Some facts about the VIP paedophile network (#UK #childabuse #VIPaedophile @ExaroNews)

pnfactsIn the ridiculous aftermath of the Panorama shambles of a programme on the claims of a paedophile ring involving political figures and VIPs, it is time to take notice of FACTS rather than speculation, propaganda, and outright smear campaigning.

What the Panorama programme did achieve (as it was designed to do from the outset) was cast doubts on the claims of alleged victims, investigations by Exaro, and MP Tom Watson, thereby fogging the realty of the issue.

What did Tom Watson do? He passed on information he had received concerning high-level cover-ups of the sexual abuse of children to the police – as any concerned person would do.

Exaro received information from alleged victims of the abuse and passed them on to the police. They acted as go-betweens for people who would not (at that time) approach the authorities directly for fear of retribution – something which many had experienced in the past, or had had their claims dismissed by the authorities before being investigated.

The alleged victims then made statements to the police directly once a certain amount of trust had been established.

The police then investigated the claims, and looked for corroborating evidence before mounting a full investigation. The police found corroborating evidence which indicated that the statements of alleged victims were credible. The police then mounted the full investigation as Operation Midland.

On mounting the investigation, the police also appealed for people with any information on a potential high-profile paedophile ring to come forward – which they did.

The people who came forward included alleged victims, former police officers (including former Special Branch officers), and others who had knowledge of events during the time in question and/or knowledge of high-profile figures being suspected of being involved (or in some cases clearly involved) in the sexual abuse of children.

This resulted in material evidence being obtained by the police, who then investigated alleged perpetrators and others who they believed could have knowledge of activities relating to their investigation.

It was the accumulated evidence which constituted the core of Operation Midland’s investigation – not just Tom Watson, Exaro, or the unverified statements of witnesses.

In addition, there is the huge amount of evidence of child sexual abuse in other areas of the country and through other related investigations which contribute to the investigation being conducted by Operation Midland.

More than half of the claims of high-level cover-ups by authorities have come from former police officers.

At the time of writing, the Metropolitan Police are investigating more than 30 allegations of child sexual abuse by political figures and other high-profile people – all based on evidence of former police officers.

One retired officer says that in a search of a paedophile’s home he found a document from the Houses of Parliament listing prominent individuals involved in a child sex ring.

Another claims an operation targeting rent boys in London’s Dolphin Square – said to be the HQ of one ring – was stopped “due to officers being too near prominent people.”

An outraged officer says no action was taken against VIPs during a probe into a paedophile ring that led to other abusers being convicted.

Up to five other retired ­officers claim VIPs were shielded.

Their allegations – of serious corruption and criminal activity by senior officers dating back to the 1970s – are in papers sent by the Met to the Independent Police Complaints Commission which the Sunday People obtained after a freedom of information battle.

Even the Daily Mail – which has embarked on a smear campaign of epic proportions in light of the Panorama documentary – ran an article in March 2015 which provided evidence that David Cameron and Nick Clegg were purposely obstructing investigations into the VIP paedophile ring.

The Daily Mail were involved to the point of threatening the Cabinet Office with High Court action if they did not comply with a Freedom of Information request the newspaper sent to them – a very different tone to this week’s debacle claiming to be ‘journalism’.

It is interesting to note that David Cameron and his cronies have been particularly obstructive concerning the investigation of child sexual abuse by high-profile figures – at one point Cameron calling them ‘conspiracy theories’, only to be proven a liar the next day.

Despite the propaganda and mainstream media feeding frenzy, the facts remain the facts. Opinions and prejudices have no place in investigating possible serious crime, and ONLY the facts matter – whatever agenda certain publications may be pursuing.

Officers at Operation Midland have a very tough job to do. They are investigating matters which high-profile people and their inner-circles do not want investigated – let alone being taken to court.

One thing is for sure. There are those who have been directly involved or complicit in child sexual abuse who are still alive and kicking and will do everything they can to put up smokescreens and resist exposure.

Time will tell what will become of Operation Midland’s investigation (and other investigations of high-profile figures) and if any of those who have knowledge or have been complicit in facilitating the abuse will be brought to justice.


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