Theresa May caught covering up #immigration reports criticising the #government (#UK #politics)

immigcovAnother government cover-up has been revealed in an exclusive report by The Independent newspaper today.

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, John Vine, has sent a letter to the Public Accounts Committee stating that Theresa May is withholding five reports on immigration which are critical of the government.

One of the reports was published five months ago, and Vine warns MPs that the failure to publish his reports in a “timely” manner is “reducing their impact” and has “compromised” the independence of his role.

Despite Cameron’s claims that the Conservatives would get immigration below 100,000 per year by 2015, figures released today show that immigration has risen significantly under the coalition government.

According to the Office for National Statistics data, 583,000 people immigrated to the UK in the last year – an increase of 45,000 from the EU and 30,000 from outside.

One of the reports May has been withholding is into a controversial operation to check the immigration status of anyone arrested in London, and another is a report on visa over-stayers.

In his letter, Mr Vine says that up until this year he had complete autonomy to decide when his reports, which cover all aspect of Britain’s asylum and immigration system, were published. This was the case under successive Home Secretaries since the post was established in 2008.

But Mr Vine said that in December last year he received a letter from May saying that from then on, he would have to publish his reports through her department.

May has delayed the publication of 10 of his reports for up to four months since implementing the new system, and has combined the publication of reports to lessen their impact. Vine is also concerned that allowing the government to control when reports are released means they can be released at times when they will gain little publicity.

Margaret Hodge, chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said “It is simply not acceptable for the Home Secretary to decide when the Chief Inspector reports. This inevitably undermines his autonomy and therefore his credibility.”

This latest revelation raises serious questions about the extent to the government is attempting to control critical stories in the run up to the election.

Former Home Office Minister, Norman Baker, said that the Conservatives had supressed an important Home Office report on drug laws which contradicted the Tory stance.

Baker said “The reality is that this report has been sitting around for several months. I’ve been trying to get it out and I’m afraid that I believe that my coalition colleagues who commissioned the report jointly don’t like the independent conclusions it’s reached.

“It was suppressed, not by Theresa May, it was suppressed by the Conservatives and the reality is that it has got some inconvenient truths in it.”

This is far from the first time the Conservative led government has been accused of covering up information which contradicts their lies, smoke and mirror tactics, and general deceptive practices.

Remember when the Conservatives did a bit of housekeeping and conveniently deleted 10 years of speeches and press releases from its servers, and from the Internet Archive?

Pick any government policy and somewhere you will find that Cameron and his cronies have either blatantly lied or have used some kind of deceptive tactic to try and fool the public. Perhaps the areas of welfare and the economy are the most obvious.

Since 2010 there has not been one positive outcome for the country as a whole from any policy of this government. Certainly some niche groups have benefitted greatly – such as Cameron’s banking friends – or members of the intricate web of companies given contracts for the HS2 rail line – and so on.

We really shouldn’t be surprised that May has been covering up the truth about immigration, or that any member of government has covered anything up. Rather than doing something which is meaningful and real, they would rather carry on lining their own pockets at the taxpayer’s expense with the minimum effort on their part.

This government is lazy, grossly unskilled, and not fit for purpose. The biggest scroungers in our society.

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