down, hence, mine is the only speech available, tho i still have copies here of some others……
    Well, i then decided to unleash our voices yet again, more freely, for those who could and wanted to, i devoted endless hours, to engaging with the very public groups, and promoting our next 2010 rally, showing footage of our 1994, one, (after 2010 rally, it was removed from youtube, n i found my original vhs had been wiped), as well as, going into lots of secret support groups, explaining what/why, and what i intended, spending alot of time, assuring, reassuring, describing our original rallies, and the creative, spontaneous healing that could occur, endeavouring tho, to encourage, more support for afterwards. Not realising, Emma, Belinda McKenzie, Kevin Annett, Robert Green, Bill Maloney, Brian Gerrish, David Icke, Penny Pullen, & others were meeting to take it over, steer it differently., So that their speeches were filmed and published, instead of real CSA survivors, that were happy to reveal their truthes, imho, more powerful, effective, all round.
    What i intended, is not what happened…. when i was told who the speakers were going to be, a few weeks beforehand, i baulked, and was bullied, gaslighted, triggered, mercilessly, hence i was a sodden heap on the day, feeling as if i had let the world of children down, and these huge mouthpieces, that i had felt an aversion to online, were now speaking at us, for us, and people that were sposed to have, given real evidence, real heartfelt testimonies, were not being heard, Many People cancelled, as they watched it crumble,and were outraged when these speakers were announced, i tried to hold the platform, but as emma of truth & hope had paid the insurance, and done the paperwork, she threatened me with arrest, if i provided an alternative sound system, when she had told me that ‘if i didn’t shut up, she would withdraw all of the equipment’, beforehand,
    Otherwise we would have had survivors from kincora there, for example…..the only ones’ allowed, eg from jersey, and who were genuine, were allowed only, if they also supported the hollie case, which by 2012 had overwhelmed the rallies…… This is a rough skeleton, of some of the key, i think matters, that i can reveal, more now………

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