The NEW WORLD ORDER – a basic beginner’s guide

You may have heard of the New World Order, or may not – or more accurately, think you have not.

The aim of this article is not to go in-depth into the processes and structure of the New World Order, but to give you a basic understanding of what it is and how this does (and will) affect you and the rest of humanity.

Often, the concept of the New World Order is referred to as a ‘conspiracy theory’, giving the connotation that it is some random theory put together from unrelated and unbelievable sources. However, the New World Order is very real and has been discussed (in various guises) in public for centuries.

The concept of the New World Order is the creation of one world, with one:

  • Government
  • Bank
  • Military
  • Religion
  • Currency

At first glance there may be elements of this globalist idea that may seem to have benefits for mankind. Perhaps the concept of being ‘one world’ will mean equality and fairness for all.

Before we come to any conclusion about the benefits of this globalist agenda, we need to understand the motivations and the result this will have on humanity.

The primary driving force behind the establishment of the New World Order is finance. The major banking and finance families have immense power and control over the governments of most countries in the world. It is in their interest to establish a one world system that increases their power and wealth.



Establishing a one world government will mean that national borders will be faded out, national identity will be dissolved and, all of the world’s population will be able to be moved wherever those in power want. It will take away any kind of national resistance to their global agenda.

The ability to move the world’s population is extremely important to those in power. The population can be moved to areas where it is easier to maintain control over them, they can be moved from areas which are considered more fertile for modified crop production (by companies who modify our food), and they can be moved to ‘punishment’ areas if they choose to resist the New World Order (similar to the use of Siberia by the former USSR).

If you look at the world now, part of the process has started, or is in the planning stage. We already have the establishment of the E.U, (common currency: Euro) There is a similar proposal in America called the North American Union (common currency: Amero) which is being presented as an economic and political union of Canada, USA, and Mexico. Similar proposals for other parts of the world are rumoured to be being considered.


There are already major ‘world’ banks which have been operating in one guise or another for decades. In general, their activities so far have been limited to providing finance to governments and similarly powerful organisations, and significant control of subsidiaries which include providing retail banking. You may have heard of the ‘World Bank’ or ‘International Monetary Fund’. These are controlled by major financial powers..

The implication of having one central banking system are that ALL financial dealings, from major commercial finance to personal banking, will be controlled in one central place, without the need for retail banking. This also ensures that the population’s ‘financial performance’ can be monitored and controlled, with ‘benefits’ only being available to those who make a significant financial contribution to the New World Order system, and those who don’t can be controlled through relocation, access to basic needs, and the work available to them. Effectively, this will result in the poor becoming slaves.


The control of the military means control of any pockets of resistance against the harsh policies of the New World Order, and the enforcement of those policies. The only control over the military will come from those in the New World Order, who will be able to use violence and imprisonment (often without any form of trial or redress) to control the population.

There is significant military cooperation at the moment. The UN is a good example. In the UK, the Justice and Security Bill is being considered. If the bill becomes law, secret courts will be used. There have already been some cases where people in the UK have been convicted in secret – sometimes in their absence (look up the case of Roger Hayes).


The control of any organisation that has influence over a population is a valuable propaganda asset and control mechanism to the New World Order. Nearly every part of the world is influenced by religion to some extent, and the New World Order will use this as another avenue of controlling the population by instilling the values they want people to have through the one church.

We have seen the power of religion in just about all conflicts throughout history. The power of religion and the church has been demonstrated in the most horrific and manipulative ways. But don’t think any religion the New World Order is involved in will have humanity at its heart.


There will come a time when the anonymous use of cash will not exist. It will be replaced by a system that will track the financial transactions of every individual in the world. It will become impossible to complete any kind of financial transaction without it being recorded and attributed to the person. Each person will also be identified through a microchip implant, or other similar tracking system, to which the financial transactions can be verified. This information will be linked to the individual’s performance as a ‘contributor’ to the New World Order system, and ‘benefits’ attributed accordingly (see ‘banks’ above).

The one currency system will enable the New World Order to further control the economy of the world without having to deal with technicalities and further strip national identity. At the present time, we have the Euro and the proposed Amero. Eventually these will be abolished and replaced by one currency.


As we stated at the beginning of this article. This is a VERY basic look at the New World Order and the implications this WILL have on you and generations to come. The New World Order is about control – turning the general population into slaves to benefit the (very) few.

We would suggest that you read other articles (not only on this site, but on other reliable sites and other reliable media), and educate yourself about the TRUTH of what is happening in this world.

If you take an objective look at the world you will see that this is gradually taking place. Sometimes subtly and sometimes quite openly. You may also have noticed an acceleration of control mechanisms over the past few years that have been presented to the public in various guises. Take the individual events and put the together – see what you come up with.

This is not sensationalism – this is the way the world is and what it will become – UNLESS we do something to stop it, it will become YOUR nightmare and the nightmare of generations to come.


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6 thoughts on “The NEW WORLD ORDER – a basic beginner’s guide

  1. hello royal scientific of the young royal prince and is father Charles don’t don’t use 666 mind control spirits they want forced on age to skin and skin neck body and want other women to look act as to physics body feeling movements OK and the Vatican black pope clove they show to play game ok look at stpauls Bristol England as to the man place ajaxs ok as to crime as to white man tall women and a smaller white man ok after they went ok see my face hit chest skin face skin neck say older younger but they have met the elite who my age body flesh face left a lone show writing as to there scream when i am bleeding from my private parts as to a women show governments as even from Moscow show putin face but computerized over hit my skin neck after on web sight say he with a younger women fuck off leave me a lone a bout age jane Abbott all most 8 years older blue eye women she ok and maria hogen still making money planes what a bout sue and martin as to co them road England iuk look the queen the 2nd got women with in her loved one my age face great skin neck clothes lifes

  2. Interesting theory. Like the RollerBall movie. But who says it going to be a religious leader, or corporate leader, a Rothschild, or a single government leader…….. why can’t it be Organized Crime Leader. Not that the rest of aren’t crooked from time to time, why not a Capone? Principled to a fault about their prinxiples, willing to step on a neck or two to keep people on message. Any big Crime Load in the running or is this Jewish thing I read about a done deal?

  3. Thanks OoT.

    Will do. This is V2K, Multra and a criminal organization. InfrGard, big city cops and the FBI don’t care enough to help. I’m going to the watch groups, know any bulldog organizations?

  4. The Vatican plays a key role in the NWO, lately the Pope has mentioned it publicly silencing critics of this alleged “conspiracy theory”. The only thing missing from this equation is a worldwide disaster that is essentially man made, but that is in the works, just look at the forced middle eastern immigration throughout the west, this is not a coincidence, it’s all part of the plan for global domination by a single ruthless group of people.

  5. You are all already being run by the order fools! why do you think all the leaders agreed on corporate rule? Organized crime climbed up the ladder to become CEOs or far enough to influence the powerful ones. They showed the rich how easy killing dissolves your problems so now the killing is global. It’s happening everywhere. The homeless are the first to go then drug addicts and small time useless criminals. They recruit regular people and turn them against the out casts and are teaching regular people to kill for them. They are planning to let us kill each other when the supply lines shut down that’s why we have a competition based violent society. If you think you’re not in a violent society wait and see. IT’S HERE ALREADY!!!

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