DISGRACE! Tories BLOCK law change to allow evidence in Westminster abuse case (#VIPaedophiles #childabuse #politics #uk)

tblocklawAs we reported a few days ago, former police officers are afraid to come forward and give valuable evidence to officers investigating the Westminster sadistic child abuse ring because of the threat of being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.

In response to their concerns, Labour MP, John Mann presented an amendment to the Act which would allow whistle-blowers to give evidence to appropriate authorities, who would then be able to investigate.

The proposed amendment was worded: “It is a defence for a person charged with an offence under any provision of this Act to prove that he knew, or had reasonable cause to believe, that the information, document, or article disclosed was a) germane to an official investigation of, or inquiry into, historic child abuse, and b) provided only to an officer of such an investigation or inquiry”

However, the proposed amendment was defeated when MPs voted – 233 approved the amendment and 295 opposed the amendment.

While most parties approved of the amendment, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats voted against it, and with the combined number of MPs each has outnumbering other parties they  were able to defeat the amendment.

254 Conservative MPs voted against, with only 8 voting for. 40 Liberal Democratic MPs voted against, with only 3 voting for. The only other MP voting against the amendment was an independent.


Perhaps it is unsurprising that the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats wanted to block the amendment. So far, investigations into the Westminster child abuse ring has only revealed Conservative and Liberal Democrat sadistic child abusers – with the majority of those investigated being very close to the Conservatives.

Additionally, it seems that the sadistic ring was more widespread than originally thought. Not only did child abuse (and possibly the murder of children) take place in Westminster/Pimlico, investigations into other horrific abuse (such as Elm Guest House and Welsh children’s homes) by high-profile figures also link-in.

As more information is becoming available to investigators it is apparent that high-profile figures have indulged themselves in disgusting sadistic sex acts against young people over a long period of time, and there is nothing to indicate that this kind of abuse has stopped.

The question we would ask is – why would any reasonable person prevent a change in legislation which allows former police officers to come forward with valuable and reliable evidence to assist these enquiries?

Regardless of political leanings, one would think that such changes would be welcome – especially by Theresa May and others in the government who have publically expressed their enthusiasm for finding ‘paedophiles’. Obviously those statements do not apply to their own kind – who are some of the most prolific child abusers in the UK!

We don’t believe the excuses and smoke and mirrors peddled out by Downing Street’s propaganda machine. Common sense prevails, and their actions and inactions point in one direction – they are covering up for their powerful friends.

The proposed changes to the Official Secrets Act in no make it less effective when used for its intended purpose. There is no ‘threat to national security’ by genuine former police officers and others giving reliable evidence to bring criminals to account.

The only ‘threat’ is to those who use the Act and other legislation to hide their criminal activities.

In response to the surprising defeat of the amendment, John Mann told Exaro “It would not have undermined the Official Secrets Act.”

“The amendment was in for quite a period of time. I am aware that Zac Goldsmith, a Conservative MP who backed the proposal, raised it. It was not a last-minute thing, and was not something that MPs did not have time to consider.”

This matter should transcend political manoeuvring and point scoring. It is a criminal matter and should be taken out of the government’s hands – if there is any person or organisation capable of standing up to the threats from idiots with perceived power.

No doubt many of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs who voted against the amendment did so out of misplaced party loyalty rather than representing the views of the people who voted them into power. One thing is for sure, those who voted against are devoid of any basic human decency or sense of real justice.

You can view further information, including a list of which MPs voted for and against the amendment at the Exaro website.

With the general election close, if your MP voted against the amendment then you need to seriously question if they are a suitable candidate to be voted into a position of power – regardless of which party you usually support.

If you have any information that could help the investigators, please visit the Exaro website.

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7 thoughts on “DISGRACE! Tories BLOCK law change to allow evidence in Westminster abuse case (#VIPaedophiles #childabuse #politics #uk)

  1. Im afraid money talks they dont want this out but whot will another party do bury it again untill that day truth comes out

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