Theresa May lies about snooping – again. (#UK #politics #childabuse #gchq)

mayliesShe just can’t help herself. At every opportunity Theresa May claims that further snooping powers would have caught some criminal or another.

But notice she has only mentioned terrorists or child abuse perverts – nothing about any other crime which electronic communications could facilitate.

Talking from her rear orifice at the ‘WePROTECT Children Online’ (no – that’s not a typo) summit at Lancaster House in London, May claims that more snooping powers would have helped law enforcement catch more paedophiles online.

May said “There are still gaps in our law enforcement and intelligence agencies’ capabilities.

“This means that those agencies may, for example, still struggle to identify those who have been accessing servers hosting illegal images of child sexual abuse.

“I remain passionately convinced that our ability to fight back against networks of child abusers – not to mention protecting national security – means that we need to address these gaps, as set out in the government’s draft communications data bill published in 2012.”

A quick and dirty interpretation May’s speech is ‘we don’t yet have everyone under surveillance so we can’t tell who is a threat to us in government’. That is it – that is all May’s failed proposals are designed for.

The security services already have more than enough power to mount surveillance on UK citizens.

What May is trying to do is remove the checks and balances which exist to stop the government abusing its power.

If May’s proposals are brought into law (either through reviving the widely rejected communications data bill, or through a reconstituted derivative) it will remove all government accountability to the justice system and place it in the hands of a government controlled quango.

In turn, it will mean that the government will be able to amass incredible amounts of data to access who is a threat to government power – NOT who is a threat to citizens – and will have serious implications to every citizen in the future.

Theresa May is playing a smoke and mirrors game. She is hoping that by using emotive subjects (which are generally vastly over-exaggerated) she can fool the British people into thinking that she is acting in their interests – which is far away from the truth of the matter.

Perhaps May would better spend her time sorting out the farcical ‘investigation’ into cases of sadistic sexual abuse by politicians and high-ranking civil servants – or perhaps that is more smoke and mirrors – she doesn’t seem to be making much of an effort to make sure it is conducted by the right people in a timely manner, or that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

But then – we wouldn’t expect her to because she and people like her are part of the problem.

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