And here is comes… #Cameron’s back-door tactic to get control of #UK #internet

We don’t like to say it – but we told you so!

5EAEA6F0-BB02-1907-EE2836C4FFAC8993-289192In our article posted on the 16th July, we informed you of how Cameron has been exposed as a liar in a letter he secretly sent to internet service providers concerning the control of internet content, and how he was using children and pornography to raise his political profile.

We also informed you of how Cameron and his cronies would use the subject of children and pornography and claim that internet service providers were not doing enough to control content, when in FACT they are, and use the subject as a way to introduce back-door internet control.

Well it seems to have happened.

Cameron has planted the seed of legislating the internet during an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, in which Cameron said “…but there is also the option of introducing stronger laws here in the UK and I don’t rule that out”.  Cameron also says “…if we don’t get what we need we will have to look at legislation”.

Of course Cameron – that was your plan all along. Anything to get control of the internet. Stage 1 nearly complete – use an emotive subject with dubious or manipulated facts to plant the seeds in the minds of the masses.

The problem is that most of the people who will listen to what this idiot has to say are highly unlikely to check the facts for themselves, and will remain in a state of compliance and apathy. Of course, it is not their fault – they are just doing what they have been programmed to do through decades of being told to comply with ‘authority’ and accept everything ‘authority’ says as truth.

Cameron plays a few tactical cards during the interview with Marrs.

First, he claims to be a ‘family man’ who is concerned about child pornography.

Second, he uses recent horrific cases of child killings to drive the point home, even going so far as ‘showboating’ the families of the victims.

Thirdly, he blames internet companies by saying they are not doing enough – passing the buck.

All of this designed to give the public the impression that he is genuinely concerned about the subject and is frustrated that ‘not enough is being done’, therefore forcing him to introduce legislation.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the coming months. One thing we can be sure of is that Cameron will continue to use any tactic he can to gain control of the internet to prevent criticism of his government and their highly dubious actions.

If he were so genuinely concerned about the abuse of children, then why has he not brought to justice those powerful political figures who are still alive and were involved in the horrendous and satanic abuse of children in Wales and at the Elm Guest House in London?

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