Cameron’s tax lies shot-down by the IFS (#UK #politcs #bedroomtax)

ctlieaThe Tory election campaign has got under way with the exceptionally low standards we have come to expect from the clown prince and his court.

Their tactic to win the election seems to be LIE.

Understandable, because they certainly have nothing positive from their five years in the coalition to use.

In this instance, Cameron just decided to lie about their main opposition – the Labour party.

Within hours of Cameron making a claim that working families would be an average of £3000 worse off under a labour government, the Institute for Fiscal Studies issued a statement about Cameron’s false claims.

Cameron stated that voters “can choose an economy that grows, that creates jobs, that generates the money to ensure a properly funded and improving NHS, a government that will cut taxes for 30 million hardworking people and a country that is safe and secure. Or you can choose the economic chaos of Ed Miliband’s Britain – over £3,000 in higher taxes for every working family to pay for more welfare and out-of-control spending. Debt will rise and jobs will be lost as a result.”

The statement by the IFS directly attack Cameron’s claims.  “There is little value in bandying around numbers which suggest either party would increases taxes by an average of £3,000 for each working household. We don’t know what they will do after the election. But neither of the two main parties has said anything to suggest that is what they are planning.”

The IFS said Labour could meet its own vague fiscal targets with as little as £3bn in tax rises from 2018-19, and not the £15bn in tax rises from 2017-18 onwards that the Conservative numbers assumed.

In a point-by-point rebuttal, the IFS said the £3,000 figure was a cumulative increase over parliament and not an annual increase. The figure also assumed that all of the burden fell on only 17m working households, and not on the 26.7m total households in the UK. If the figure was recalculated on an annualised basis, households would only be £560 a year worse off, the IFS argued.

The IFS pointed out that Labour is only committed to balancing the current account, as opposed to the capital account, by 2018-19, something that requires extra fiscal consolidation of £6bn, which could be achieved either by tax rises or cuts. There was also no up-to-date evidence that Labour has committed to half its consolidation coming from tax rises, Paul Johnson, director of the IFS added.

It is of no surprise to us that the Tory campaign is based on personal attacks, sensationalism, and downright lies. This has been the signature of their style of government for the past five years. Time after time they embark on a campaign of propaganda to cover their own incompetence and corruption, and have failed to address the public’s core concerns.

No doubt we will be subjected to a tirade of rubbish and theatrics in the run-up to the election. The Tories have enormous amounts of cash (some of it stolen from the taxpayer) to bolster their campaign with flashy gimmicks.

But gimmicks mean nothing. People need to use their memory of the disgraceful way this government has nearly destroyed the foundation on which our society is based for their own self-interest and greed.

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