Cameron’s lies about child abuse crackdown exposed by former head of child exploitation (#UK #politics #childabuse #gchq)

cablieIt seems that every time David Cameron makes a significant statement he is exposed the next day as being a manipulator and/or blatant liar.

Such is the case with Cameron’s statement concerning ‘new initiatives’ he claims to be responsible for in tackling the ‘problem’ of online child abuse.

As we reported yesterday, all of the major internet technology providers, such as Google, have been proactive in preventing their services being used to search for or access child abuse material for many years.

Google, in particular, has developed software and other resources which they have shared with other providers free of charge as part of a voluntary combined initiative.

Today, Jim Gamble, former head of the child exploitation and online protection centre (CEOP), has confirmed that Cameron is doing nothing more than electioneering and trying to take credit for things that have already been in place for some time.

Speaking to Channel 4 News, Gamble said the measures announced in Cameron’s speech were “rehashed”. Much of the progress made in recent times has been made by technology firms, who were already blocking material, he said.

And he accused Cameron of electioneering over the issue as questions were raised about whether the planned change in the law would actually cover anyone who viewed images of child abuse who was not covered by existing legislation.

“When I was with CEOP, we had a seconded member of GCHQ. We looked at the technology offenders were using. If they are saying that, for the past three and-a-half years, that has not been happening, then they need to say why,” he said.

Only months ago, police forces complained that they could not handle the number of cases of online sexual abuse they were encountering and this legislative change would create yet more.

“The problem is that, in the background, there has been a lot of horse-trading and arm-twisting for the headline, the silver bullet. But the truth is that the NSPCC has already been looking for this change in the law for a while. They are playing party politics to hide the fact that CEOP has been withering.”

Matt Brittin, president of Northern and Central Europe at Google, said “We have been working for years to fight child exploitation online and we aggressively remove child sexual abuse imagery from Google products using our image and video matching technology.”

As far as legislation is concerned, the UK already has appropriate and sufficient legislation to bring those who choose to indulge in criminal behaviour, including inciting children to send naked pictures of themselves via electronic means, without the need to legislate further.

What is missing is the commitment of government to ensure our existing security services, including the police, are sufficiently resourced to do their job and that current legislation is enforced.

Reshuffling existing resources does nothing more than robbing one area to facilitate the government’s propaganda machine in the run-up to the coming election.

The mass hysteria which surrounds emotive subjects such as terrorism and child abuse is being used by Cameron and his cronies as a precursor to Theresa May introducing further snooping legislation which will have serious ramifications for every citizen in the UK in the future.

Yes, there are those in society who choose to indulge themselves in despicable abuse against the vulnerable in society. But as we have seen, this also includes politicians, government ministers, and others who see themselves as protected and above the law.

The only significant thing Cameron has said on the subject of high-level paedophile and child abuse rings in the corridors of power is that they were ‘conspiracy theories’. As with his latest chest-beating about online abuse, he was proven to be a liar the next day as more reliable evidence emerged of murders related to a high-profile sadistic child abuse by Conservative ministers and other high-ranking officials.

Something which we think is quite significant is that Cameron has said very little in support of any investigation into these high-profile abusers – except when his hand has been forced.

Perhaps this is because many of the alleged and proven abusers have been very close to the Conservative Party’s inner circle of power during Cameron’s involvement with the party.

Sir Peter Morrison, who was a close aide of Margaret Thatcher, was involved in the Welsh care home scandal where in the region of 650 children from 40 children’s homes were abused between 1974 and 1990.

In 2012, former Welsh Conservative MP revealed that Morrison and another high-profile Conservative were named in documents as regular and unexplained visitors to those care homes. Those documents have subsequently ‘disappeared’ and former Conservative MP and Home Secretary Leon Brittan has been implicated in a cover-up and as being instrumental in the disappearance of the 40 page dossier.

William Hague, Cameron’s former Foreign Secretary, has been accused of being complicit in covering-up high-level child abuse by restricting the conditions under which the inquiry conducted by Sir Ronald Waterhouse in 1997 into the Welsh care home scandal was held.

The Inquiry was criticised for the narrowness of its remit, which meant that claims of abuse by politicians and others outside the care home system, which were raised by some participants, were not considered. There were also claims that some of the participants were forced to change their statements to omit the names of high-profile figures.

Another high-profile Conservative fundraiser, adviser to Margaret Thatcher, and part of the Conservative Party’s inner-circle was Sir Robert McAlpine.

Allegations of McAlpine being involved in child abuse has surfaced on several occasions.

In the 1990’s Scallywag magazine claimed that McAlpine was involved in abusing children. The magazine claims that in 1965 McAlpine was cautioned by Strathclyde police for a sexual offence against a minor. The magazine also claimed that in 1985 McAlpine was involved in abusing a boy who was living in a half-way house in Summerhill on the outskirts of Wrexham run by the Bryn Alyn Community (one of the care homes in the abuse scandal).

As an aside, the magazine also reported on child abuse taking place at Dolphin Square at the time – a location which is now at the centre of a police investigation into child abuse and murder.

McAlpine also had a close association with convicted child abuser and artist Graham Ovenden.

McAlpine had a collection of Ovenden’s ‘art’ which depicted under-age girls in ‘erotic’/sexualised poses. In 2003 McAlpine sold the entire collection consisting of 344 pictures he acquired between 1970 and 1990.

In 2012 McAlpine threatened legal action against twitter posters who he alleged insinuated that he was involved in paedophile activity. McAlpine also received significant payments from the BBC (£185,000) and ITV (£125,000) – even though he was not named as being involved in historical child which the broadcasters programmes were reporting on. A contrary reaction to the report in Scallywag where he was specifically named and took no action whatsoever.

Other Conservatives alleged to be involved in child abuse were Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes Boyson.

In 1984 former Labour MP Barbara Castle handed a dossier with details of high-profile child abusers to Don Hale, the editor of the Bury Messenger, after becoming frustrated with the wall of silence and resistance she encountered within Thatcher’s government  as she attempted to get the information investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice.

However, the information was never published because of a visit to the newspaper’s offices by members of the Special Branch who threatened then editor. The government issued a D-Notice preventing the naming of the 16 MPs and other high-profile figures contained in the dossier.

The question is whether Cameron has detailed inner knowledge of the abuse which has taken place, and possibly is still taking place, and if so, is he complicit in a further cover-up.

Theresa May certainly has knowledge. Cameron must also have knowledge – certainly since being presented with a list of alleged child abusers by Phillip Schofield live on the This Morning programme.

Cameron has been close to Conservative inner-circles for years, rising to become party leader. The associations he has made along the way, and his knowledge of the workings of the most powerful Conservative party members must have brought him into contact with people and information involved in child abuse – and goodness knows what else.

Despite all of the rhetoric and attempts to distance himself, Cameron is right in the middle of a corrupt and self-serving system which will do all it can to ensure its own interests are served – no matter what the cost to others.

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