WHAT?! Cameron declares war on every #UK citizen in most bizarre statement yet! (#politics #ToriesOutNow )

camwarIt is only a few days since Cameron and his cronies were returned to government, and already they are introducing draconian and oppressive policies and legislation.

In one of the most bizarre and extreme statements yes, Cameron has stated that the government should interfere more in law-abiding citizen’s lives!

We kid you not!

Cameron has said that Britain (the government) is too “passively tolerant” and should NOT leave people to live their lives as they wish – even if they obey the law.

At a meeting of the National Security Council Cameron said

“For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone’. It’s often meant we have stood neutral between different values. And that’s helped foster a narrative of extremism and grievance.”

Cameron has laid out plans for new powers which will allow the security services to monitor online conversations of those deemed to be extremists.

However, the government’s definition of ‘extremist’ goes far beyond what they infer extremism is in public.

Not only terrorists or religious nutters.

The government’s definition of ‘extremist’ includes ANYONE they deem to be a threat to public order or a threat to the functioning of ‘democracy’.

This includes anyone who engages in union activities, posting anti-government stories, expressing views which do not correspond with the government’s perspective, any public demonstration, using social media to express disagreement with government policies and/or legislation, criticism of members of government, producing any material which is anti-government, and so on.

Broadcasters and media will also be subject to further controls and restrictions under the proposals.

Ofcom are to be given new powers enabling it to take stronger action against broadcasters it regulates, which includes telecommunications companies as well as the more traditional broadcasters.

The plans would allow the police to ask the higher court to order ‘extremists’ to be banned from broadcasting and send every tweet, Facebook post or other web communication to the police for approval. That would include posts from users telling friends and followers that their communications were now being vetted, or ones denying the extremism claims that led to them being charged under such measures.

As well as the online bans, the plans would see groups being banned from expressing ‘extremist’ views in public spaces, even if their behaviour does not mean that they should be banned altogether.

These proposals are IN ADDITION to the much criticised ‘snooper’s charter’ which the government has been desperate to introduce since being in coalition with the LibDems.

The draft law is set to be proposed in the Queen’s speech on May 27 and is expected to be pushed through parliament by the Conservative majority in government.

These proposals are a full-on attack on every citizen in the UK, who the government are trying to force into compliance and slavery.

The proposals have been criticised by all major civil liberties groups as going far beyond the remit of maintaining a safe and stable society.

The Conservatives have been desperate to gain control of all forms of communication to prevent criticism of, or challenge to, their power and the disgraceful path they have embarked on in bullying the most vulnerable in society for the sake of their cronies.

Their form of ‘democracy’ is having controlled media and controlled citizens who will only believe their warped version of the world which is based on self-interest and greed.

‘Democracy’ is far from prevalent in British society – as we saw with the result of the general election.

Because of idiots who believed the Tory propaganda we are in a very precarious position as citizens of the UK.

Within a few days of returning to government, the Tories have revealed their true agenda of oppression and making sure there are penalties for anyone who goes against their version of ‘democracy’ – which is not democratic at all.

So what can be done?

It is going to be a long hard five years for most of the population now that these psychopathic idiots have been allowed to return to power.

Instead of fragmented protests and groups running numerous demonstrations and online petitions, there needs to be a consolidated effort by everyone who is disgusted at this travesty.

Most protest and special interest groups spend far too much time and resources concentrating on their own relatively small agendas while the root of the problem comes from the same source.

Small groups are just that – small – and are no threat whatsoever to government, and are highly likely to be unsuccessful in their objective with the minimal resources they have. The government just ignores them.

All small groups need to come together as a major threat to the government before there will be any effect on government policies.

Unions, charities, protest groups, and every citizen need to be united in a common cause. Only then will there be any chance whatsoever of changing and preventing the dictatorship we see unfolding before us.

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  “Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.”– George Bernard Shaw

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6 thoughts on “WHAT?! Cameron declares war on every #UK citizen in most bizarre statement yet! (#politics #ToriesOutNow )

  1. Oh dear my petition might be deemed extremist. It proves the flat rate pension is the biggest con in UK political history. NOT MORE BUT LESS OR EVEN NIL STATE PENSION FOR LIFE.

    Sign it quick, it big numbers. Not so much to change this dictatorial government.

    But to tell people the truth about the flat rate pension before the suicides become a torrent next year.

    And look how extremist I am now:


    I can write up a new party, as I am part Greek. A SYRIZA for England?

    March in big numbers. Bring down the Tories.


    Just tell the grey voters they will be getting NIL MONEY FOR LIFE.

    That ought to bring a good result.

  2. I agree with your demand for action, but dismissing small ‘fragmented’ groups doesn’t necessarily follow – you could instead suggest that such groups and individuals start to coordinate their responses and make them more effective. The Scots have done this precisely by starting at a community and day-to-day level along with an impressive social media presence – not a bad example for us in Wales:


    • Smaller groups are very important to the concept and we think that they should come together – still maintaining their own identity and focus – to pool resources and efforts for an effective push for serious change. Our concept is that smaller groups become coordinated rather than working alone rather than being swallowed up as one large group.

      We are at a very dangerous point where the government are desperate to control information in the public domain. Their proposed legislation poses a serious risk to legitimate criticism and protest against them.

      As we have seen through their attempts to stigmatise the vulnerable and poor of the country, they work on the concept of divide and conquer, relying on smaller groups and individuals having no resources or real power to challenge them. This is a very effective tactic whether used militarily or against citizens.

      A group of a few hundred is much easier for them to control or destroy the infrastructure of, and threaten, than groups of hundreds of thousands of people – whether than is one large organisation or lots of smaller groups working together.

      A hypothetical situation could be where the government attempts to destroy the credibility of a smaller organisation through propaganda – or even as far as destroying the structure of the organisation through arresting key people. The smaller organisation may not have the resources to counter attack, whereas being part of a much bigger coordinated effort would give the smaller organisation support and a coordinated defence, thereby negating the efforts of the government.

      An analogy could be a truck. If the truck has 100 wheels it is not going to be as adversely affected a wheel falling off than if it only had two wheels.

      Whichever way organisations come together is to be decided by them, the important thing is that they DO come together in a meaningful and effective way. Unions, charities, protest groups, and any organisation and person with an interest in a fair society really do need to pool efforts because they are all fighting the same centralised oppression and exploitation which is the core of many of our problems in modern society.

      Time is of the essence.

      We are strong advocates of countries within the United Kingdom having control over their own affairs, instead of being dictated to by a centralised government in London – who are out of touch with people outside the capital let alone different countries. Within our own ranks we have people from England, Wales, and Scotland, and we all agree on this. We hope to see a stronger movement in Wales develop so (at the very least) more control of Welsh affairs is in the hands of the Welsh people.

  3. Amusingly for an online discussion, we’re entirely in agreement now that you’ve clarified that point … Thanks for taking the time.

    If you know anyone (individuals) in the West Wales / Ceredigion / Aberystwyth etc. areas who’d be up for getting involved in a small thing that could be part of a big thing, would you be kind enough to pass it on? There’s a draft poster on my blog here:



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