An Introduction

The world is ruled by an ancient and very powerful core of families. Their purpose is to amass power, wealth and to depopulate the world.

Here is a brief introduction for those of you who are unaware.


The original Bavarian Illuminati were founded on 1st May 1776, in Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria) as a secret society and called themselves ‘The Order of the Illuminati’.  The initial membership of the Order were five ‘freethinkers’ and had (and still have) very close associations with Freemasonry. Their membership expanded across Europe and had increased to around 2000 members within a ten year period.

The purpose of the group was to overthrow governments and religions of the time and replace them with members of the Order. Their rituals were (and still are in modern variation) based on occultism.

In Bavaria, the Order was banned (as were all secret orders) in 1777 by the ruler of Bavaria. When the Order was banned, one of the founding members escaped Bavaria, and in books published by Augustin Barruel he claimed that the Order had survived, and that the Order was involved in several conspiracies. The books made their way to the United States where religious figures sermonised against the Illuminati – which was then reported in newspapers of the time.

The Illuminati infiltrated Freemasonry and attracted members from royal families and people of influence at the time.

Today, the term ‘Illuminati’ is used to loosely describe a very small group of powerful people who have the common goal of creating the New World Order (aka One World Order) using defined plans and timeframes, and is based in Europe.

In addition to the very close affiliation to Freemasonry (at the upper degree level), there are other affiliate organisations (such as Bohemia Grove, Bilderberg Group) all over the world. The ‘Illuminati’ and their affiliates, puppets, and wannabes are a tight knit group. The lower levels constantly try to please their masters in the hope of gaining an invitation to higher levels – which never comes. Very rarely will one of their number go against the organisation – the penalties for being a threat are severe.

More in-depth information on the Illlumaiati is available in an excellent article at

illuminatilogo2New World Order

The concept of the New World Order is a centralised total control mechanism of every aspect of humanity. (See for more information).

There have been many, many references to a ‘New World Order’ or ‘One World Order’ throughout modern history from politicians and other powerful figures. You will often hear politicians refer to the ‘New World Order’ or ‘One World Order’ when talking about centralised control of government, finance, and other areas of life.

Many parts of the plan for introducing globalisation have already been accomplished, and we are seeing a rapid increase in the attempts of the ‘Illuminati’ to push forward the creation of events that will encourage humanity to accept the implementation of the global agenda.

We cover many of the parts of the agenda that have taken place in the articles on this site.

Some of the areas of our lives that you will notice have changed significantly in recent times are:

  • Initiatives to limit families to a maximum of two children
  • The act of sex has been separated from the function of reproduction.
  • Contraception has become widely available (to children as young as 11)
  • Abortions are becoming accepted as a normal part of life.
  • The expanded acceptance of homosexuality and gay coupling.
  • Clothing styles more provocative and stimulating.
  • Reproducing life forms in laboratories.
  • Divorce has been made easier and more prevalent.
  • It is harder for families to stay together.
  • A move towards living together rather than marriage.
  • Marriages have become less stable.
  • ‘Right to Die’ and euthanasia programmes are becoming more accepted as a concept.
  • Older people’s care costs are increasing.
  • Young people are less supportive of the old.
  • Medical care is becoming a financial issue.
  • Medical care is very expensive.
  • General Practitioners are becoming less independent and forming ‘group’ practices.
  • Diseases that were previously unknown seem to be appearing and be difficult to treat.
  • An explosion in the reported cases of various cancers.
  • Convenience and processed food are accepted as a normal part of the population’s diet, and organic products are maintained at an artificially high price.
  • Religious belief is changing and becoming less common.
  • Education has become ‘dumbed down’.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse has dramatically increased.
  • Slums, ghettos, and ‘no go’ areas increased.
  • Areas of manufacturing and commerce becoming ‘specialisms’ of different parts of the world.
  • A more mobile and shifting population.
  • Movies made more sexually and violently explicit.
  • People becoming more desensitised to violence.
  • Young people (in particular) being targeted and influenced.
  • Forms of ID becoming more part of everyday life.
  • RF tags and implants becoming more common and accepted.
  • Scientific data falsified.
  • Terrorism seems to be more widespread and more of a threat to daily lives.
  • Credit is seen as an acceptable means of economic transaction.
  • Banks becoming more centralised.
  • Taxes increased and ability to save money is more difficult.
  • Surveillance in various forms becoming more prolific.
  • Cost of housing incredibly high.

These are a few of the planned changes and events that form part of the overall plan to create a globalised world. Taken individually, the relationship to globalisation may not seem obvious, in fact some may seem contradictory. But when you understand the context of these events, their use becomes logical. All of the items in the list were known to be the plan of the ‘Illuminati’ as far back as the 1960s. Yet some of these events have only occurred in recent times.

(We are working on an article to explain this more fully, and which will be released after research has been completed.)

Some things, such as the control of the population, may seem like sensible moves – after all we are told that the world is only so big and only has so many resources available to sustain a population. More population means more co2 which means the world will self-destruct – or so we are told.

Other items on the list (which is by no means exhaustive) may seem quite reasonable, or not too much of a problem, but the problem is the motivation and long-term objectives of those who control the world. We also have to keep in mind that each move and change that happens as a result of the motives of the ‘Illuminati’ generally has an impact or meaning in some area of their plans – which may not be obvious at the time.

The impact of these plans in the medium to long term.

Many of the plans that have been implemented have already had a significant impact on our society, and especially on how the younger generations see the world and their future.

We are told by our ‘leaders’ (government, religion and so on) that we live in a free and open society, where difference and change are accepted and positively promoted. A place where people are free to be themselves – to be individuals and follow a right and just way of life.

What we are really being told is that we are free within the confines our perception of freedom as DICTATED by those same ‘leaders’, that we live in a societal structure that is an illusion, and that has very strong and clearly defined expectations and limits. That difference which is acceptable to those same ‘leaders’ is only tolerated provided you conform for the most part to the ‘leader’s’ expectations. That the ‘right and just’ way of living is ‘right and just’ if it complies with the doctrines of those ‘leaders’ and is not overly critical of the ‘leaders’ doctrines.

In reality, if you choose to live a life outside of the structure of mainstream society, it will be very difficult (and will be getting more difficult) for you to have access to the facilities those within the structure have.

For example, is you choose to live in the wild in the UK, you will find that although there are vast areas of wilderness, your access to them and rights to live independently in them will be severely limited. You will encounter issues such as land ownership (which can also include state ownership), acceptable use of the land as laid down in laws and regulations, and interference from the state under the guise of looking after the vulnerable. You certainly would not be able to raise and educate children in such an environment – even if their needs were catered for. Even if you own the land, your use of it will still be highly regulated, and unless you comply with very specific requirements (including paying various fees and taxes) the land could be taken from you by the state.

That may be a bit of an extreme example, but the fact is that people who may choose to be truly individual and free in various areas of their lives will have some kind of restriction placed on them, even if they are of no harm to themselves or others.

The state will only allow freedom that serves its own purpose. There are things that are permitted and perceived as free choice, which logically would not be permitted if the state were truly interested in caring for its citizens. A good example of this is the use and abuse of alcohol.

Alcohol abuse is a significant problem in most parts of the world. In 2007, the ‘Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs’ in the UK, reclassified drugs (including alcohol) based on their harmful effects on the health of the user and the harm caused to others. Alcohol ranked as the most harmful on the scale, followed by heroin, then crack (details of the report are available at The Lancet website: and a BBC news article on the report is available at:

Although alcohol abuse and addiction is a major problem in society, ‘leaders’ tend to conveniently ignore, or play down the problem. In the UK, the government changed licencing laws to allow drinking twenty four hours a day. The result has been the increased abuse of alcohol, and a massive increase in binge drinking. To deflect the problem, the government have set a pathetically low minimum price for alcohol. In the UK, alcohol tax duty is in the region of £14 billion per year – a nice income for the state. The cost of health problems related to alcohol is in the region of £3 billion per year. Even allowing an extra billion for miscellaneous resources to cope with alcohol abuse, alcohol still provides a very good source of tax revenue.

On the other hand we have street drugs such as heroin, crack, and so on. The abuse of street drugs contributes nothing directly to the tax coffers, and cost the state in drug programmes, policing and miscellaneous expenses. The government are keen to tell the population how much drug abuse costs the stateand how bad it is for them, but say very little about alcohol abuse until pushed to do so. The government are also able to introduce very restrictive legislation for street drugs, with very little consideration to the legislation’s effect on those who use the substances.

The point of this is not to moralise as to whether alcohol or street drugs should be controlled or not. The point is that those who are supposed leaders consider their own interests before taking action to control something which is harmful to their citizens. The minimum price on alcohol means more income for the state, or the balancing of income should the minimum price reduce alcohol consumption.

An option that could be pursued is the legalisation and control of street drugs. However, the public may object to, and resist, such legislation resulting in a general ‘loss of trust’ that the government has their best interests as central to any decision making. Additionally, the income from the illegal sale of street drugs indirectly and significantly contributes to state revenue. In effect, to legalise street drugs would be economically and politically stupid. The use of street drugs also suits the purposes of the ‘Illuminati’, which may be why drug policies are not working – on purpose.

fear-picThe fear state

The population has to be kept in a state of fear. Nowadays there seems to be so much to be afraid of. Afraid of saying something which ‘may offend’ someone, afraid to touch someone in case legal action follows for assault, afraid of losing a home or income because of the ‘economic crisis’ – let alone the fear generated by ‘terrorism’ and all those nasty foreign people. By keeping the population in a state of fear, the ‘Illuminati’ KNOW that when they offer a solution, no matter how bizarre it may be, the population will be more willing to accept it than if they were not afraid.

In the long-term, the reason for the seemingly illogical and random acts of those in power will become clear – but it will be too late. We will be plunged into a world that is very different to the one we know now. For those of you who are aware of George Orwell’s 1984, you have seen the future.

There is no rush for the ‘Illuminati’ to implement the final stage of the plan. Everything must be in place to enable them to succeed before the ‘final push’. There is a timescale, but it is not rigid, and they are prepared to take as much time as needed to ensure they succeed. Their goal is for the organisation – not themselves. The individuals enjoy the benefits along the way, but it is not necessarily they who will see the final goal materialise or benefit from it.

We CAN do something about this.

Humanity is at a crossroads and needs to decide which path to take. There are two choices. The first is to do nothing and let the plans of the ‘Illuminati’ and their minions come to fruition. In doing so, you accept slavery for yourself, and for generations to come. Once this path is chosen there is no way to turn back. The damage will be done and the final implementation of the plan will be cemented in the history of the world forever. When children ask why the world has become a sickening prison, it will be you who has to give the answer – it is you who will have to explain why you did nothing to stop misery and hell consuming the Earth.

The second option is to do something positive – to contribute to humanity discovering what it really is and how it should always have been. It is something that has become diluted over time through constant indoctrination of the masses. But it is still there deep inside every person who has a conscience.

The first thing is to take a step back from your everyday life and look at the world with open eyes. To leave all you have been told about society behind you and put the pieces of the puzzle together. And there may be times when you have one piece and can’t quite figure out where it goes – but it will become clear with the more you learn.

Don’t accept everything you are told as truth (especially from those who think they have power over you) until you have found out for yourself. Yes – this takes some effort on your part, but you will learn a lot more.

Keep an open mind. It can be hard for many people to allow themselves to put their teachings, preconceived perceptions, and prejudices behind when looking at information. But it is essential to open your mind to all possibilities – even if they challenge your core beliefs and logic.

Look deep inside yourself for the answer and be who you really are. It will be in there somewhere – maybe hidden under all the rubbish life throws at you, but you will find it when you look. Some people use meditation and similar methods – but you MUST find your own way.

Don’t be afraid to tell others what you think and have discovered, or to express your views. Telling the truth – what you believe – and challenging the programming of humanity is important in helping others to understand.

Come together. Seek out like-minded people and join together to spread the truth. There is no need for violence or hate –that will not work.

Don’t comply with the bullshit – then the manipulators become powerless.

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