The election campaign lies have started already (#UK #politics #austerity #bedroomtax #welfare)

elliesWell – it’s started already.

Only a couple of days into the New Year and the political machines are in motion churning out a stream of propaganda and misinformation.

With £78 million to spend on their election campaign, the Conservatives have an incredible amount of money they can use to try and fool the public into thinking they are worthy of another term in government.

Unfortunately for the Conservatives, most people are able to see past this charade and reflect on the woeful mismanagement of the country’s resources by one of the most incompetent governments in recent history.

Knowing that they have been responsible for almost destroying the foundation of British society the Conservative leadership are attempting to buy the election – that is the only resource they have.

Their track record is abominable. Their lies and deceit seem to know no bounds. Their actions during their time in office have proven beyond any doubt that their only interest is in serving the corporate machine and turning the rest of the population into economic slaves to feed it.

The first thing the Conservatives have done to kick-off their propaganda machine is to produce material which is clearly deceptive at the very least.

In a poster campaign due to hit billboards across the country soon, the Conservatives claim to have halved the UK’s deficit. This is a clear and outright lie.

tory poster

The campaign has prompted criticism from all sides of the political camp, including Conservative party members and leading right-wing commentators.

Even the staunch right-wing magazine ‘The Spectator’ has criticised the claims.

In among attempts to mitigate the outright lie, the editor of ‘The Spectator’, Fraser Nelson, writes “So Osborne’s claim to have ‘halved the deficit’ without referring to GDP is not just dishonest, it’s bad politics. Very bad politics.”

The fairly innocuous term ‘porkie’ is used throughout Nelson’s article, but whatever term is used to try and soften the impact of the Conservative’s deception, the fact is that a lie is a lie.

It is an attempt to try and fool the public into thinking that the Conservatives may have achieved something of benefit to the nation – which is far from the truth.

Cameron and his cronies have been exposed time after time as liars, and yet in their strange deluded world they think they stand a chance at the next election. Or perhaps they realise they don’t, which is why Cameron quietly abused the legislative process so the Conservatives could spend more cash on propaganda.

In the last general election in 2010 the Conservatives spent £16.6 million, Labour £8 million, and the Liberal Democrats £4.8 million. By far the biggest budget for this year’s election is the £78 million the Conservatives have amassed in campaign funding.

Obviously the Conservatives think that the election can be won by throwing money at it. Will they be right? Are the general public so stupid that they will be fooled by US style glossy political campaigns? Or will voters remember the devastation that has been caused by the current government across all fundamental aspects of our society.

Two main themes have run through the past few years of this government – social engineering and profit.

They have wasted BILLIONS of taxpayer’s money on changes which would have been better left as they were – most notably ‘welfare reforms’ which include the disastrous farce of Universal Credit and the ‘bedroom tax’. These alone have plunged councils and housing associations into unnecessary financial situations where they are forced to waste more money on futile attempts to recover arrears people are not in a position to pay. This takes money away from essential spending, such as care services and developing more housing stock. Then there is the INCREASE in the housing benefit bill (both directly and indirectly) as people are forced to rent in the more expensive private sector.

The government’s ridiculous ‘austerity measures’ have plunged many poorer households into debt with many more families falling below the poverty line, while at the same time making more money for the private sector. Public sector job losses have meant remaining staff are placed under incredible stress to cover an increasing workload, resulting in services being severely affected.

Personal freedoms have been significantly restricted through stealth legislation and the government’s attempts to take control of all media sources. Although most people have yet to feel the full impact, the foundations have been laid and government plans will tighten their grip on personal freedom. Theresa May has made desperate attempts time and again to get aspects of the failed data communications bill passed into law. One thing is for sure, the government as it is today is intent on controlling all of the information we access – not for the good of society but to protect itself.

Perhaps one of the most disgusting tactics Cameron has used is the abuse of children.

He purposely made false claims about child abuse being rife on the internet and claimed to be taking measures to tackle it. As it turns out, the so-called ‘initiatives’ he claimed to have introduced have been in place for years as part of a voluntary initiative by the major internet companies and ISPs.

At the same time as claiming to protect children he called claims of a high-level sadistic child abuse ring in the corridors of power – including Parliament – ‘conspiracy theories’ and dismissed them out of hand. A day after making the statement he was proven to be a liar as more substantive evidence was presented to police.

Cameron and May have purposely delayed and ignored anything to do with high-level abuse claims, which include senior Conservatives who they would have been in close contact with throughout their political careers.

We could go on listing many of the deceptions, cover-ups, and downright corruption which is rife throughout the Conservative led government, but most of it is general knowledge and readily available to anyone who keeps their eyes open.

The next few months are going to be painful for us all. We will be bombarded with propaganda – perhaps on a scale we have not experienced in a political campaign before. But at the end of the day we need to consider what has been achieved (or not) so far and base our decisions on that.

It remains to be seen if the general public are easily fooled or if they really have been taking notice of what has happened over the past few years.


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8 thoughts on “The election campaign lies have started already (#UK #politics #austerity #bedroomtax #welfare)


  2. Looking back on the Tories so-called successes over the duration I can only record that they have divided this country into the very rich and the very poor with everything being done to make the rich even richer and as little assistance as they could possibly get away with for the poor.

    A government should be managing the country’s affairs for everyone on an equal basis, and I just hope that people will not be fooled by their propaganda and also that voter apathy will not play into their hands as there is no doubt that the multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires will not be apathetic.

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