Final death blow to ‘#democracy’ as #Conservatives return to government. (#UK #politics)

ssdeathMany people across the UK remain shell-shocked after the result of the general election was announced on Friday.

A party which has proven itself to be totally incompetent during the past 5 years in government has somehow found it’s was back into Number 10.

The Conservatives are claiming a ‘victory’, but it is no victory at all when we take a closer look at how the British people voted.

66.7% of voters voted AGAINST a Tory government. The majority of British people do not want another 5 years of oppression, destruction, and being forced into economic slavery at the hands of ‘large corporation society’.

As a percentage of the UK population, only 24% wanted a Tory government to return, consigning the other 75% to 5 more years of hell.

Those are the true results of the general election.

So when we ask the question “Does the election result reflect the wish of the British people?” then the answer is clearly “No”.

The only democratic way any party should have total control over government is if a majority of voters elect them. Any other system (such as the one the UK has at the moment) is severely flawed.

If the UK voting system were based on proportional representation, the Conservatives would most likely have been forced to enter into a coalition with other parties, and the political outcome of the election would have been very different.

So what would today’s new parliament look like if we had a proportionally representative system?

According to analysis by the Independent, based on the 629 seats won by the six biggest parties, the Tories would have lost 90 seats. While they would still be the biggest party in parliament, with only 240 MPs they would probably have been forced into another coalition.

Under a proportional voting system the SNP’s landslide of 56 seats would have been reduced to 31 and the Lib Dems would not have been wiped out, retaining 51 seats instead of eight.

Ukip would become the third biggest party in government with 82 seats and the Greens would have won 24 – a far cry from those parties’ current tally of one seat each.

Whether you like the potential outcome of the last election results or not, clearly it is a much fairer system in which the wish of the British people is better represented.

An additional benefit of proportional representation is that people may become more inclined to vote.

Citizens have become disillusioned with the current system. They feel that no matter what they do, the outcome is not going to make much difference to their lives. That is understandable. When one lives in a society which proclaims ‘democracy’ as one of its attributes but fails to deliver it at a fundamental level, then people will think they have become imprisoned with little hope of any real difference coming from their votes.

If people know that their vote may make a significant difference to the country they live in and their lives they will be more inclined to make the effort.

There will still be people who choose not to vote, but at least the results will be more representative of what the British people want even if there is a small increase in turnout.

In the latest election turnout was 66.1% of 46,425,386 registered voters, which means that 15,738,206 did not vote – quite a significant number.

If proportional representation encouraged some of those non-voters to vote it could make quite a change to the political landscape of the UK.

Not voting achieves nothing whatsoever under the current system.

Even if not one person voted, there is a system in place to decide who will govern the country. That will never happen while there are strong supporters of each party who will turn out to vote.

If turnout was extremely low then it may make the government consider changes, but we can be sure that the government is not going to shoot itself in the foot – especially a self-interested Tory government.

Another option that has been suggested is that voting become compulsory.

In Australia, where every registered voter is compelled to cast their vote, the turnout is in the region of 94.5%. However, we do not think that forcing people to vote is the answer. Everyone who votes should do so of their own free will because they believe it will count and make a difference, and the system should reflect that.

The Conservatives have returned to government because of a flawed system – not because of public will. They only received 36.9% of the total votes cast in the election – not a majority of votes which would indicate the British public wanted them in government.

Until the system changes we will see ridiculous outcomes at general elections. In addition to proportional representation there needs to be other measures in place (such as making access to vote easier) to ensure the system is as democratic as it can be.

Any system is likely to have positives and negatives, and there will be those who support or oppose them based on their own bias – a fact of life.

In the meantime, parties such as the Conservatives will continue to manipulate their way into positions of power and indulge themselves in their own warped policies which will result in the destruction of our social fabric in the name of self-interest and profit.

It is not only the people of Britain who are shocked at the outcome of this general election.

Across Europe there are concerns about Cameron’s election win and the effect of his policies on the European Union, with reports in French newspaper La Monde and in the German newspaper Der Spiegel reporting “Bad news for Europe”. In other parts of the world, The Sydney Morning Herald calls the result “brutal” on both sides of the political spectrum.

Now the Conservatives have no encumbrances, such as coalition partners, to introducing their draconian and repressive policies.

It has not been one full working day since the results were announced and Theresa May has already resurrected the Data Communication Bill which received widespread condemnation from all sides of the political spectrum, and the public.

The British public are in for a very rough ride over the next 5 years, and not just the vulnerable and low-income spectrum. Middle-earners have already felt some of the negative effects of having a Tory dominated government – there is much more to come as self-interested Cameron minions destroy public services and the foundations of a secure society in favour of profit and pushing the population into big corporation citizenship/slavery.


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