Duncan Smith’s incompetence costing the taxpayer BILLIONS (#welfare #UK #bedroomtax #ids #politics)

dsbillThe controversial Universal Credit scheme devised by Duncan Smith has already cost the taxpayer much more than it was originally speculated it would save.

If Cameron is the ‘Dunce of Downing Street’ as claimed by Ed Miliband, then Duncan Smith has to be the village idiot.

Gambling with taxpayer’s money on a system which brings no real benefit to the public purse, Duncan Smith finds it acceptable to just write off at least £34 million as the ill-conceived IT system he ordered to operate Universal Credit was rushed in and had to be scrapped because it was unfit for its purpose.

In a catalogue of incompetence, Duncan Smith has already racked up a minimal cost of £2.4 BILLION and is set to cost the tax payer an EXTRA £2.8 BILLION in staff costs alone according to a damning report issued on Wednesday by the National Audit Office.

Taxpayer’s have been burdened with an ADDITIONAL £300 MILLION cost because Duncan Smith has attempted to operate two parallel systems in a bid to bring in Universal Credit by the end of the decade – well past the original deadline of 2017.

This is money which could have made a significant contribution to much needed public services whose budget has been slashed by the Conservative dominated government without thought of the ramifications.

The National Audit Office criticism of Duncan Smith is further evidence that his incompetence is unbelievably damaging to taxpayer’s and those in receipt of benefit alike.

The Public Account Committee has been much more critical of Duncan Smith and his department on many occasions because of the blatant waste which Duncan Smith justifies with lies (or should that be ‘using the wrong figures’ etc) – something of a habit for him.

Something which Duncan Smith and his department seem keen to ignore is the impact welfare reforms have had on other services and providers.

Bedroom tax and the massive increase in benefit sanctions have cost local councils and housing associations millions of pounds trying mitigate the effect on the poor and vulnerable. Many councils and associations are WASTING millions of taxpayer’s money on legal action related to the massive increase in rent arrears which are a direct result of the reforms.

The housing benefit bill is gradually INCREASING because tenants are being forced out of social housing (which has a limited stock of one bedroomed accommodation) into the much more expensive private sector.

Of course, Duncan Smith doesn’t give a damn and will do anything to pass the buck and protect his own deluded position. He and his cronies treat the public purse as their own endless pot of money, and are more than prepared to take cash away from essential services to fund their pet projects.

An absolute disgrace.


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5 thoughts on “Duncan Smith’s incompetence costing the taxpayer BILLIONS (#welfare #UK #bedroomtax #ids #politics)

  1. Listen, there is no apostrophe at the end of taxpayers – it is the plural of taxpayer. Just like one apple, two or more apples. But, if you want to signify ownership, like the debts of the taxpayers, still wanting to keep the plural, but also wanting to signify OWNERSHIP, then you put the apostrophe AFTER the s. ‘TAXPAYERS’ Capiche? A very good blog, showing sound grasp of financial essentials, but poor grammar gets you a lower mark and less authority. It would be helpful to include your url references so we can decide how truthful you are.

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