Even with our relatively limited and primitive science and knowledge, we have wonderful technology that can do just about anything we want it to at the current time.

Every person in this world could benefit from the advancements in technology that have been made in the last century. From the basics of clean water, food and shelter – through to communication, information, and practical aids for those who experience various difficulties.

It may also be that there is more advanced technology that we (the public) are unaware of at the current time which could be of more benefit to the people of the world.

Some of the technology we have today has been around for quite a long time. For example, the concept and development of practical electric vehicles has been with us for over 50 years.

So a question we could ask is why has this technology not been used for the good of every person in the world and why has certain technology been (and is still being) withheld? Another question could be why so much technology and technological development is dedicated to the development of military equipment etc.?

Those apparently in power will argue that the development of ‘defence’ technology is essential to ensure the security of society and freedom. Perhaps another argument may be that they don’t want advanced technology (or research) falling in to ‘unfriendly’ hands. No doubt there are many other excuses those in power could use to justify their control of technology.

Another argument those in power could use is the cost of developing technologies and distribution. But as we already know, the economic system is a false system used to control the people of the world (read the article on the economy). So using an economic excuse is just an extension of their control.

If you take a look at much of the major technology we have today, you may well find that a high proportion of it has only been released to the public once those in control have worked out a way to use it for their own benefit, or there is potential for them to control it.

Take the case of electric vehicles. Although there have been a few attempts to bring electric vehicle to the mainstream public in the past 50 or so years, none of them have been successful until recent years. Many excuses have been made – such as the technology is not developed enough – the infrastructure is not available – it is uneconomical – and many, many others.

Then if you take a look at the development of the same technology for military purposes (in this case electric vehicles) they have been developed and used very effectively for various applications for a long time.

Electric vehicles (including hybrids) are now being manufactured for public consumption. But only now that those in power can use them to their own advantage. Have you noticed how electric and hybrid vehicle owners pay less tax and other charges, yet those who have more traditional vehicles are paying much, much more than they were a few years ago. Why? So those in power have a lever to make more and more money.

If those in power were genuinely interested in developing technology and making our lives better we would have had electric vehicles many, many years ago and all of us would have made the change over and all of us would benefit.

Electric vehicles are one small example. What about mobile phones etc. Do your research and you will find the answer.