Cameron’s disgraceful child abuse hypocrisy (#UK #politics #ChildAbuse #law #welfare)

camcbOne of today’s main headlines in the mainstream press is that David Cameron is proposing a new law to jail ‘professionals’ who ignore evidence of child abuse. Under his proposals, social workers, teachers, local councillors, and others involved in children’s social care could face up to five years in prison.

In a statement to be made to Parliament today, Cameron will say “I’m sending an unequivocal message that professionals who fail to protect children will be held properly accountable and council bosses who preside over such catastrophic failure will not see rewards for that failure. Offenders must no longer be able to use the system to hide their despicable activities.”

Cameron’s proposal comes in the aftermath of the latest scandal concerning the abuse of young children by a gang in Oxfordshire where more than 300 boys and girls have been trafficked for sex in the last 15 years.

Many of these children were in care, and other scandals where gangs have preyed on the vulnerable have been uncovered in Rochdale, Bristol, Derby, and Telford.

However, this is nothing more than political posturing by Cameron.

In five years of government he and his cronies have had ample opportunity to introduce this kind of legislation to protect children but have failed to do so.

In May 2012, nine men were given sentences ranging from four to 19 years after being found guilty of offences including rape and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

Cameron did nothing then.

In June 2013 seven men were jailed for offences including rape, facilitating child prostitution, and trafficking of children for sex. The NSPCC said there had been a systematic failure by Oxfordshire County Council to stop the grooming of girls as young as 11.

Cameron did nothing then.

In 2010, nine men were convicted of grooming and sexually abusing vulnerable girls in Derby.  Many of the victims were given alcohol or drugs before being forced to have sex in cars, rented houses or hotels across the Midlands.

Cameron did nothing then.

In 2013 seven men were jailed in Telford after a series of court cases related to a child prostitution ring. The charges included rape, trafficking and prostitution, sometimes involving girls as young as 13.

Cameron did nothing then.

And so on…

Even though cases of child exploitation and systemic failures have been highlighted on many occasions throughout the entire time Cameron has been in charge of the current government, he and his cronies did nothing to legislate for the failure of officials.

Until now. A few months ahead of the general election.

In fact, Cameron has an abysmal record of addressing the sexual exploitation of children.

The ongoing investigations into Westminster paedophile rings have been hampered by Cameron and his cronies. Cameron at one point called the allegations of child abuse by high-profile political figures a ‘conspiracy theory’, only to be exposed for the liar he is the next day as several reliable witnesses (former Special Branch offices) came forward with verifiable evidence of the ring’s operation.

Cameron has a vested interest in having the Westminster paedophile ring investigations hampered and supressed. Many of those involved were high-profile Conservative party members and ministers. Those exposed as being involved in the paedophile network so far are either dead or fairly minor figures. But there are many more who are still very much alive and kicking.

Shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, told The Guardian that Cameron’s proposals did not go far enough. “Stronger laws are needed to protect children. The government should bring forward a legal duty to report child abuse, a new specific offence of child exploitation, and new child abduction warning notices. However, ministers voted against these last week.

“Most important of all, we desperately need proper, compulsory sex and relationship education in schools to teach young people about consent and healthy relationships. However, the government is continuing to refuse to bring it in.”

We are not surprised that ministers voted against the compulsory reporting of child abuse. There are those who have been part of the current government who have knowledge of child abuse by high-profile political figures. William Hague is one. He was responsible for an inquiry in the 1990s into child abuse at Welsh care homes, and was accused on many occasions of covering up the identities of high-profile political figures alleged to have been involved.

The current government is rotten to the core and they will do all they can to protect themselves from exposure. They indulge in the most disgusting and immoral acts against the vulnerable in society while at the same time claiming the moral high ground.

Cameron and his cronies represent the worst side of politics in the UK. Greedy, self-serving, and deviously manipulative in the extreme.

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