Ex-Special Branch officer: MP child abusers were ‘Untouchables’ (#UK ‘Politics #ChildAbuse)

sbocbThe scandal of Parliament child abusers gains more ground as an ex-Special Branch officer reveals to police the existence of a powerful group of ‘untouchable’ paedophiles and abusers in Parliament.

The former Special Branch officer is one of two former police officers who have come forward together to help investigators on Operation Fairbank, which has been investigating a wide range of allegations that MPs and other high-profile figures were engaged in abusing children.

In their shocking allegations they claim that they were aware that boys were being murdered by the Westminster paedophile network but were powerless to do anything about it because the perpetrators were so powerful.

Both officers have also given investigators new information concerning Cyril Smith and Jimmy Saville, both exposed as paedophiles, and potentially important information concerning former MPs and living perpetrators of child sex abuse.

Labour MP Tom Watson told the Exaro news service “It is vital that former police officers contact the Fairbank team to share what they know. They may have been reticent in the past, but now is the time to share their experiences. With their help, we may finally be able to uncover some terrible injustices.”

The Fairbank investigation team are hoping that the former officers are able to provide more information which will help corroborate the claims of an abuse survivor, who claims he witnessed the murder of boys on three separate occasions more than 30 years ago.

The abuse survivor has passed information concerning 12 alleged members of the Westminster paedophile network who abused him to the investigation team. The information includes former MPs and Sir Peter Hayman, former deputy director of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).

In separate enquiries, another abuse survivor has given valuable information to police concerning the murder of another young boy during sexual abuse by the powerful paedophile group, and which may provide links to the notorious paedophile Sydney Cook (currently serving two life sentences for a string of child sex offences).

Officers conducting the investigation into the murder allegations are looking at more than 200 cases of missing boys for the period between 1977 and 1983 and expect the number to rise significantly as they uncover new information.

Yesterday we reported on the increasing amount of reliable and verifiable evidence becoming available to investigators concerning a high-level abuse network, which included a paedophile ring in Westminster.

Those who have chosen to pursue power and consider themselves above the laws which govern ‘ordinary’ citizens are finding it harder to keep their disgusting self-indulgent activities under wraps.

They layers of protection this ‘elite’ have surrounded themselves with is no longer as controllable or secure as it once was. People with a conscience and a sense of basic humanitarian principles find it easier than ever to come forward and expose the wrong-doings of those in power.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons the government was so keen to implement draconian laws which would have given them total control of our communication technologies. They would have become the gatekeeper to all information, and would have used that power (as had been demonstrated by the revelations of Edward Snowden) to manipulate the information we would be permitted to see.

It would not surprise us if Cameron and his cronies try to implement some kind of communication control before their time in government comes to an end – whether that be direct legislation or back-door/stealth legislation.

The fact is, those who consider themselves to be ‘elite’ do not like their activities open to public scrutiny and will do everything they can to protect themselves and their kind. As the saying goes ‘birds of a feather stick together’ and never was that truer than in the world of the likes of Cameron and those who consider themselves above the rest of us. They are nasty pieces of work – no matter what ‘charm offensive’ they try to use in public.


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