One of Janner’s alleged victim’s calls for #DPP Alison Saunders to quit (#UK #childabuse #crime #VIPaedophile)

saunders001In an incredibly brave move, one of the alleged victims of abuse by the labour peer Lord Janner has spoken out.

Waiving his right to anonymity, Hamish Baillie, one of nine people due to give evidence against Janner, said that the decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, “beggars belief”.

He said: “I don’t think anybody other than the victims and the police involved in the Operation Enamel inquiry understand how perverted a man Lord Janner is. He has blighted my life … How can they [the CPS] publicise the fact that there was enough evidence to charge, yet then say it is not in the public interest to pursue it?”

Baillie told the Daily Mail Alison Saunders should step down over her decision. “As far as I’m concerned, her actions are barely any less perverse than the abuse inflicted upon me as a teenager,” he said. “She should initiate an inquiry into her own conduct and then step down because Alison Saunders certainly hasn’t been doing her job properly.”

Simon Danczuk, the Labour candidate for Rochdale who in the last parliament campaigned on behalf of child abuse survivors, said he was extremely disappointed at the CPS’s decision and that he would encourage Janner’s alleged victims to seek civil redress.

“The justice system has to come up with a way in which the alleged victims in this case can have their evidence presented in court in public,” he told the Guardian. “Whether it’s through civil action or whether the CPS has second thoughts, there has to be a solution because this is highly unsatisfactory.

“I don’t believe that the victims in this case, the wider survivor community, or the public at large will be satisfied that a lord appears to have got off scot-free from what are extremely violent and serious allegations of child sexual abuse. The survivor community are disgusted and angry at the decision, it’s wholly unacceptable. This will not be the end of it.”

If you have information which may help the Operation Midland investigation you can contact them via Scotland Yard, or through Exaro in confidence through their website or secure dropbox.


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