Cameron’s social engineering scheme is still on the Tory agenda (#UK #Politics #Bedroomtax #welfare)

camsocengThe Conservatives have learned nothing from five years leading the UK government and the effects of their draconian policies on the poor and vulnerable in society – nor do they care.

Since the Conservative led government have been in power the country has seen an unprecedented number of its citizens pushed into economic slavery and into relative poverty.

Many more people are finding themselves in a situation where they are unable to find affordable housing, or are forced from homes they have lived in all their lives.

This is not enough for the Conservatives, who are determined to press-on regardless with their policy of social engineering. They want exclusive, high-value areas across the country, with the poorer in society consigned to run-down areas with few prospects of getting out of a cycle of poverty.

It is not only people who are unemployed or are too ill to work. Families on low incomes are finding it increasingly difficult to make any financial headway as they find their essential costs such as housing, fuel, and food increasing disproportionately to the slave wages they earn.

The latest Conservative initiative will make many city locations out of reach of the less well-off.

Housing across the south-east of England in particular will become unaffordable for low-income families or jobseekers, as well as the ill and disabled.

On Tuesday, Cameron announced that the annual benefits cap would be reduced from £26,000 to £23,000 if the Conservatives are re-elected (and no doubt there would be further reductions during their term in government if re-elected).

Analysis by Moat Housing Association (a provider of social housing across the south-east of England) found that a three-bedroom home would instantly become unaffordable for residents receiving full housing benefit across the 35 areas of the association’s operation, and that two bedroom homes would be unaffordable within six years.

“Affordable rent” homes (which are more expensive than social rents but below market rents) would be hit hardest by the cap, with two-bedroom homes in London, Epping, Brighton & Hove, and Mid-Sussex becoming instantly unaffordable and the rest of the south-east out of reach within four years. One bedroom homes would become unaffordable within ten years.

Angelo Sommariva, policy manager at Moat told The Independent “Once the cap affects benefits that are meant to go towards basic living costs, that’s when people go into unsustainable debt with payday lenders or credit cards, or they have to make choices about forgoing things such as heating and food.”

“Three-bedroom properties will be completely wiped out and even two-beds, in most areas we operate, become unaffordable within two years. In deprived areas you might find that it takes an extra couple of years to become unaffordable, but all you’re really doing is buying time.”

“While the reduced cap will have a huge impact on current tenants, there will be an equal impact on future tenants who won’t be able to be housed because housing associations won’t be able to build enough homes for them,” Sommariva said.

The majority of people affected by the benefit cap are in London and the south-east because the far higher cost of housing has seen the amounts paid out in housing benefit soar. Some families from inner-London have already been relocated miles away to towns such as Stoke as reduced housing benefit have left people unable to afford their rent, but a further lowering of the benefit cap to £23,000 would see this replicated with families across the wider south-east.

There is big money in city centre property, and London property prices are the most expensive in the country. Perhaps that is why the recent exposure of American company Westbrook, which has a reputation for flouting US law and dubious business practices, and their ownership of the New Era Estate in London became headline news as residents refused to move out or pay the unreasonable rent rises the company tried to impose. Westbrook’s plan was to increase rents from around £800 a month for a two-bedroom flat to more than £2,000.

Needless to say Conservative cronies were keen to develop the estate into high-cost housing through Benyon Estate, the family property company of the Conservative MP for Newbury in Berkshire, Richard Benyon. The Benyon Estate had a stake of less than 10% and acted as managing agent, but it pulled out in November after residents protested outside the company’s offices.

The New Era Estate consisted mainly of families who were on low income or benefits.

Perhaps this was part of Cameron’s ‘striver not skiver’ initiative he was so keen to tout as his party’s prime agenda not long after gaining government control, and which has since been dropped from his repertoire as universal disgust at his comments was made very clear.

Combined with other changes to the welfare system which have ended up costing the taxpayer much more than the small amount those targeted under the ‘reforms’ cost them, the Conservative agenda becomes very clear – turn the population into economic slaves for the rich in society. Not the moderately rich, but the mega rich shareholders of banks and large corporations.

Middle earners have also been hit hard by the ridiculous ‘austerity’ measures implemented by the government. Many have seen former secure employment devastated as the government blindly and without proper consideration cut every sector of public services. Those who have lost their jobs have been forced to take low paid meaningless jobs.

If the current government remain in power for another term of government the situation within the UK will get much, much worse.

Despite the propaganda of an ‘economic crisis’ the Conservatives seem to find plenty of money for their pet projects – none of which has benefited the nation as a whole. Unprecedented increases in foreign aid, promising billions of public money to marginal constituencies the Conservatives need to win the next election, and so on.

It doesn’t take immense brain power to understand that the Conservative government is only interested in serving those who donate to the party fund. Lies and corruption are rife throughout the current Conservative element of government, and this will continue as we are bombarded with propaganda in the run-up to the general elections.

Whatever you hear them promise, the fact is that in five years the Conservatives have achieved NOTHING positive whatsoever for the British people as a whole.

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