Political correctness gone mad – #Matalan and Holland & Barrett under fire for ‘#racism’ (#UK)

mathbpcCommon sense seems more elusive than ever as we hear two reports claiming that two major high-street retailers are racist.

The first is Holland and Barrett who have been criticised by race equality charities for selling Dr Organic Royal Jelly Skin Body Whitening Cream which (according to the company’s website) is used to help reduce melanin production. In a statement, the company said the £9.99 product “has proven skin-whitening attributes especially for use on age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun-damaged skin, scars, blemishes, dark elbows and knees as well as general skin brightening”.

Race ‘charities’ were quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Jabeer Bhutt, the deputy chief executive of the Race Equality Foundation, told the Independent it was “hugely irresponsible” of the company to sell the product, and asked for it to be removed from shelves immediately. “The fact that they are openly selling this is so damaging to the self-esteem of black and minority ethnic people in the UK,” he said.

Other over the top comments included “promoting a throwback to the racial hierarchies of colonialism and segregation”.

But Maria Sobolewska, a lecturer and researcher in race and ethnicity in Britain at the University of Manchester, said: “They’ve clearly done their market research and want to cater to an increasingly influential BME [black and minority ethnic] market.”

Debbie Weekes-Bernard, the head of research at the Runnymede Trust race equality think-tank, said the company “clearly knows its target demographic and why they’ll buy it”.

She added: “Something marketed as a skin-whitening cream is not going to attract a raft of blonde women, so to say it’s for age spots doesn’t work. It’s an insult to generations of work done to encourage darker-skinned people to have pride in their skin.”

How does she know? Perhaps there are a lot of people who would appreciate a product which could help with skin blemishes – especially the older generation.

To think that the ethnic population of the UK are suddenly all going to want to be white is ridiculous. Have you ever met a person of ethnic origin who years to bleach themselves European white? We haven’t.

It is people like those making ridiculous statements who perpetuate ethnic divides by insulting the ethnic population’s intelligence. To think that any ethnic person is going to try and make their skin ‘Persil White’ in this day and age is pathetic. Most ethnicities are comfortable with the colour of their skin unless they have image problems – which is nothing to do with ethnicity – it is an ‘illness’ which is widespread in our society – and not helped by the likes of those making the comments in this instance.

Wait – there is more!!

Matalan onesies for children have also been attacked by the politically correct brigade.

The main catalogue image shows eight children all dressed in different onesies; two depicting bunnies, one a ladybird, one an Angry Bird, one boy in a Spiderman onesie, and two boys in monkey onesies.

The brainless politically correct brigade too to Twitter to complain that the only two black children in the photo-shoot were in monkey outfits, calling the image “rude”, “stupid,” and “quite racist,” and called for the company to apologise.

Other users defended the retailer, calling the incident “political correctness gone mad”.

Matalan responded to people’s complaints by explaining the circumstances of the shoot, and expressed its disappointment that the image had turned into a “race issue”.

A spokesperson for the company told the Independent: “We regularly work with the two boys and they chose the outfits they wanted to wear, as did all the other children on the shoot.

“Their parents were with them the whole time and they all really enjoyed the day.

“It is very sad that some people have turned this into a race issue,” the spokesperson added.

Perhaps most ordinary normal people would look at the picture and think what cute things for kids, and not even notice the colour of the children modelling the items.

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen. The world is a mad as ever, and it comes from those who set themselves as champions and spokespeople of the down-trodden. We think not!

Jabeer Bhutt – RACIST

Maria Sobolewska – RACIST

Debbie Weekes-Bernard  – RACIST

Akin to the Klu Klux Klan and the Black Panthers, these people clearly demonstrate their own prejudices though ridiculous statements which only serve to promote prejudice. Stupid idiots.

Not one of them (according to the press reports we have seen) have stated that the product sold by Holland and Barrett is for general use and is something many people from different ethnic backgrounds may consider useful. No – instead they jump on their own narrow-minded bandwagons. We do not need people like this in our society, and they need to take a close look at their own prejudices and motives – their comments are offensive.

As for those who see racism in the Matalan advertisement – much the same. It is a sign of their own prejudices which they need to address before spouting off. As we said previously, most normal people wouldn’t notice the skin colour of the children.

What next – ban the sale of Dulux White because some ethnic people may want to paint themselves – an equally ridiculous notion.

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