More Tory corruption as they sneak through legislative changes to give them more cash (#UK #Politics #UK #Law)

camcorDavid Cameron has yet again proven himself to be totally unsuitable in any position of power.

In the latest tactic, Cameron and his cronies have misused the legislative process to increase the amount which they can spend on their election campaign by a massive 23%.

Cameron has used a back-door tactic to pass the legislation WITHOUT Parliamentary debate.

The change to the law on candidates’ election spending was made despite a direct warning by the Electoral Commission against such “excessive spending to prevent the perception of undue influence over the outcome of the election”.

The amount of money the Conservatives have to fight the 2015 general election is already in the region of £78 million which means they can pour cash into key seats – something the other parties do not have the resources to do.

The Observer has learned that ministers changed the law through a statutory instrument, the terms of which were not debated in the Commons, and which is more usually a vehicle for consensual changes in the law – including clarification of wider legal concepts.

In using a statutory instrument to manipulate constraints for their self-interest, the Tories are purposely abusing the legal system and bypassing due democratic process.

Lucy Powell MP said that Labour “can’t match the depths of Tory pockets” and accused Cameron of seeking to “buy an election they don’t deserve to win”.

“With only a record of failure to run on, David Cameron’s campaign is reliant on smear, fear and fat cats’ cheque books. This is a party flush with big money backers but without the empathy or ideas the country needs, so they are rigging the rules of our democracy in their favour.

“When he was first leader of the opposition, David Cameron said he wanted to take the big money out of politics. He promised to address the ‘big donor culture’, arguing that we should, ‘cut what is spent on a general election’. Yet he has now cynically changed his tune. Desperate to hang on to power, the Tories have quietly changed the rules to allow them to spend big in the runup to the election. The changes would allow them to spend millions more than they’re presently allowed, paving the way for Tory propaganda to flood constituencies,” she said.

Under the new limits, the total amount the candidates of each political party can spend has increased from £26.5m to £32.7m. In March, the Electoral Commission recommended there should be no such increase in spending limits for candidates over the so-called “long campaign” period between 19 December and general election day on 7 May.

At the time the commission dismissed the Conservative party’s submission that there should be a bigger rise because “new developments in campaigning technology are not making politics cheaper”. It has now emerged that the government went ahead in the summer and slipped through increases twice those recommended by the commission.

Cameron and his cronies are building quite a track record of underhandedness in a desperate attempt to try and repair public opinion after proving to be one of the worst governments the country has seen in many years.

In November, George Osborne used £5 million of taxpayer’s money for Conservative Party propaganda when he sent ‘annual tax statements’ with deliberately misleading information to more than 24 million people.

Then there was Osborne’s blatant lie about saving taxpayer’s cash when the EU provided the UK government with a routine bill. Even members of Osborne’s own Conservative Party were outraged at the ridiculous claims.

Again in November, Cameron pledged £15 billion of taxpayer’s money for road works in key marginal seats which the Tories must hold or win to stand a chance of winning the next election.

Government figures about the number of UK citizens plunged into relative poverty because of government cuts were exposed as being false, with the true figure being 300,000 more than government claims.

In August Cameron offended the Sikh community by claiming that a Sikh businessman, and significant donor to the Conservative Party, was a leading figure in Britain’s Sikh community.

Iain Duncan Smith’s implementation of welfare reforms and Universal Credit have been a continual source of misinformation and lies, having cost the taxpayer billions of pounds with no discernible benefit. So serious is the government’s deception that a challenge to their social engineering policy has been lodged with the Supreme Court.

The misuse of ‘emergency legislation’ to prevent those who were forced onto the work programme from making claims after a legal ruling was overturned and criticised as an underhand tactic by Duncan Smith’s Department of Work and Pensions.

Government claims of reducing unemployment have proven to be wholly deceptive as the UK has seen a massive rise in the use of zero-hour contracts and highly unstable part-time employment.

The list of government deception could go on and on. From Theresa May withholding reports criticising the government, underhand privatisation initiatives designed to destroy public services, and stealth legislation introduced through subversive tactics – pick a subject and somewhere along the line the Conservative dominated government has attempted to manipulate and fool the public.

This latest misuse of the legal process is a very clear demonstration of how Cameron and his inner circle will pervert anything they can if they can see gain in it for themselves.

The chances of the Conservatives winning the next election are virtually zero – and despite all of the rhetoric and propaganda they know it. Their track record has proven them to be wholly incompetent in any position which allows them access to potential money-making opportunities for themselves and their cronies.

They can be fairly sure of retaining some strong Conservative seats in the next election, but the only way they stand a chance in marginal constituencies is through bombarding voters with more propaganda – which (again) will have little basis in truth.

We think that this government needs to be held account for their deceptive practices, but the chances of that happening are very remote. It is a sad reflection on society when we let those in power protect themselves from answering for their actions which will have ramifications for years to come.

Whichever party comes to power in the next election, it is going to be a tough task to rectify the damage done to our society during the term of the current government. That is presuming that the next government will be interested in real change for the benefit of the UK population.

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