More revelations about Dolphin Square sadistic child abuse ring (#UK #Politics #ChildAbuse #Tories)

dscaAnother significant witness who was a victim of abuse at Dolphin Square by high-profile figures, including government ministers, has described how notorious paedophile, Peter Righton, was a ‘fixer’ for sadistic child-abuse parties.

Righton was the founder of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) – an organisation which promoted and advocated sex with children.  Former treasurer of PIE, Charles Napier, was sent to prison for 13 years in December 2014 for 28 charges of indecent assault on 21 boys between 1967 and 1972.

As a 15 year-old ‘Darren’ was in care when he was sent on work experience to Thornham Magna estate in Suffolk.

The 2,500-acre estate was the ancestral home of Lord Henniker, a former UK ambassador. Henniker, who died in 2004 at the age of 88, created an educational and recreational centre for children there. Righton was renting a cottage on the estate.

Darren said: “Peter had the run of the place. If he wanted something done, he could order it. I was delivering wood to his cottage, and he beckoned me in. A man I now know to be Napier was standing in the lounge. I was given a soft drink, and then Peter brazenly ordered me to give Napier oral sex.

“I refused, and Righton then attacked me. He knew how to hurt you without leaving marks. He was very, very good at what he did. I was kicked and punched in front of Napier, who stood there smirking.

“I had no choice, and did as I was told. That was the first time he struck me, and it left me terrified of Righton, who carried an air of menace about him. I was ordered to have sex with Napier on two other occasions when he visited Peter on the estate. They were obviously friends.”

‘Darren’ was transported to the estate along with Down’s syndrome people from a residential home daily. They all worked on the estate where Righton meted out brutal punishment for the slightest indiscretion.

“I and the Down’s syndrome residents were regularly beaten for the slightest indiscretion,” Darren said.

“I remember once when someone took an apple from the orchard, the beating that was handed out was truly frightening. The regime was brutal. You did as you were told. We were all scared.”

In the Exaro interview, ‘Darren’ describes how Righton had trafficked him to Dolphin Square sex parties to be abused by high-profile figures from government, the world of business, and a ‘celebrity’.

Darren says: “There was a cabinet minister specifically who sexually abused me at Dolphin Square.

“He would like boys to wear women’s underwear – specifically knickers – and he would like to find the boys in the knickers and be outraged and punish the boy for this, and then afterwards have oral sex performed upon himself.”

He continues: “He would, when he found me in the knickers, he would say, ‘What are you doing wearing those knickers?’

“Took me to one of the rooms. He beat me quite badly as punishment for wearing women’s underwear, and then afterwards he said, ‘Now you’ve given me an erection, get on your knees.’ And that’s when I had to perform oral sex on him.”

Talking about the abusers at Dolphin Square, he says: “They were nasty. They were violent and dangerous individuals, and perverted.”

‘Darren’ recalls how one 15 year-old girl was killed after disappearing with another Conservative politician into a room at one of the apartments described as the ‘Medical Room’.

“I witnessed one particular girl, who I originally met when I was aged about seven, at a flat in Barnes. I later met her at North Wales and Islington. She was aged 15, and she was taken into a room known as the medical room.

“Normally, this girl, I would meet her in the kitchen, at the flat in Dolphin Square afterwards. I never saw her again.”

Asked what he thinks happened to her, he said: “She’s dead.”

He continues: “Otherwise she would have come into the kitchen, and had a drink and a cigarette afterwards.”

‘Darren’ is one of three witnesses who have come forward and given police evidence of the sadistic paedophile ring operated at Dolphin Square from around the late 1970s.

Despite the promises of Theresa May, months have passed as an inquiry into the historic sexual abuse of children was due to start. The inquiry has been dogged by controversy, first by the selection of Fiona Woolf as chair and then by allegations of inappropriate communications with victims by members of the inquiry’s panel.

Cameron described claims of a high-profile sadistic child abuse ring as a ‘conspiracy theory’ only to be made a fool of the next day as evidence from former police officers confirmed the possibility of a government cover-up.

Today the government seems to have placed the inquiry on the backburner in the run-up to the general election.

In the Exaro interview ‘Darren’ also describes how he fears for his family’s safety after several unusual incidents, one of which was when armed men visited his property.

The reach of the ‘powerful’ is something we need to be aware of (not afraid of). Many of those who are in powerful positions today have very strong links to those involved in the abuses of the past. If not directly, then certainly in assisting in making sure such scandals are kept out of the public eye.

You can read more about how the abuse has been uncovered, and significant developments on the Exaro website.

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