Cameron promises £15 BILLION for road works to gain votes (#politics #UK #austerity)

crwvCameron is never shy in prostituting himself and taxpayer’s money as he promises key marginal seats (which the Conservatives must hold or win in the upcoming general election to be in with a chance of returning to government) road improvements.

Forget welfare, education, health, social services, and a host of other extremely important public services which would benefit citizens as a whole – Cameron isn’t interested. He is only interested in doing whatever it takes to increase the chances of he and his cronies returning to government so they can continue raping the nation.

The Conservatives seem to have a knack of finding enormous amounts of cash when it suits them – especially for pet projects such as Cameron’s massive increase in foreign aid.

This is hardly the sign of a government committed to reducing public spending or keeping in-line with their own ‘austerity’ measures. It seems more like a policy of ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’.

The real agenda is taking taxpayer’s cash away from essential services which serve the poor and vulnerable to line to pockets of the well-off – ripping apart the foundation of a modern caring and just society in the name of profit and personal gain, dragging the nation back to the dark ages.

Since 2010, this government has done nothing to improve the lives of citizens across the whole spectrum of society but has continued to ensure that their ‘voters’ are looked after. A lot of smoke and mirrors has been used in endless propaganda which rarely stands up to scrutiny.

In this latest self-serving farce Cameron is to make a speech to the Confederation of British Industry, giving details of a £15bn, five-year roads investment strategy should the Tories be returned to power.

The plan, which will face strong opposition from some green groups, will see road improvements across the South and East of England as well as in the Pennines and along the A1.

Yet again we see the Conservatives ramping up the propaganda in the last few months leading to the general election when they have had since 2010 to DO something. More hot air and no action as usual.

Details of Cameron’s proposal can be read on The Independent’s website.


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One thought on “Cameron promises £15 BILLION for road works to gain votes (#politics #UK #austerity)

  1. Don’t FRET yourselves so, my dears. His promise of £15bn AFTER he returns to power is like my promises to the mother-in-law about AFTER we get her moved to an old folks home. And the CBI and the motorway voters know this, they have MILs and FILs too. Nobody believes him and the MIL doesn’t believe my promises either (though that won’t save her, lets just be clear.) And just like I don’t care about the MIL, nobody cares about the old, the sick, the young, the vulnerable – be honest now do YOU? But his stupid promises will win him nothing but scorn from the electoral majority and the massive swing to UKIP gains additional Tory votes every time the wretched lying piece of excrement opens its mouth. The jig is up, as Herman Goering said the first time the RAF bombed Berlin. David Anglophobic Liar will not be in power after May 2015. Looks like Mad Milliband might actually lose his seat in Doncaster North, so even if Labour gain enough MPs to form a minority government, Mad might not be prime minister.

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