#Hampstead ‘child abuse campaign’ group SHOCKING links to renowned #paedophile group (#VIPaedophile #childabuse #radio4)

amfpedlinkIn a turn of events, it appears that the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ (part of the group making false claims of a Hampstead child abuse cult) has links to a particularly nasty group of renowned paedophiles.

We previously reported how the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’, and in particular their leaders, Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill, are the driving force behind a vicious campaign of harassment against the residents of a Hampstead community where two children (after being prompted by their mother, Ella Draper) made bizarre allegations of a satanic child abuse ring.

The campaign was recently featured on a Radio 4 programme, ‘The Report – The Satanic Cult that Wasn’t’, aired on Thursday 23rd April.

Taking a closer look at the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ it appears as though renowned fraudster – and business associate of convicted paedophiles -, Terence Ewing, was an ‘Advisor’ to the ‘association’, and McKenzie and McNeill feature in a promotional photograph with him after one of his (many) court cases.


The ‘association’ has since deleted reference to Ewing (who was once referred to as their ‘Star McKenzie’) from their blog, however, traces still remain.

One post on 23rd June 2014 has the title ‘BRACING for BATTLE in Court 2: McKenzie Friends assisted by Star McKenzie’.


The altered post with no reference to Ewing


But when we look at the ‘related links’ on another post on the site, we can see the original title was ‘BRACING for BATTLE in Court 2: McKenzie Friends helped by Star McKenzie Terence Ewing  Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy’


The ping back link showing the original title of the post


There are other references to Ewing on the ‘association’s’ site which have either been changed or are inaccessible.

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A Google search using the term ’ewing site:http://mckenzie-friends.co.uk/’ brings up the following results:


The results of the Google search


Something which is equally disturbing is that we found no statement or reference to why, being once championed as the organisations ‘Star McKenzie Friend’, Ewing’s involvement with the children and vulnerable people the ‘association’ represents, and his subsequent removal was not made. It is as though an attempt has been made to make any reference to Ewing’s involvement disappear. But of course it failed.

We have covered the role of McKenzie Friends in our previous articles. Briefly, they are self-styled lay legal assistants/advisors to people who represent themselves in family law cases, in particular cases where there are custody battles or vulnerable children involved.

As well as being a renowned fraudster, Ewing is also a ‘vexatious litigant’. From the UK government website:

‘Vexatious litigants are individuals who persistently take legal action against others in cases without any merit, who are forbidden from starting civil cases in courts without permission.’

Ewing has such an appetite for lodging civil cases that he tried to circumnavigate the ban by attempting to lodge cases in Gibraltar – which resulted in a ban being imposed on him there.

The criminal history of Ewing is also something that any reasonable person would be concerned about.

He was charged with various offenses of theft, forgery and uttering forged documents between June 1979 and March 1980 and received a custodial sentence in May 1981 of 7 years, which was later reduced to 5 years on appeal.

Ewing has also been arrested and his home searched as part of investigations conducted by the Obscene Publications Squad. Ewing was held at Leman Street Police Station on 20 and 21 April 1994. His car and other possessions were seized by the squad. 51 ‘cassette tapes’ were also seized by the squad and subsequently destroyed.

Although Ewing has no convictions for paedophilia or crimes against children (as far as we can ascertain), he does have very close relationships with several convicted predatory paedophiles – some with links to renowned paedophile Sydney Cooke.

Ewing has been a partner in two businesses in which convicted paedophiles have been his partners.

Euston Trust was a company in which Ewing’s business partner was convicted paedophile Keith Hammerton from Battersea, in London.

Hammerton was imprisoned in 2006 at Guildford Crown Court for 6 years for 10 counts of indecent assaults on boys which occurred between 1975 and 1981. The three boys involved were all under 16 years of age when the offences occurred at a children’s home in Woking, Surrey, where Hammerton held a position of trust as a House Warden. Two further charges of indecent assault, one of serious sexual assault and one of perverting the course of justice were left on file.

Another business partner of Ewing’s is a particularly nasty predatory paedophile named Roger Gleaves. They were in business as debt collectors together with Gleaves’ two sons, Floyd and Graeme, in a company called Mephistopheles.

Gleaves used several aliases, including ‘The Bishop of Medway’, and was often referred to in the press as ‘The Bogus Bishop’. Gleaves would search the streets of London around train and bus stations for runaways in need of help, and would offer them a bed in one of his many squats. He would then claim welfare payments for each one and secrete the money in various bank accounts in the names of his aliases.

With the children under his control, Gleaves would embark on a campaign of violent abuse against them, and would select whichever one he wanted to become part of his perverted sexual urges as and when he desired.

Gleaves set up various charities and ‘churches’ as part of his scams and to gain access to vulnerable people – especially children.

Gleaves was first exposed as a preying on vulnerable boys in the 1970s when a television documentary, ‘Johnny Come Home’, exposed the plight of runaways from the north of England ending up on the streets of London. The Sunday People also exposed Gleaves more than 30 years ago.

His convictions for abuse against boys goes back to 1959 when he was arrested for “attempting to commit a serious unnatural act” on a 14 year-old boy, for which Gleaves received a 3 year sentence.

In 1998 Gleaves was imprisoned for 15 years at the Old Bailey for abusing two 14 year-old schoolboys.

During the time Gleaves was free to do as he wished he was the subject of many press reports in mainstream media. However, each time the police investigated they could find no evidence which would lead to putting Gleaves behind bars.

Gleaves also had links to an international network of paedophiles operated by the notorious Sydney Cooke through links with other convicted predatory paedophiles.

Although there is no evidence that Ewing has been involved in child abuse or paedophilia, his connections to notorious predatory paedophiles are well-known. With those links going deep into the worlds of the likes of Sydney Cooke we would think that anyone would at least think twice before welcoming such a person – who also has a history of fraud – into an organisation claiming to represent vulnerable people where children are involved.

The question to be asked is why McKenzie and McNeill would allow such a person into the ‘Association of McKenzie Friends’ when that person’s background is well-known and easy to check, and why would they have such a person as an advisor and ‘Star Friend’?

At the very least it shows that McKenzie and McNeill failed in making some very basic enquiries into their prospective advisor. Another question is why McKenzie and McNeill suddenly seem to have tried to cover-up the involvement of Ewing in their organisation? We could find no explanation of this on the various websites operated by McKenzie or McNeill – only attempts at a cover up.

When we consider what the partners in the ‘association’ claim to be and claim to do, and what they actually do – the two are very different.

With associates such as Ewing, it makes us question the motives of other major supporters who seem quite active in expressing their opinions on child abuse and in their support of McKenzie and McNeill.

Then there is the issue of why, in the face of fact and evidence, both McKenzie and McNeill are so intent on spreading malicious and fantastical allegations. They do not entertain ANY opinion other than their own and are unable to enter into a reasonable debate where alternative viewpoints may be valid, and may challenge their prejudiced views.

They remain a closed community with closed and very warped views of situations, who prefer to shout ‘conspiracy’ rather than enter into the reality of what they are really doing.

If anyone is abusing children it is McKenzie and McNeill. By instigating campaigns of hate against those they accuse with no evidence at all that the alleged events took place, and dangling children in the public domain like playthings to support their own warped theories, they are the abusers.

The simple reason Justice Pauffley made the children’s anonymity a condition of her judgement is to protect them – it is that simple. And when we look at the activities of McKenzie and McNeill and their supporters it is very clear why the children need protection.

We have noticed several answers to why the children’s details and videos of their interviews were posted online by the ‘campaign’ supporters. Mostly they really don’t care about the two children and are only interested in their own importance and narcissism – trying to become big fish in a small pond. Their justification is that the claims have to be ‘exposed’ – which seems to be regardless of the future impact on the children. It also seems to be contradictory to the supposed message of protecting children from abuse, because each person who has posted the children’s details and their personal details is complicit in that abuse.

The world of McKenzie, McNeill, and their supporters is a very dark one, and one we should all be very suspicious of.

Looking from the outside, perhaps the general public see this as a bunch of internet crazies who will soon get bored and go away. Unfortunately this is not the case – as has been seen in many other cases where a campaign of abuse has started on the internet then quickly spread into the physical world.

We have already seen a serious progression in the intimidation and harassment of innocent people by mobs outside of the primary school and church where the two children involved in this case attended.

As mothers and children went about their daily business they were subjected to a tirade of foul language and intimidation by supporters of McKenzie and McNeill. So we would ask who is abusing children here.

There is no way to tell what these crazy and deluded people will do next, and as one of the residents of Hampstead said in the Radio 4 programme, it only takes one of them to take things too far for a catastrophe to happen. There are certainly more than one of McKenzie and McNeill’s supporters who are already taking things too far, with several arrests having been made already.

The fact is, if the police and other authorities do not take action because they view McKenzie, McNeill, and their supporters just as ‘internet crazies’, they will have to answer some very difficult questions concerning their handling of this case.

Some residents in Hampstead have already expressed that they are not satisfied with how the Metropolitan Police have handled this situation, and rightly so.

It remains to be seen how this situation will progress. Even though support for the ‘campaign’ instigated by McKenzie and McNeill has dwindled as more and more people realise the truth of the matter, there are still a core of supporters who will continue to support them whatever happens.

The self-perpetuating cult-like group will defy the law (and common sense) because they have no respect for it or anyone else.


5 thoughts on “#Hampstead ‘child abuse campaign’ group SHOCKING links to renowned #paedophile group (#VIPaedophile #childabuse #radio4)

  1. Years ago Camden Council who funds and supports various council tenant groups that Terence Ewing is a member of, banned me from making complaints to the council – as well as banned council officers from answering any of my questions – about one of the tenant groups TE has been a long time member of. He is part of what I call the CASP inner circle. They throw their weight around, bully, lie and intimidate everyone and anyone who gets in their way and have been allowed to carry on like this by Camden Council. Camden Council knows what they are like but seems to collude with them.


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