Dunce of Downing Street paving the way for more cuts (#UK #Politics #welfare #bedroomtax #ids)

camcutsWe never believe a word David Cameron says, especially when it involved economic matters.

In a piece in The Guardian, Cameron claims that there is another economic crisis looming and that he sees “red warning lights” as a result of international “instability and uncertainty”.

Blaming the conflict in the Middle East (and ignoring the fact that he and the US are significantly responsible for the spread of the Islamic State – remember when he was so keen to fund them at the G8?), the Ebola epidemic, and (according to him) Russia’s ‘illegal’ actions in the Ukraine, Cameron said that they all added to a “dangerous backdrop of instability and uncertainty”.

With a swift injection of propaganda clearly aimed at UK voters Cameron said it was “clearer than ever how vital it is that we stick to our long-term plan at home”.

So far the man in the street has seen no benefit from nearly five years of the coalition’s economic planning, but has certainly felt the effects of the raping and pillaging of public services and the attempted destruction of the welfare system the government have been so keen to engage in.

Of course, if you are one of those privileged people who are well-off you will have become better off – especially if you are one of Cameron’s mates in the banking industry (the Royal Mail sell-off was a nice little scam).

Or perhaps you are fortunate enough to run a business that has reaped the rewards of the destruction of public services by winning one of the very lucrative contracts the government has been dishing out to ‘preferred partners’ such as Serco etc.

The blatant exploitation of the poor and vulnerable, and the greed of Cameron and his cronies knows no bounds.

It is not only those opposed to a Conservative dominated government (remember that they are unelected and in power by default) who level extensive criticism at the deluded core responsible for the incompetent policies being implemented whether they make any sense or not.

Prominent Conservatives have openly criticised Cameron and his cronies for their obviously manipulative propaganda (lies) and ridiculous agenda which does nothing more than push many citizens into more economic slavery.

There have been several high-profile resignations from government by both Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs because of disillusionment with the way government is being conducted. Two of the most notable are the resignations of Baroness Warsi and Mark Reckless.

Cameron has ensured that cronies supporting his particular views and policies are in key government positions. In a ‘reshuffle’ both William Hague and Ken Clarke got the boot for refusing to engage in Cameron’s deluded agendas.

Perhaps Cameron’s close association with the Astors through his wife’s family has something to do with the way he is stripping the country in favour of private business and banks. Cameron comes from an incredibly wealthy and privileged background, having personal inherited wealth that is estimated to be in the region of £30 million. His wife, Samantha, is also incredibly wealthy and stands to inherit the Astor fortune. Unsurprisingly, the Astors have very close connections with banking dynasties such as JP Morgan.

The indicators are clear. The Cameron government is determined to further destroy the lives of millions of people who are poor and vulnerable.

The constant rhetoric of the ‘job is not finished’ and the propaganda of his cronies supposed achievements (Osborne was caught out lying over the alleged ‘surprise’ EU bill) all indicate that Cameron and his little band of mates are going to make life very difficult for the man in the street while ensuring their well-off voters are looked after.

Then we have the prime lunatic of them all – Duncan Smith.

He has reared his head again recently after making ridiculous claims that people who refuse to get a job are responsible for the ‘increasing level of immigration’.

But it wasn’t too long ago that Duncan Smith was blaming immigrants for the increasing cost of welfare – some significant hypocrisy we think. At the same time (as we have come to expect from a habitual liar) he was also accused of using misleading statistics to support his own argument.

Then there is his recent announcement that he is looking into taxing disability benefits.

He recently responded to reports that immigrants contribute in the region of £20 billion to the British economy as ‘silly’.  But we know the only statistic Duncan Smith likes are his own manipulated kind.

Duncan Smith also likes to ignore statistics showing that benefit overpayments have increased significantly since he has been in charge of the Department for Work and Pensions – to £1.4 BILLION.

Then there are the DWPs own statistics which show unclaimed benefits amount to between £7.5 and £12.3 BILLION a year.

If the government were really concerned about the country’s finances and saving cash, why are they so slack in chasing the £34 BILLION owed to HMRC? Perhaps it’s because they don’t want to upset their cronies and voters of course.

Whichever way one looks at the current economic situation it is clear that the government are manipulative and are looking after their own interests.

In the remaining months of their time in government the Conservatives (in particular) will try and push as much as possible to make sure they make more cash – it’s as simple as that. They really don’t care about the effects on normal citizens as long as there is a profit in it for them.

If they return to government it will be a travesty. The people of the UK will be subjected to more of the same for another term.

What really amazes us is that people seem to believe the propaganda dished out on a daily basis from Westminster. They must be laying on their backs with their legs wide open pleading ‘kick me more’. Sadly, there seems to be a significant lack of awareness and a culture of apathy rife in modern society.


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3 thoughts on “Dunce of Downing Street paving the way for more cuts (#UK #Politics #welfare #bedroomtax #ids)

  1. Its of enormous comfort to me that those who vote LAB-TOR back into power will be those who suffer the most from job losses, wage reductions, rising food prices and impossible house prices. Suffer, disgusting British LABTOR voters! Suffer!

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