Police investigate Pimlico property as key to murder by Westminster paedophile ring (#uk #politics #childabuse)

pimpropOfficers of Operation Midland are investigating whether a cellar linked to a flat in Pimlico was used to hold a victim prior to their alleged murder by the Westminster paedophile ring.

The officers are hoping that the cellar and property may provide them with more clues in tracking down members of the paedophile network, which included ministers and high profile civil servants, and reveal more of the network’s secrets.

Detectives regard the property as potentially crucial to their investigations and plan to use the help of a key witness in identifying key locations in the area.

Investigative journalists from the Exaro group have been working closely with police and witnesses in the investigation.

Last week, officers of Operation Midland raided two properties belonging to Leon Brittan who was under investigation for allegedly abusing young boys over a number of decades before his death in January.

They also raided the home of Lord Bramall, who is one of the most highly-decorated army officers.

The home of former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor near Grantham in Lincolnshire was also raided as part of the investigation.


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