Five years in #government and the #Conservatives have learned NOTHING! (#UK #politics)

dodsSeveral speeches from the Conservative party conference in Birmingham demonstrate that the party is still totally out of touch with the general public – even though they have fumbled through nearly five years in government.

As well as being out of touch with reality, there are indications that their wider agenda of social engineering and the stripping of citizen’s rights is still high on their agenda.

Those who will be hardest hit if the Conservatives win the next election will be the poor and vulnerable in society – much the same old Tory story.

Over 10 million families will be worse off as George (The Gimp) Osborne pledges to freeze child benefit, tax credits, housing benefit, income support, job seeker’s allowance, and other working age welfare payments for two years.

A family with one earner on £25,000 and two ­children will be £495 a year worse off while a couple earning £13,000 each with one child will lose almost £355 a year – hitting five million households.

Osborne stated he will continue his ‘austerity’ plans with a package of £25 BILLION in cuts to health, education, and other public services.

However, the 1% richest in society will benefit from huge tax breaks on pensions.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady told the Mirror: “Working families have already been hit by three-quarters of the total cuts the ­Government has made to welfare and the plan is to put them in the front line again.

“It tells you all you need to know that George Osborne has unveiled more harsh cuts for working families on the same day as tax breaks for the pension pots of the richest 1%.”

Brainless Iain Duncan Smith proposes that benefits are paid using smart-cards.

In his speech he said of the cards “…today I can stand here and announce to you that I am going to start testing prepaid cards onto which we will make benefit payments so that the money they [benefit claimants] receive is spent on the needs of the family, finally helping I believe to break the cycle of poverty for families on the margins. This is a change for those families that we as a Conservative government will be proud of.”

By using a ‘smart-card’ system the government will be able to control where people go and what they can buy – including restrictions on travel. Effectively they will be able to impose any restrictions they want just by making a few changes to a computer system, thereby enslaving and controlling the poor and vulnerable. The implications of this kind of initiative are enormous, and are certainly not for the good of people trying to cope with an overly bureaucratic system of welfare.

Then there is the cost of implementing the system. Duncan Smith has yet to get to grips with Universal Credit, let alone financing and developing a smart-card system as well.

On the subject of restrictions, Theresa May has got her pennies-worth in too.

Keep in mind that the UK already has extensive legislation in place to cope with any terrorist activity which may threaten the security and safety of the country.

In her speech, May will propose more legislation through the use of glorified ASBOs which would stop people with extremist views speaking at public events and on social media.

May will also propose more powers for security services to have access to internet data.

We have gone into detail previously about the existing legislation in place (including the Terrorism Act) which gives authorities all the powers they need.  So it may seem strange that May is proposing more powers which address the same issues.

The answer is that any new powers will give the government much more control than existing legislation. Instead of having to prove their case, the government can justify any action by using ‘reasonable suspicion’. In other words, any reason the government wants.

Although May is proposing this as legislation to combat terrorism, any legislation introduced in this way will have far wider implications. It will restrict legitimate public protest and severely restrict criticism of government.

It would mean that public demonstrations by unions, or public meetings, could become illegal as the legislative process takes hold. It could mean that speaking against government policy in public could carry severe penalties.

We have already seen how the Conservatives have tried to introduce very restrictive legislation through the Communications Data Bill (Snooper’s Charter), which failed to get through parliament, even after being rewritten because of concerns about the widespread surveillance powers it would have given the state.

Since that failure, May has been trying to introduce similar policies through the backdoor – including placing stricter requirements on internet service providers.

Further proving that the Conservatives are determined to drag the country back to the dark ages, David Cameron proposes that schools ditch the metric system and return to imperial measurements.

Although it is useful to know imperial measurements most of the rest of the world works with the metric system, so why (in his deluded mind) he thinks that returning to imperial measurements is a good idea is beyond reasonable comprehension.

The impact this would have across education, industry, and international business is phenomenal. Yet another ill thought out policy.

Overall, the Conservatives seem to be on a self-destructive path, or are so deluded and out of touch with reality that they think the little bubble world they live in is how the rest of the population lives.

It is hardly surprising when most of the main players in the government come from highly privileged backgrounds and have never had to face the real world in their lives. They just don’t have a clue.

Even defection and resignations by their own party members have had no impact on their draconian and oppressive policies. They just come out with more spin, more smoke and mirrors, and base their whole campaign for the next election on lies, thinking that the public are stupid enough to believe them.

It will be interesting to see if any other brainless ideas come out of their conference.

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