Let’s keep this as brief and as simple as possible.

1% of the population controls 99% of the money in the world.

The economic system the world uses today is false. It is a manmade control mechanism.

We know that the world’s economy is controlled by a very small number of people. They are responsible for ALL the money flow in ever country and are the ‘parents’ of every bank in the world. This includes organisations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA, right down to the local branch of whichever bank you use.

Because we have an economic based system, it is essential that those who are responsible for the world’s money keep control of it. That way they can control every aspect of our lives and implement whatever they want through control of the economy.

Through controlling the economy of the world they also control what every organisation in the world can and cannot do. The organisations include corporations and governments. In effect, organisations and governments are ‘agents’ of those who control the world’s economy.

You may have noticed that money plays an important part in our day-to-day lives. Just about everything we NEED to survive in this world costs money. Even basic commodities such as water cost money in countries that have a developed economy.

In countries where the economy is developed it is extremely difficult for a human being to survive, and those who do not engage in the economic system are considered ‘social outcasts’. They become severely restricted in what they can and cannot do and severely restricted in accessing their basic needs and engaging in any social processes.

So the processes behind economic control dictate that the more you engage in society and contribute to the economy the more ‘privileges’ are accessible to you – such as a home, water, food, the ability to travel, and so on. It is almost like giving a prisoner privileges for good behaviour.

Those who control the economy have long-term plans for us and are prepared to manipulate the economic system to ensure we comply with their plans.

As an example, do you remember when credit was readily available not so many years ago? You could get a loan for almost anything you wanted. You could buy things using many different kinds of credit sources. Mortgages were relatively easy to obtain, you could get a loan for a car without too much difficulty, and you were told you could have anything you wanted if you could afford the repayments.

At the same time there was a relatively low level of unemployment and there were plenty of good jobs with decent pay available if you wanted – if you were ‘driven to succeed’.

That was the lure to the trap!

Millions of people got into serious debt. Millions of organisations operated on credit. Governments, councils, corporations, small businesses all took advantage of what was perceived as a lucrative opportunity to improve the lives of the people – provide better wages and more jobs.

The powers that control the economy had all those who took advantage of ‘a better lifestyle’ and who had false aspirations in a trap. The people and organisations were in debt. Control of (literally) the world was in the hands of a few.

At the same time, the way people and organisations were taxed was very subtly changed over time. Everyone ended up paying more tax.

Like the Child Catcher from Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang, people were lured – taken in with the offer of lots of tasty treats!

Now people were in the trap!

And what happened next? All of a sudden, and from nowhere, things started to change. Before people knew what was happening it was announced that there was a so-called ‘world economic crisis’! People were told that there was going to be a massive recession and that they would lose jobs, lose homes, lose everything they had because there was no money anywhere!

So just as people indebted themselves to those in control of the economy (through banks and other financial institutions), an unexpected and unforeseen ‘economic crisis’ takes place – what a scam.

How can there be an ‘economic crisis’ unless it is created by those in control of the economy? It defies logic. There was  and still is a lot of ‘smoke and mirrors’. Lots of excuses and illogical explanations to try and cover up, or divert attention from, what was and is happening.

Why would anyone want to create a situation like this? Surely those in control of the economic system would also lose money. OF COURSE NOT! The situation has been manufactured so that the wealthy families in control of the economy make EVEN MORE money. Do your research and find out for yourself – the evidence is there!

But making more money was not and is not the reason for creating an artificial crisis. Having lured people and organisations into being indebted to banks, they have created fear! They have created a situation where people are so scared of losing what they have that they will accept just about any solution to the problem.

This is a tried and tested tactic, and has been used time and time again by cults, governments and the ‘elite’.:

1: Create a artificial situation that threatens people’s lives and existence.

2: Make sure that the people become as scared as possible.

3: Offer a solution that that incorporates your objective and no matter how intrusive, illogical or bizarre the people will accept it if it seems to solve the perceived problem.

There is a little about how our economic system works. Do your own research and find out the details for yourself. Open your eyes, open your mind and you will find the truth