Scepticism about #Osborne #EU £1.7bn claims (#uk #politics)

osbliesThe UK’s EU bill fiasco that has been so prominent in the news recently stinks of a Conservative party political tactic.

First of all we had the Prime Dunce of Downing Street, Cameron, and claim that he knew nothing of the ‘surprise’ demand for cash presented at the EU – even though the Treasury were well aware.

Then we have Gimp Osborne (remember Natalie Rowe’s revelations about Osborne and his ‘chums’) claim he has pulled off some miraculous negotiation to ease the burden on taxpayers.

As one of the worst governments UK citizens have had to endure in recent history, the Conservatives are desperately trying to recover from the damage they have caused during their time in office.

This latest piece of contrived rubbish is a blatant and obvious tactic which tries to fool the public into believing that the Conservatives have some concern for the welfare of the British people – something they have clearly demonstrated they have had no interest in since 2010.

But as election time looms, we are subjected to this amateurish charade – even though they have had since 2010 to make a positive change for the whole of the UK instead of only looking after their interests and those of their cronies.

In the last few months of being in power, we are to believe that the Conservative dominated government has had a change of heart – ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ and over the last four years or so we have been forced to swallow a lot of pudding – none of it tasteful and all of it designed to choke every bit of cash out of the poor, vulnerable, and middle classes, as well as implement an incredible amount of stealth legislation to restrict our freedoms and detect any threat to the Conservatives power in government.

Time after time after time the devious and manipulative tactics of the government have been exposed. From expenses scandals and corruption (unprecedented in British politics) to downright theft from the public purse – all nicely covered up and locked away.

We have seen them protect their own with the occasional scapegoat sacrificed until the public can be distracted and the scapegoat regain advantaged positions within our society.

This is not the kind of government the people of the UK want, need, or deserve.

So now Osborne claims to have pulled off a miraculous deal with European counterparts – something members of his own Conservative party disbelieve – and so they (and we) should.

Cameron’s acting in Europe confused members of the European commission. They could not understand why he was making such a fuss for something which has routinely happened throughout the membership of all countries in Europe, and most of which would be rebated anyway in 2015.

And that is what Cameron and Osborne have been doing – acting.

For Cameron to claim he had no knowledge of the charge is ridiculous. Either it is a clear demonstration of his incompetence and being as thick as a brick, or he is lying – you choose.

Cameron gets his little buddy Osborne to make a grand entrance like some kind of superhero to save the day.

Unfortunately for Osborne, he seems not to have considered the modern ‘connected world’ as he peddled his story to any journalist who would give him time.

It has been revealed that Osborne’s claims are blatantly false, and were immediately challenged by the European commission, which made clear that the UK has long enjoyed a system of budgetary rebates, so a discount on the controversial surcharge was always going to be applied (as the system has been since 1980).

Several other participants at the meeting during which Osborne claims to have turned ‘messiah’  said no one, including Osborne, had contested the correctness of the £1.7bn surcharge demanded from Britain and said no discount had been awarded.

Kristalina Georgieva, commission vice-president in charge of budgetary affairs with whom Osborne negotiated, told The Guardian “As we all know the UK receives a rebate on their contribution.”

Her “preliminary calculation” was that the £1.7bn (€2.1bn) surcharge would qualify for a €1bn rebate, allowing the chancellor to claim that he had succeeded in halving the bill.

Ed Balls, the shadow chancellor, said: “David Cameron and George Osborne are trying to take the British people for fools. Ministers have failed to get a better deal for the British taxpayer. Not a single penny has been saved for the taxpayer compared to two weeks ago when David Cameron was blustering in Brussels.

“By counting the rebate Britain was due anyway they are desperately trying to claim that the backdated bill for £1.7bn has somehow been halved. But nobody will fall for this smoke and mirrors. The rebate was never in doubt and in fact was confirmed by the EU budget commissioner last month.”

Daniel Hannan, a Tory MEP told PM on BBC Radio 4 thatsaid it was “incredible” for the Treasury to claim it had to fight to allow the rebate to apply to the £1.7bn demand.

He said: “We have pretended that the rebate didn’t apply, we’ve gone up to a much higher figure, we’ve reapplied the rebate, come back to the figure that there was all along and claimed a victory. That is insulting our intelligence. The insult is almost as bad as the sum of money that is being requested. I just don’t believe that no one in the Treasury knew that the rebate would apply here. That is, in the literal narrow sense of the word, incredible.”

Make of it what you will the evidence of this deception is very clear.

An amateurish and ridiculous attempt to fool the public and bolster the Conservatives image as they desperately try to recover some credibility prior to the next election.

The core of our government is controlled by manipulators who will come up with the most ridiculous schemes – oblivious to reality. They have become legends in their own minds and think that the British public are as stupid as they are.


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