Duncan Smith refuses to meet charity about #poverty –meets bankers about it instead (#UK #politics #welfare #bedroomtax #ids)

idsjpmIt seems to be a week of the idiots in our current government showing their true colours.

The latest not-so-useful idiot is Duncan Smith. He has refused to meet with food bank charity Trussell Trust to discuss the impact of poverty on the nation, despite the chairman of the trust, Chris Mould, requesting a meeting as far back as 2013 and several times since.

However, Duncan Smith has prioritised a meeting with US investment bank JP Morgan Chase about child poverty.

In the US, JP Morgan is one of the large banks plunging the ordinary people of the country into poverty. They have also come under the spotlight on numerous occasions for their corrupt practices such as paying $9 Billion to keep a scandal from going public. The Astor family (to which Samantha Cameron belongs) also have significant interests in the bank through various routes.

Considering that Duncan Smith is a snivelling runt (and a proven liar), it comes as no surprise that he prefers to associate with those who can help him fulfil his narcissistic leaning rather than do his job – which the taxpayer is paying him to do – or associate with those he sees as inferior to himself.

He is, without doubt, a disgusting creature and the sooner we see the back of him the better.

From The Independent

Iain Duncan Smith has refused to meet with Britain’s biggest food bank charity for over a year – but has instead held discussions with an American investment bank about tackling child poverty.

The Trussell Trust confirmed again today that its chairman Chris Mould had still not been granted a meeting with Iain Duncan Smith, despite reports as far back as 2013 that he had requested one.

But this week the Department for Work and Pensions disclosedunder government transparency rules that Mr Duncan Smith had instead prioritised a meeting about child poverty with the US investment bank JP Morgan Chase.

In May Mr Duncan Smith met with representatives of the bank at a meeting about child poverty, alongside other businesses and organisations including the British Retail Consortium, Virgin Trains, and the financial services company Legal & General.

He has still not met with the Trussell Trust’s chairman despite requests from him and “various” figures at the charity, however.

Mr Duncan Smith has previously criticised the Trust’s foodbank work and accused it of “scaremongering” over his welfare reform policies.

In a 2013 letter to the charity’s chairman Chris Mould, he criticised the “political messaging of your organisation”, which he alleged had “repeatedly sought to link the growth in your network to welfare reform”, the Observer newspaper reported at the time.

Almost 50% of referrals to food banks are because of the impact of welfare reform measures, according to statistics released by the charity.

The Trust, a Christian charity, has set up over 430 independent food banks staffed by 30,000 volunteers.

The Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson told the Independent:

“We have met with the Trussell Trust and routinely meet with a range of civil society organisations.

“The truth is, it was this Government that started signposting people to these services for the first time through Jobcentre Plus.”

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2 thoughts on “Duncan Smith refuses to meet charity about #poverty –meets bankers about it instead (#UK #politics #welfare #bedroomtax #ids)

  1. trouble is its not saving monies it was aalways about getting the private sector to dip into that tax payers wasnt about savings jeff3

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