More evidence of government cover-up protecting high-profile paedophiles (#uk #politics #childabuse)

gcupIn an exclusive, the BBC programme ‘Newsnight’ reveals more information that there was a cover-up by government of child abuse by high-profile figures.

An undercover team investigating the late Liberal MP, Cyril Smith, and others during the 1980s were forced to stop their investigation and hand over all evidence they had gathered during their three-month enquiry by a ‘senior police officer’ they had never met before.

The senior police officer demanded that all photographs, video recordings, notebooks, and paperwork was handed over otherwise the officers involved in the investigation would face prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.

A former police officer who was familiar with the original investigation contacted the Newsnight team with evidence of the original investigation and the ensuing cover-up.

The investigation team consisted of regional crime squad officers, including some from Yorkshire, who were based at Gilmour House police headquarters in Kennington, south London.

The secret operation involved targeting more than six addresses in south London, including a flat in Coronation Buildings, Lambeth – which has since been demolished.

Evidence gathered by the investigation included photographs and covert video of men, including Cyril Smith and a senior intelligence agency officer, abusing young teenage boys.

Smith was later arrested at another property in Streatham, south London and taken to Cannon Row police station. However, Smith was released later that evening and the duty sergeant in charge was reprimanded.

The investigating team believed that the boys were sourced from care homes across the country and transported to London ‘to order’ for sex parties involving the high-profile figures.

The investigation came to an end when the team were called to a meeting at Gilmour House and told by the mysterious senior officer to hand over evidence and not to speak of the investigation otherwise they would be prosecuted.

The Newsnight team approached the Metropolitan Police in January of this year about the revelations of the former officer, but they have not responded.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP who has worked to expose Cyril Smith as a prolific paedophile, told the Newsnight team: “Time and again what we have learned more recently is that a number of police officers investigated Smith, up and down the country, and those investigations were quashed and officers were told to stop investigating.

“It is my view that Smith was being protected and being protected by some fairly powerful people.

“He was protected because he knew of other paedophiles in the networks in which he operated and had he been prosecuted, then I think those other people would have been named by Smith and that’s why they ensured that he was never put before the courts.”

Newsnight asked former Scotland Yard detective Clive Driscoll, who investigated claims of child abuse in Lambeth in the 1980s and 1990s, to examine the allegations.

“I looked at them as I probably would have done when I was a police officer and, on the balance of probabilities, you would have to say they appear very credible,” said Mr Driscoll, the officer whose inquiry led to the conviction of Stephen Lawrence’s killers.

“Certainly the timing and the type of allegations that are made are ones that the Met would take very, very seriously.”

He described the claimed as “very credible and very frightening”.

“If you take all of the information that appears to be out there together it does look like collusion with police officers and other agencies to prevent what is a straightforward criminal case,” he added.

This latest revelation by a police officer is more strong evidence that there has been a cover-up at the highest levels of government and the civil service of high-profile figures involved in the sadistic abuse of children. Not only did this cover-up occur in the 1980s, but it has continued right up to today.

Continued resistance by the government to commence investigations into the wider spread of a high-profile paedophile ring indicates that members of the current government are aware of the impact such exposure would have on their political careers and parties.

It was revealed last week that both David Cameron and Nick Clegg as members of the Cabinet Office are well-aware of a paedophile network operating in and around Westminster, and they have both actively blocked attempts to have documents relating to the abuse released for investigation.

At the SAME TIME as having full knowledge of the evidence David Cameron publically called the claims a ‘conspiracy theory’ after the pathetic ‘inquiry’ held by Perter Wanless of the NSPCC.

It is possible that the abuse ring still exists and is still being protected by those in power. Members will have come and gone, but the institutional cover-up has been perpetual.

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