Leon Brittan was under investigation for abusing under-aged boys (#UK #politics #childabuse)

lebabuseAt the time of his death last week, Leon Brittan was under investigation by the Metropolitan Police as part of Operation Midland (investigating a Westminster paedophile network) over multiple allegations of abusing young boys at Dolphin Square and other locations.

The allegations against Brittan were made to police via the investigative news service Exaro some months ago, but Exaro have been unable to name Brittan for legal reasons.

The police were investigating key allegations against Brittan which included him being a member of the Westminster paedophile network, that he abused boys at the Carlton Club in St James’, London, as well as Dolphin Square and other locations, and that he had knowledge of/or was involved in sadistic abuse and the murder of boys by the network.

Abuse survivor known as ‘Nick’ made allegations against Brittan and others (including 12 ‘VIPs’) who he claims sexually abused him from age 11 at Dolphin Square sex parties and other locations. He claims Brittan raped him on more than a dozen occasions.

Other witnesses have come forward, including abuse survivors of the network and former police officers – including officers serving in Special Branch at the time – providing police with evidence Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald who is leading the investigation described as “credible and true”.

It has also been revealed that before the current investigation as part of Operation Midland, Brittan was the subject of another police investigation into a paedophile network which abused children from care homes across Wales and Cheshire at Elm Guest House in south-west London – ‘Operation Fernbridge’.

Police were also investigating claims that Brittan, in 1967 before becoming an MP, raped a 19 year-old woman.

Brittan has also featured in at least two child abuse videos.

In 1982 a Customs officer at Dover seized a child abuse videotape which featured Brittan at a location while child sex abuse was taking place, and in a separate seizure of evidence found as part of ‘Operation Fairbank’ Brittan was featured at one of the parties believed to have been held by the Westminster paedophile ring which also featured the sexual abuse of children.

In recent times in the public eye, Brittan was accused of being instrumental in a dossier containing detailed information about a child abuse ring operating out of Westminster in the 1980s going missing. Other files held by the Home Office concerning child abuse had allegedly gone missing during the time he was Home Secretary in Thatcher’s government. Brittan claimed he had no recollection of the matter despite statements from several reliable witnesses that the files existed.

It is important to note that Brittan had not been found guilty of offences relating to the Operation Midland investigation. Unfortunately his death does mean (at the least) that valuable information may be lost which may have aided the Operation Midland investigation – perhaps information relating to key figures involved in the sadistic abuse of children.

Brittan is one of several public figures who have been suspected of or proven to be involved in the sexual abuse of children since investigations started after the exposure of Jimmy Saville.

Alistair McAlpine was involved in a public ‘scandal’ where he was accused by an alleged ‘victim’ of abusing children from care homes during his time as a close confidant of Margaret Thatcher. But that wasn’t the first time. McAlpine was accused of being involved in abuse in the 1990s by Scallywag magazine which based an article on information from investigations by the Observer, Private Eye, HTV, and the Independent on Sunday.

Another close aide of Margaret Thatcher, Peter Morrison, was alleged to have taken part in sex parties throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s with under-aged boys. Thatcher was informed of Morrison’s activities by a senior police officer at the time.

Both McAlpine and Brittan died shortly after public allegations were made, and Morrison died in 1995.

Edward Heath and members of his government during the 1970s have been accused of taking part in, and covering up, sadistic child abuse.

In a BBC documentary ‘Westminster’s Secret Service’ broadcast in 1995, Tim Fortescue, Tory whip between 1970 and 1973, boasted about being able to cover-up ‘scandals’ involving young boys.

Former Liberal MP Cyril Smith (died 2010) was also implicated in several incidents of abusing young boys as far back as 1979 when a local ‘alternative’ magazine alleged that Smith was involved in abusing young boys during the 1960s.

On 21 November 2012, Greater Manchester Police announced it would investigate allegations that Smith had sexually abused boys at a hostel in Rochdale after 1974, and Lancashire Police would investigate claims dating from before 1974. The police said it would look at whether investigations had taken place into Smith during the 1980s and 1990s.

The Crown Prosecution Service stated that Smith should have been charged with crimes relating to the abuse he allegedly committed. Smith was closely aligned with Edward Heath during the 1970s when Smith was trying to get support for a new political party.

From evidence obtained so far by investigating officers, the network of sadistic child abusers encompasses the most privileged and prominent members of British society, including politicians, civil servants, and those associated with them.

Despite making ‘the right noises’ the current government has done more to hinder investigating the crimes of their cronies than enabling or assisting in it.

Theresa May has been responsible for the sham she claims is an inquiry into historical abuse cases. Months have passed, and the inquiry has been the subject of several scandals before it has started, including the original chair Fiona Woolf being a close associate of Leon Brittan and several members of the inquiry inappropriately communicating with alleged victims.

As with May, Cameron has made noises concerning an inquiry into allegations of abuse by members of Westminster’s privileged few but has yet to make any positive moves which show his convictions. On the contrary, Cameron referred to the claims of a high-profile paedophile ring as a ‘conspiracy theory’ only to be embarrassed the next day as former members of Special Branch came forward with new and substantiated information for investigating officers.

If ever there was a reason to regard the current government’s stance on the sadistic child abuse and murder of innocent children at the hands of their cohorts with suspicion, it is the lack of commitment by Cameron, May, and other members of the privileged few who scurry around the halls of power – let alone that nothing of substance has been revealed concerning living members of the paedophile ring.

It could be the case that Cameron and his cronies are trying to distance themselves from a potentially highly damaging scenario. Or it could be that they are ensuring finding those still alive is as difficult as possible for the investigating officers – who have reported difficulty in gaining the cooperation of Westminster.

‘Loyalties’ within the party system are strong. Anything seen as a potential threat to the party’s agenda is dealt with – in any way which is effective, as quiet as possible, and keeps those few in privileged and powerful positions. Whatever you believe of politics, the grandees in the Conservative party in particular have extensive resources.

Although current investigations were sparked after the exposure of Jimmy Saville, and have concentrated on allegations of abuse during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, there is nothing which could make us think that those in privileged positions have not continued their disgusting practices up to the present day.

If there are those in position of privilege engaging in the same practices then it is reasonable to assume that they will be taking very strong precautions against being discovered. It may be some years before information begins to trickle into the public domain as victims become older – if they survive.

If you have information which may help the investigation, you can either contact Exaro or Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald at Operation Midland through Scotland Yard in confidence.


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