Tories won’t reveal #welfare cuts until after the election. No surprise. (#UK #Politics #bedroomtax)

toricutwePrize government idiot, Duncan Smith, revealed that the Tories will not reveal the extent of government welfare cuts or where the cuts will be made until after the election.

On the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Duncan Smith refused to comment on a document leaked to the BBC last Friday which suggested that welfare cuts would include industrial injuries compensation, child benefit, carer’s allowance, and disability benefits.

Duncan Smith said that the Tories had already announced that around 25% of the proposed cuts will come from working age benefits by extending the freeze currently in place for a further two years.

Using a convenient get-out, Duncan Smith told Marr that it may not be ‘relevant’ to detail where the proposed cuts will be made until after the election.

We would interpret that statement as meaning the Tories will not release details because of the opposition they would face through targeting the poor and vulnerable in society for a second term in government.

So desperate are they for votes that they don’t want to upset Tory party members who are opposed to the draconian and exploitative policies introduced by a small number in the core of government.

Duncan Smith said that the proposed cuts amounted to less than 10% of the total welfare budget.

But what he avoided was the fact that the proposed 10% cuts of the TOTAL welfare budget targets a specific range of benefits which are responsible for a small amount of the total budget. Therefore, the total percentage of welfare cuts to that range of benefits is going to be much, much higher.

The director for the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS), Paul Johnson, told Marr “They’ve said £12bn of cuts and they’ve said they want to achieve that within the first three years of the parliament and they’ve said they want to protect pensions.

“That is really tough to achieve from the rest of the budget. That’s a more than 10% cut for the rest of the social security budget.

“That would require pretty dramatic changes to things like housing benefit and disability benefits. You can’t do this in the way most of the cuts have been done over this parliament, which is just to reduce the rate at which things get increased.”

During the past five years the current government have clearly demonstrated that they are engaging on a mission to push low-earners, families, and benefit claimants further into a position of economic slavery which benefits the super-rich.

With the proliferation of cuts to basic public services so private super-corporations such as Serco and Capita can enter into lucrative contracts which are detrimental to the public purse, and which are highly detrimental to lower paid workers, the government is in no way conducting itself for the good of the nation as a whole.

Although the details of Tory plans are uncertain, we can be sure that another five years of them in government will do no good for anyone except the super-rich, mega-corporations, and banks. They will continue to rob from the poor to give to the rich, driving the UK deeper into the dark ages.

It is not just the low-paid or benefit claimants who need to be concerned. Middle earners will also find the impact of Tory policies will gradually eat into their earnings. We have already seen the real value of salaries remain at 1980 levels since this government has been in power.

The government are not fit for purpose and have treated the public purse as their own piggy-bank. They didn’t have any qualms about shoving the public’s face in their corrupt activities – thinking themselves superior to the general public.

The time for change is here and we would suggest it is better to vote for ANY candidate who is not Tory.

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4 thoughts on “Tories won’t reveal #welfare cuts until after the election. No surprise. (#UK #Politics #bedroomtax)

  1. Reblogged this on Lindas Blog and commented:
    I was thrilled to watch the BIG QUESTIONS this morning on BBC2, as the first questions on BENEFIT SANCTIONS.

    Apart from a handful of what seemed like handpicked individuals, it seemed to me that AROUND 90% of the participants were AGAINST THEM!!!

    I also watched IDS being interviewed by Andrew Marr
    That was a treat, I wonder how he can keep a straight face, his only defence appeared to be outright lies and distorted statistics….. No Surprise there then!

    Im beginning to feel we have reason to be hopeful!!!

    Come on Labour! The Labour minister on the program today said that they were going for an Anti Austerity Manefesto!

    We need to hear more details of this,,, but its looking better, and the gauntlet has barely begun…….


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