Theresa #May’s lies challenged by Nick #Clegg (#UK #Politics)

maylieThe general election is looming and the Conservatives are desperate to pass-the-buck for all of their failings.

During the speech made by Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, she stated that it was the fault of the Liberal Democrats that her pet Communications Data Bill (Snooper’s Charter) failed in Parliament.

In a very underhand and low comment May stated that the Lib Dems block of the Bill by had resulted in investigations having to be dropped – putting children’s lives at risk.

She obviously has a very selective and short-term memory. It wasn’t only the Lib Dems who opposed her fascist legislation. The Communications Data Bill drew criticism from many organisations and individuals in society – even from members of her own party. A YouGov survey commissioned by Big Brother Watch showed that 71% of the general public opposed the bill.

May accused the Lib Dems of having “torpedoed” the bill – and said over six months, the National Crime Agency dropped at least 20 cases as a result of missing communications data, 13 of which involved a threat to the life of a child.

If May’s claim that investigations had to be dropped is correct, it is nothing to do with non-existent legislation not being in place, and everything to do with sloppy overreliance on technology to gain substantive evidence in criminal cases. Therefore, it is a problem created by her and her government because of the cuts they have made to policing budgets.

Of course, May and her cohorts will never admit that criminal investigations in the UK are severely hampered by the lack of real resources – not enough police officers – not enough cash to conduct investigations – police morale at an all-time low – and so on – all a DIRECT result of the policies of the Conservatives in government.

Speaking on his weekly LBC programme, Nick Clegg said “I try and be very discrete about all the yah-boo and all the rest of it about the disagreements that might happen in government. I think to say about another politician, particularly someone that you are governing with: ‘You are putting children at risk’, when it is not true, is a level of outrageous information that I have not witnessed in the four and half years that I have been in this government.”

Clegg said he had written to May, asking for an apology.

May’s blatant and brazen lies are typical of the tactics being employed by the Conservatives as they attempt to regain some of the credibility which has been lost through the diabolical leadership of David Cameron.

It comes to something when the party’s own MPs are defecting like rats leaving a sinking ship.

In their own little delusional world the likes of May and Cameron carry on putting on a public face as though nothing is wrong and they are the greatest political party on planet earth, when behind the scenes they are in serious trouble.

Now they employ the tactic of just lying in public – a last ditch attempt to justify all of the problems they are directly responsible for. Like mass psychopathy, they never take responsibility and pass the buck whenever they see an opportunity.
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