‘Saint Cameron’ – according to the #BBC (#UK #politics # #ToriesOutNow)

saintcameronThere are reports and articles in some of the mainstream press that we just pass by as the usual propaganda initiated by the Tory spin machine, and there are others that are truly sickening.

The BBC’s ‘article’ entitled ‘The David Cameron story’ falls into the latter category. In fact, it is beyond sickening, as it clearly displays the sycophantism that is rife throughout the public broadcaster.

In the article, writer Brian Wheeler attempts to put a positive spin on every aspect we have come to despise in Cameron.

Wheeler writes: “Not only was he the first former pupil of Eton to hold office since the early 1960s, he can also trace his ancestry back to William IV, making him a distant relative of the Queen,” in the context that both of these are an attribute – which we consider neither to be.

Having had a privileged and cosseted background is hardly an attribute in a leader of government who is responsible (with cronies) for making decisions which affect the majority of citizens who have not been fortunate to experience any kind of privilege whatsoever.

Being related to the queen is not an attribute either. All it means is that Cameron is a result of far too much inbreeding – a genetic mutation of something that one resembled the human form. This has manifested itself throughout his family lineage.

As Wheeler points out, Cameron’s father, Ian Cameron, was born with severely deformed legs which needed amputation and was blind in one eye. Cameron’s son was also born with severe genetic impairments. Cameron’s great grandfather suffered severe ‘mystery’ health problems throughout his life. It seems as though there is a pattern of every other male born to the family suffering some kind of genetic illness. IF you take a closer look at Cameron’s head, it is easy to see that he exhibits clear signs of inbreeding. The slightly dropped jaw and small mouth associated with a condition known as the ‘Habsburg jaw’ (a form of mandibular prognathism), and the high forehead indicative of inbreeding in many insular groups.

The genetic mutations of the queen’s cousins are also well documented. At least five of the queen’s cousins have been placed in institutions because of genetic disorders resulting in physical deformity and impaired mental functioning, and other fairly close relatives exhibit similar attributes, but are able to function within the controlled environment royalty creates.

As well as the physical effects of inbreeding, mental abnormalities are very common. The history of the British royal family and the decent of relatives across Europe into madness is well documented. In particular, psychopathy is rife throughout the royal lineage, something which is attributed to genetic abnormality, and clearly present through historical accounts.

Wheeler then goes on to praise Cameron’s academic achievements while attending schools in which hardly anyone would fail to gain basic qualifications, even though Cameron only obtained average and unremarkable ‘O’ and ‘A’ level results. He then went to Oxford to study philosophy, politics, and economics – not very taxing subjects – and again Cameron was virtually guaranteed to pass.

Cameron didn’t seem all that dedicated to his study and (according to friends) was more interested in ‘having a good time’. Cameron’s biggest achievement at Eton was being featured in the student magazine after spraining his ankle dancing to bagpipes during a school trip to Rome.

While at Oxford Cameron became a member of the Bullingdon Club – a group of over-privileged, arrogant thugs and dimwits that have been terrorising Oxford for over 200 years. The club included Boris Johnson and George Osborne.

As a member of the Bullingdon Club, Cameron was sure of ‘success’ in his chosen career – which was politics.

In fact, Cameron has never held a real job in his life, preferring to worm his way in and out of favour with various members of the Conservative party depending who was popular at the time.

In a bid to boost his political career, Cameron realised that acceptance by voters would be hard to come by, and that he needed to exhibit some kind of real-world life experience to gain their vote.

Cameron’s employment history makes interesting reading – through a network of contacts and family ‘friends’ the way was paved for him. His employment as a political researcher for the Conservative party was the result of a phone call from ‘an influential’ family friend – who is speculated to be Captain Sir Alastair Aird, Equerry to the Queen Mother or Sir Brian McGrath, a family friend who was private secretary to Prince Philip, both of whom deny the allegations.

It seemed as though Cameron’s wish to work in the private sector was a difficult one for him to achieve as he was rejected by several prospective employers. Then came the helping hand of Lady Astor – the mother of Cameron’s girlfriend, Samantha.

Lady Astor, was friends with Michael Green, then executive chairman of Carlton and one of Margaret Thatcher’s favourite businessmen. She suggested he hire Cameron, and Green, a mercurial millionaire, obliged. The 27-year-old was duly recruited as director of corporate affairs on a salary of about £90,000 a year.

One senior business journalist who dealt with Cameron at Carlton extensively describes him as “thoroughly unpleasant” and not a very efficient press officer: “A good PR man will tell you stuff and give you insights and he never did that – which is why Carlton had rings run round it. If he’d been doing the job properly he would have said ‘You have to make allowances for Michael [Green]’, but he’d be just as abrasive.” Cameron’s affable demeanour is only skin-deep, he added. “You see him now and he looks a charming bloke and for people who were meeting him for the first time he could be charming … [but] everyone’s view of him has been coloured by subsequent events.” Cameron, he says, was a man who cultivated only those who could prove useful. “I’ve only seen him once since he [became Tory leader] and he apologised for being such a wanker.”

The rest of the Wheeler article blabs on about Cameron’s ‘achievements’ since being in government – his ‘hard work’ and ‘problems’ he faced in the coalition with the LibDems.

No criticism – no truth – all whitewashed and controlled reporting – something that has become indicative of the BBC since their most recent changes in top management.

This, of course, goes against the BBC’s charter in which they are mandated to provide unbiased reporting – especially relating to politics.

However, with the recent threats to their comfortable income through television license reforms they are obviously keen to stay in favour with the government.

They are an integral part of the Conservative propaganda machine, churning out story after story in sympathy with government policies, and ignoring or misreporting major events which challenge the establishment.

Top executives are keen to protect their very cushy and lucrative appointments which are paid for by the licence payer.

It is time the BBC was made to stand on its own and compete in the private sector. Other broadcasters do and produce good quality programming which is better than, or comparable with, BBC programming.

The days of the BBC producing higher quality programmes than any other UK broadcaster are long gone, and the public should not be paying for the lumbering dinosaur which provides very little value for the amount of resource it sucks up.

No doubt we will see more sycophantic reporting as the illegitimate Tory government wheels out its draconian polices now it is free from the constraints of a coalition partnership.

Stand-by for more ‘Saint Cameron’ articles from patsy BBC reporters soon.

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  “Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.”– George Bernard Shaw

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