Did you know VIP Paedophile investigations are still ongoing? (#UK #childabuse #VIPaedophile)

pcabFor those of you who have been keeping up with reports of high profile figures being involved in child abuse, you may have thought that investigations have been dropped.

According to mainstream media investigations into historic child sexual abuse cases (involving politicians in particular) stopped when Operation Midland was forced to abandon its investigations due to lack of evidence.

However, nationwide investigations involving high profile figures still continue, and the number of suspects has increased during the past year.

Operation Hydrant, established in 2014, continues to coordinate and oversee investigations concerning ‘persons of public prominence’ and investigations into historical abuse in institutional settings. Their role as coordinators gives police forces investigating allegations which meet the criteria a central resource where they can cross check information and obtain guidance on conducting their investigations.

According to Operation Hydrant’s webpage in the National Police Chief’s Association website, current live investigations into alleged offenders total 2777 and break down as follows:

2358 allegedly offended in institutions.

585 are classified as unknown or unidentified.

348 are classified as persons of public prominence. These comprise:

  • 164 from the world of TV, film, or radio
  • 99 are listed as politicians (these include local level politicians, not just national figures)
  • 49 are from the music industry
  • 15 are from the world of sport
  • 21 are PPP’s of another description

1084 different institutions feature on the Operation Hydrant database. These comprise:

  • 424 Schools
  • 296 Children’s Homes
  • 110 Religious Institutions
  • 53 Medical establishments
  • 28 Prison/Young Offenders institutes
  • 26 Sports Venues
  • 18 Community institutions (such as youth clubs and community centres)
  • 119 “other” institutions (military, places of entertainment, guest houses, etc.)
  • 10 classified as Unknown

Heading up Operation Hydrant is Chief Constable of Norfolk, Simon Bailey

In an interview with Exaro Bailey said that there had been an increase of 449 cases since February of this year, and figures are set to increase dramatically as adults who claim to have been abused as children have increased confidence in the police.

Recently, Wiltshire police have been appointed as the lead investigation force in investigations into the late Prime Minister Edward Heath. In total, there are currently twelve police forces from all over the country who are investigating allegations against Heath.

Many of these investigations are difficult for police to investigate in a timely manner because of the time that has lapsed, and (particularly) because of the lack of cooperation from the government and associated organisations.

Of course, not all of the allegations will turn out to be as they are portrayed by some alleged victims, and others will be rejected by the CPS because of the level of evidence required for a prosecution to go ahead. But one thing is for sure, at least some of the allegations will prove to be true and may well provide valuable leads which warrant further investigation by the police.


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