Austerity is STUPID! A capitalist speaks (video)

Whether you believe in capitalism or not, it is interesting to hear a devout capitalist address the problems our society faces right now.

Again, whether we agree with the details or not, the overall message Nick Hanauer promotes is valid and sensible.

“Nick Hanauer has become an important voice in the raging debate on inequality — and his provocative argument is aimed at his fellow plutocrats.”



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2 thoughts on “Austerity is STUPID! A capitalist speaks (video)

  1. Its deliberate. Nick Hanauer is right of course, he is not stating the truth so much as reiterating well known and obvious facts. Facts that David cameron, Barack Obama and all the other greedy, self serving liars and cheats in the the worlds’ governments are well aware of. Their destructive behaviour is calculated and deliberate. My only question is “Why”. Anybody have an answer?

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