Coward MP: food banks are only visited by “those with drug, alcohol and mental health problems” (#UK #Politics #bedroomtax #welfare)

winnbanksIn an incredibly callous Twitter post, Tory councillor, Mark Winn claimed that “…the people visiting food banks are those with drug, alcohol + [sic] mental health problems” after he watched an episode of Casualty which had a storyline of a woman suffering from malnutrition.

Winn claimed that the episode was the BBC supporting “Labour propaganda rubbish”.

The backlash from other Twitter users forced Winn to delete his Twitter account.

Winn is also a civil servant with the Ministry of Defence and until recently held an appointment on Buckinghamshire council’s health scrutiny committee, as well as being a councillor on Aylesbury council.

Some of the responses to Winn’s tweet were:

“Are you serious? People visiting food banks are the most vulnerable in society – you should be ashamed of your attitude!” by Daniel Holland.

“Hideous on so many levels and totally unsurprising from a Tory” wrote Lyttle Green.

“Also, even if they were, so what? Widespread addiction is a good indicator something is wrong with society” by Kathryn.

But should we be surprised that this is the attitude of members of the Conservative Party?

In the deluded world of the Conservatives, everyone else is to blame for the rise in food bank use EXCEPT the government.

These include a comment by Michael Grove that food bank users were unable to manage their finances.

Vale of Glamorgan Tory MP, Alun Cairns, placed the ‘blame’ on benefits claimants, stating  “This will be for a variety of reasons: inability to manage money and to budget, addiction to alcohol or substance misuse, bullying at home, neglect by the benefit recipient and a range of other reasons.”

Prize Tory idiot ‘Lord’ Freud claimed that the rise in the use of food banks was nothing to do with the benefits squeeze suggesting more people were taking charity food because more food banks existed. This coming from a former investment banker who only got a knighthood because of the cash he donated to the Conservative. Hardly someone who has any kind of grip on reality.

In another totally inappropriate and deluded Twitter post, Tory MP Mark Pritchard wrote “Food banks serving a need – but how many folks can still find funds to pay for alcohol and cigarettes but not food?”

And so on….

The Conservative whores seem unable to grasp the basic concepts of humanity – of looking after each other and making sure the vulnerable and poor in society – most of whom are not poor or vulnerable by choice – are looked after to a basic humane standard which one would expect in a modern society.

Whores? Yes – whores (“To compromise one’s principles for personal gain”). Those who will say and do anything provided they are able to obtain status and financial gain – at the expense of the taxpayer. Typical of the Conservative representatives we have seen during the term of this government.

With the average MP making in excess of £100,000 in salary and benefits we should ask who the real scroungers are in our society. £65 million and more in payments to MPs each year with £30.3 million and more going to Conservative MPs (the largest expense). Add to this the enhanced salaries of ministers and other leeches employed by Conservatives in government and the cost to the taxpayer is significant.

Of course, they don’t have to worry about trying to survive in our overtaxed, overpriced country. They don’t have to worry if they will be able to pay the rent/mortgage after accounting for over-inflated fuel prices which the Tory government has done nothing to control (despite empty promises).

If someone were to become unemployed through sickness or plain bad luck right now, the Tories won’t be content until the person has lost everything they may have worked a lifetime trying to build.

No doubt Winn was pressing the buttons on his ‘mobile device’ with his chubby fingers while quaffing some beverage, and/or shoving enough food to feed a family for a week down his throat.

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3 thoughts on “Coward MP: food banks are only visited by “those with drug, alcohol and mental health problems” (#UK #Politics #bedroomtax #welfare)

  1. The Labour party is the party of immigration and of the EU. Their pathetically weird leader has pledged to deny us a referendum on Britain’s EU membership. The results of EU membership is a crushing weight of high admin costs, membership fees and unwanted foreigners unable to earn a living. Our public serves have collapsed to the point where a spell in hospital is life threatening in itself and our police only cope by lying about numbers.This is why we have food banks in the first place. To level criticism at the Tories without acknowledging Labour’s part in creating the food bank culture in the first place is an act of momentous ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence.

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