Cameron’s disgraceful response to homeless #veteran question (#UK #politics)

camvetresA member of the audience in the General Election TV debate – dubbed a ‘heckler’ by mainstream press – stood up and spoke up about homeless ex-military personnel on our streets.

Victoria Prosser interrupted Cameron as he entered into his usual rehearsed response praising the armed services.

She said   ‘There’s homeless people on the streets that have been in the services,’ and continued ‘I’m sorry, but I have to speak out because I’m worried that at the end of the day there’s more of us than there is of them and they’re not listening to our concerns. It’s a real shame.’

In response, Cameron said ‘The lady makes an important point which is that there are people who come out of our armed services who do have difficulties and that’s why we should be putting money into the armed forces charities that help homeless people and people also with mental health problems when they come out of our armed services. She makes an important point.’


Charities should not have to take up the slack of looking after people who have endured horrific experiences and had their lives ruined while doing your dirty work.

Cameron and his cronies are only too ready to send men and women into ‘battle’ – not for the defence of our nation – but for the profiteering opportunities these interventions create for big business and finance.

Many service men and women have good intentions. They genuinely believe they are providing a valuable service in protecting our country and way of life. But in reality their good will and moral sense is abused by government.

The government is responsible for sending them into these conflicts and it is the government’s responsibility to look after them when they have done their duty – not just discard them like used tissues.

Not only do many veterans find themselves abandoned by the system they served, many also find the system puts barriers in the way of them returning to any kind of normal life. They are unable to get housing, and the welfare system penalises them. The system destroys them rather than supports them.

If it were not for the work of charitable organisations many of the former military personnel would be completely without support. But charity is not the answer, and many charities are finding it increasingly difficult in the current economic climate (created by government) to raise funds and meet the demand.

Cameron telling the public to support charities is nothing more than dodging his responsibility.

No doubt if Cameron had not led such a cossetted life and had to endure the horrors of conflict he would not be so keen to send our young men and women into conflict, and at the very least would ensure there was support for them when they became unable to carry on.

If the government were a company no doubt they would be found highly negligent in the way they treat their employees.

Victoria Prosser is right.


The small elitist group in government do not listen to the concerns of UK citizens. They have no interest but their own.

In interviews after the debate, Victoria Prosser said ‘My cause is speaking the truth and making sure as many people as possible start questioning people at the top, the 1 per cent, who are not working in our best interests.’

‘I can’t vote for anyone who I know is lying or omitting facts. That means I couldn’t vote for any of the people that I saw tonight. Even though some of them had good ideas, I know that they are all out for the same cause,’ she continued.

Her views are the same as an increasing number of people who have had enough of the political games the main parties play and their bias towards corporate and financial institutions.

The parties all seem to merge into one. No longer is there a clear divide (or clear political policies) which stand up for the basic rights of people in this country.

The problem is the British public have become apathetic.

They are afraid to speak out – they are afraid to ‘rock the boat’ of their secure little lives and stand up for what is right for all of us. They remain focused on selfish objectives based on an illusion of what they are told is the way they should be and live their lives.

This can be seen through the various polls conducted relating to the debate. Although they are probably not a reliable indicator of the opinion of the whole of the country, it was still amazing to see people believing the rubbish coming out of politician’s mouths.

Who on earth in their right mind could think that another term of Conservatives in government is in any way beneficial to the country. Have people been asleep for the past five years?

No matter what is said – no matter what propaganda is pushed down our throats in the run-up to the election, the proof of what another Conservative government would mean has been under our noses – and it will only get worse.

Never has a government been so destructive. Never has a government been so corrupt and manipulative. Never has there been such an attack on the basic services available to everyone who lives in a fairly free and progressive country.

The current government have tried hard to take us back to the dark ages. If that is what the public want (or are too apathetic to change) that is what they will get unless they wake up and start doing something instead of sitting on their arses watching reality TV, playing with smartphones, and thinking only of their small ego-driven lives.

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