More evidence in high-powered #paedophile enquiry & Michael Mansfield QC starts independent tribunal. (#UK ‘Politics #ChildAbuse)

gcovuppolThe claims of a high-powered paedophile and abuse ring operating in the corridors of power (which David Cameron called a ‘conspiracy theory’) during the 1970s through the 1990s seem to be confirmed by ex-police officers of the time.

The investigative news service Exaro was given access to a private online forum for former and serving police officers in the Metropolitan Police Service.

Several of the discussion threads in the forum included conversations between 14 participants who revealed information about the effects of a cover-up on those who came too close to revealing the extent of the ring’s activities.

One long-service officer wrote of a detective inspector who was left ‘broken’ after his investigation into “paedos at the highest parts of gov and society” was shut down by Special Branch who removed files and evidence.

Later, the officer writes “I want these people nailed to the wall for that they did to those kids and the good cops who tried to stop them”

Another officer who served 30 years in the Met described how ‘Operation Hedgerow’ carried out surveillance on a paedophile ring based in West London between 1987 and 1989 and was cut short when it “got very close to Parliament”.

A former sergeant with 33 years’ experience asks a former territorial support group surveillance officer if he remembered a “big surveillance op on the paedophile ring” where they were following lawyers and police officers, and which “got canned” as they expanded the operation “up the greasy pole of high society”.

Other former and serving officers give information on operations across the Metropolitan Police area which were cut short or cancelled as they got closer to high-profile figures in government.

Another ex-officer with 30 years’ service wrote “Some very senior people have been habitually sexually assaulting the most vulnerable in society”.

He continues in another post “There is very clear evidence that the general nature of the allegations are true. There are enough officers on this site who have mentioned paedophile ops involving high profile politicians being stopped at the eleventh hour”.

Referring to investigations, a former detective wrote “It went to cabinet level”.

An officer named ‘Frank’ served in the Met added “Op Ore has its wings clipped from the beginning. It’s time to remove political interference”. ‘Operation Ore’ took place during the early 2000s and investigated access to child pornography websites using credit cards.

In light of Theresa May’s failure to organise an inquiry into historic high-level abuse in a timely and efficient manner, human rights lawyer, Michael Mansfield QC, is to head an independent tribunal set up by child abuse campaigners.

The tribunal will hold public hearings across Britain at which abuse survivors will tell their stories, and will produce a report within a year that will be submitted to Theresa May’s inquiry as well as other institutions.

May’s inquiry has failed to get started despite being launched over four months ago. Problems with finding a chair for the inquiry who is not connected to potential suspects from the 1980s/90s with the appropriate experience and expertise has been cited as the reason for the delay.

May’s choice of board members has also been criticised after several have been accused of sending allegedly abusive/inappropriate messages to alleged victims, resulting in four members resigning.

The actions of the government (or rather inactions) indicate that there is still a desire to hinder investigations into sexual abuse by high-profile figures.

At the same time as beating his drum about protecting children, David Cameron’s associates, both past and present, have been responsible for (or complicit in) the most sadistic and disgusting acts against children one could imagine.

The inner circle of government – the Conservative Party – have no doubt ensured they are well protected from any investigation and only a few dead or inconsequential sacrificial lambs will be named as being involved.

For some inexplicable reason, it seems that the British public are not particularly outraged at the sadistic (and we mean extremely violent and sadistic) abuse of children by powerful people, yet are outraged when some celebrity is accused of touching another adult’s body or making sexual innuendos.

Perhaps because this is being treated as ‘historic’ sexual abuse many people don’t see the relevance to those in power today, even though this occurred as recently as the early 2000s (as far as we know at the moment). Yet those in power today have been involved in politics for many years and are well aware of how the political system works when it comes under threat of exposure.

To have automatic implied trust in someone just because of the position they hold in politics is plain stupid.

The image powerful politicians present to the public is rarely real. An army of PR gurus work away to make sure their image is whiter than white. The old adage of ‘if it looks too good to be true…’ is something we should all keep in mind when a politician talks about themselves.

“Oh – but he/she has a family, and children – just like me” and other personalisation statements are delusions which lead to blindness to reality. Just because someone appears to have something you can identify with doesn’t mean it is real. It can be a construct – a smoke screen – which masks things much deeper and darker within the secretive inner sanctum of politics.

Time will tell if the establishment will allow any investigation to fully unravel the intricate web of deceit which has been covering up the depraved acts of powerful people for over thirty years.


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