More revelations of child abuse at MPs flats in Dolphin Square (#Whitehall #UK #Politics #ChildAbuse)

mpdolphA few days ago we wrote an article highlighting the shortcomings of investigations into claims of institutional child abuse in the corridors of power, and how no significant progress seems to have been made by the police – let alone the arrest of prominent and powerful figures still alive.

Today, we write about more revelations concerning the sexual and very violent abuse of young boys by politicians, senior civil servants, and others at Dolphin House, an apartment complex in Pimlico close to the House of Commons which MPs and Lords use as their London base.

The extent of child abuse by those entrusted with governing the country is astonishing. Although many of the allegations relate to historic abuse, mainly in the 70s and 80s, there is no reason to believe that sickening and depraved acts are not rife among the corridors of power today.

Those in power think they can do anything they want and never have to pay the price for their depravity. This has been demonstrated in other areas, where politicians (in particular) commit acts for which an ordinary citizen would be investigated and prosecuted. They feel they are immune because of the layers of protection they have nurtured throughout their crawling lives.

In a recent example (which seems to have gone by fairly unnoticed) former dominatrix vice madam Natalie Rowe revealed how George Osborne was involved in sordid S&M sessions with the girls she supplied and indulged in cocaine orgies.  So it seems as though there is still a lot happening behind the façade of government, even though Osborne denies these particular claims.

No doubt those who still choose to indulge in the abuse of children will have developed more devious tactics to cover their tracks, along with their cohorts and collaborators.

The recent revelations are made via the Exaro website, an independent news service which specialises in in-depth investigations into matters of public concern which are not covered by the mainstream press, or not adequately covered.

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Below is an article from the Daily Mail about the revelations:

Lying in the shadow of Westminster, the exclusive Dolphin Square estate has been home to politicians, foreign dignitaries, spies and escorts.

Now detectives are probing claims that the prestigious Pimlico block was also the site of sordid ‘sex parties’ involving the horrific, violent abuse of young children.

Hosted by MPs, spy chiefs and senior figures in the military and law enforcement, the parties allegedly saw youths – mainly boys – ‘shared’ among paedophiles.

One victim, who alleges two well-known Tory politicians raped and physically beat him, recalls being taken to the famous square around ten times from the age of 11.

He says he was raped while his head was held underwater in a bath by a ‘sadistic’ former Cabinet minister, while a second former MP cut boys with a knife. Another of the abusers, known as the Doctor, is said to have treated any injuries.

The victim, known only as Nick, described how chauffeur-driven cars would pick up boys from school and drop them off at apartments, where they were plied with whiskey before being subjected to unspeakable acts.

‘Some of [the abusers] were quite open about who they were,’ he said. ‘They had no fear at all of being caught, it didn’t cross their mind.’

Earlier this month, Nick told investigative website Exaro that a shamed top diplomat and MI6 chief was among the group who raped him.

Exaro said the victim had picked out a photo of Sir Peter Hayman – a former deputy director of the secret service – as one of his abusers at Dolphin Square.

Hayman was caught with paedophile literature in 1978 and fined for gross indecency in 1984. He was a key member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, a vile pressure group that advocated legalising sex between adults and children.

The spy chief, who died in 1992 aged 78, had been a pillar of the Establishment. He held a number of top jobs at the Home Office, Foreign Office, Ministry of Defence and even Nato.

Nick, who is now in his 40s, said his ordeal suddenly came to an end when he went to a pre-arranged place to be picked up by a driver and no-one arrived.

He has given the names of those he believes were involved in the abuse ring to the police and the BBC, in the hope of encouraging others to come forward.

A number of witnesses have claimed they were between 11 and 13 when they were first taken to parties at the riverside block, which houses 1,250 flats and is just a short walk from the House of Commons.

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