Cameron and May in all-out propaganda campaign – BEWARE! (#UK #politics #childabuse #gchq)

cammayliesDavid Cameron is to announce today that a specialist unit will be formed using National Crime Agency (NCA) and GCHQ resources to tackle paedophiles who use the ‘dark web’ to allegedly distribute illegal images of children.

In a speech to the #WeProtect Children online global summit in London, Cameron will say that the new joint unit will combine the technical skills of GCHQ with the investigatory expertise of the NCA to analyse child abuse images hidden on the “dark web”.

Cameron will also unveil new technology to make it harder for paedophiles to move illegal images around the net when websites are closed down. Digital fingerprints, known as “hash values”, of child sex abuse images identified by the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) will allow the internet multinationals, such as Google, Twitter and Yahoo, to block the images on their services.

However, Cameron’s propaganda chatter fails to acknowledge that service providers such as Google have been successfully blocking and reporting content containing child abuse images for years.

Matt Brittin, president of Google in northern and central Europe, told The Guardian “We have been working for years to fight child exploitation online and we aggressively remove child sexual abuse imagery from Google products using our image and video-matching technology. Over the past 12 months our algorithm changes and deterrent campaign have already led to a fivefold reduction in a number of child sexual abuse image-related queries in search. We will continue to develop technologies and work with others in the industry to tackle this terrible crime.”

In fact, service providers have been very independently proactive in ensuring their services are not used to spread such vile material.

The only times Cameron and his cronies jump on the bandwagon is when they are about to propose new legislation which has ramifications far beyond the proposed purpose.

Both Cameron and Theresa May over-hype emotive subjects (in particular terrorism and paedophilia) to try and gain support for their draconian laws which would otherwise be wholly rejected by society as oppressive and intrusive, leading the UK into the Big Brother state Cameron and his ilk desire.

As Dr Richard Day stated in 1969 referring to governments introducing legislation which would be widely rejected by society “Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it acceptable to people; and second, is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system and having it.”

The other week we saw the government propaganda machine at work with ‘Terrorism Awareness Week’ and the release of the Lee Rigby report by the government quango, the Intelligence Select Committee (which absolved security services of any responsibility for the attack and criticised Facebook for failing to notice/report posts on the murderers’ pages).

This week we are seeing a flurry of activity allegedly purporting to crack down on paedophiles allegedly using the internet.

Yesterday we heard Theresa May speak at the WeProtect Summit in London (organised by government) in which she claimed that legislation rejected by Parliament earlier in the year would have resulted in child abusers being caught – although we don’t understand how she could come to such a conclusion unless she has a crystal ball.

Today we will hear Cameron with more propaganda based on nothing other than the evidence of government quangos, and Theresa May is to announce a ‘new criminal offence’ to allegedly stop paedophiles soliciting explicit images from children – although this is already an offence enforceable under current legislation.

Both May and Cameron are working on the premise that no one could reasonably object to any initiative which stops child exploitation and brings the perpetrators to justice, and anyone who does object must be an enemy of justice and morally bankrupt.

Ever since the failure of the Communications Data Bill the Conservative element in the coalition government have been desperate to bring in unprecedented controls over what citizens of the UK are able to access via electronic communications.

Not only would the Bill have introduced wider powers to snoop on every person in the UK, it would also have made ANY content criticising government illegal, and ANY person expressing an opinion criticising government open to prosecution.

Even the Conservative’s coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, refused to support the bill and has blocked it from being reintroduced.

In July of this year, the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act was rushed through Parliament without proper consideration and discussion, resulting in a legal challenge being launched calling for a judicial review.

MP Tom Watson said “The three party leaders struck a private deal to railroad through a controversial Bill in a week. You cannot make good laws behind closed doors. The new Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act does not answer the concerns of many that the blanket retention of personal data is a breach of fundamental rights to privacy.”

Now we are seeing a significant increase in government propaganda focusing on terrorism and paedophilia with the aim of gleaning public support for legislation which will have very serious ramifications for every person in the UK, both now and in the future.

On the face of it, the legislation seems to only affect those who choose to take part in criminal activities – and is the way it is being presented by government. But take a closer look and it is clear that introducing this kind of legislation gives the government unprecedented control over every man, woman, and child in the UK.

This is the start of the Big Brother state. As technology develops, the mass of data will be analysed to build ‘profiles’ on each of us which will be used by government to determine the future of our existence within the state.

If you think this doesn’t affect you or the implications are minor, you need to start taking notice of what is going on around you in plain sight.

Yes – we need to bring to justice those who choose to harm others for their own gratification, and we already have the laws and agencies in place to do that.

The problem is that the agencies lack real resources to be able to enforce the law effectively, and that is the real problem. Budget cuts and reductions in personnel are having an impact on the ability of these agencies to effectively investigate crime. Often they are trying to put a sticking plaster on a seeping wound.

It is a fact that most police forces in the UK just do not have the resources for effective policing of our streets.

As for the Conservatives in government, they don’t seem too keen in bringing criminals to justice when those criminals are members of their own circles.

Theresa May has been PURPOSELY OBSTRUCTIVE in facilitating investigations into SADISTIC child abuse by senior politicians and civil servants which has likely resulted in the murder of children.

Yet again May tried smoke and mirrors when she announced Peter Wanless of the NSPCC was to investigate claims that important documents relating to child abuse in the 1980s by high-profile government figures had gone ‘missing’.  She knew very well that Wanless would be unable to find evidence given the strict remit the ‘investigation’ had to be conducted within and the limited access he would be granted when requesting information from state security services.

The day after the Wanless report was published, Cameron jumped on the bandwagon by stating that claims of a high-profile paedophile ring within government was a ‘conspiracy theory’.

He was exposed as a liar the day after he made the statement as more concrete evidence emerged that there had been a cover-up within the corridors of power, and included current members of his own party.

Theresa May seemed to find it near impossible to find a suitable person to chair an enquiry into historic child abuse which she had promised four months earlier.

May said that it would “not be straightforward” to find a new chairman with both the necessary legal or child protection expertise and who has had “no contact at all with an institution or an individual about whom people have concerns”.

Really! So in the whole of the UK there is not one suitable person who may not have had some contact with or knowledge of the sadistic abuse taking place in the 1980s? Perhaps that says more about the system than anything else.

May’s choice of panel members came into question again when two of them were accused of sending threatening or insulting emails to alleged victims.

Hardly a glowing record for May of being concerned about bringing child abusers to justice.

When we get down to the basics of the matter, neither Cameron nor May have any interest whatsoever in seeing justice for victims of crime.

They remain interested in their own agenda which is to bring as much of the population under their control as possible so they can continue looking after their own interests and those of bankers and the well off in society at the expense of everyone else.

A real and practical initiative would be to give police forces the resources they need to do their job – it’s not rocket science.

No doubt the coming weeks will see more propaganda in the run up to Theresa May proposing more mass surveillance legislation before Parliament.


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