Developments in Westminster paedophile ring and Martin Allen murder (#VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse)

westprmamAccording to the Star on Sunday a new witness has come forward with strong evidence that could help the team investigating the disappearance of 15 year-old Martin Allen, who disappeared on Bonfire Night 1979, and who police believe may have been murdered by members of the Westminster VIP paedophile ring.

The witness came forward after an appeal from the investigation team for anyone who has information about the abuse network to contact them.

From The Star on Sunday:

He contacted police investigating the disappearance of 15-year-old Martin Allen after an appeal for information.

The witness says he may know the identity of a blond man seen with Martin when he vanished on Bonfire Night 1979.

He has even handed over a sample of what he thinks is Martin’s hair – which he claims the suspect tried to dispose of after fresh publicity about the case.

The witness – known as David – has also shared his evidence with Martin’s elder brother Kevin.

Martin went missing after leaving a friend at London’s King’s Cross station.

A boy fitting his description was later seen with a man at Earl’s Court station.

Police now believe he was one of three boys killed by a London-based VIP paedophile gang. Kevin, 52, thinks the information “could be vital” to the probe.

In another development, London Met officers have found some of Martin’s original case files. The new information may contain witness statements which were believed to be lost.

David’s new evidence includes correspondence, dates, times, names and addresses for a key suspect and two possible accomplices.

The hair will be DNA tested. David said: “I think he was probably the abductor, a tall blond-haired man last seen with Martin at Earl’s Court station.”

Kevin also confirmed: “David contacted me saying he had information about ‘the man who took Martin’ and mentioned possible DNA evidence.

“David says the person is still alive but is in his 70s.

“He is not seeking any reward but is scared of the possible consequences.”

Martin was the son of the chief chauffeur at the Australian High Commission and looked younger than 15. His disappearance sparked a massive police hunt and a probe by Australian intelligence agents.

Last year, Martin Allen’s brother, Kevin, alleged in an interview in the Mirror that he had no faith in the police and was warned by a senior police officer at the time of his brother’s disappearance that he could get hurt if he probed too far.

Detectives of Operation Midland believe that there is strong evidence that at least three boys were murdered as part of the depraved activities of the VIP paedophile ring. As part of their investigation they have been re-examining over 200 cases of missing boys across the UK between 1977 and 1983.

If you have information about the Westminster VIP paedophile ring please contact detectives at Operation Midland through Scotland Yard, or contact Exaro in confidence.


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2 thoughts on “Developments in Westminster paedophile ring and Martin Allen murder (#VIPaedophiles #UK #childabuse)

  1. How long has this investigation been ongoing? How long will it be before the first VIP is prosecuted? Can we expect a bone for the wolves and Scott free for the main offenders? Am I cynical to strongly suspect there will never be any prosecutions?

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