MPs say ‘Stop benefits of IS fighter families’ (#UK #Politics #ISIS #Muslim #Islam #Welfare))

isbenMPs have called for the government to introduce measures to stop the welfare benefits of families of members who travel abroad to fight for terrorist groups.

In something that most of us would consider common sense, MPs across the political spectrum have called for stronger action against those who take taxpayer’s money and are a threat to society.

Belgium and Australia have already introduced similar legislation.

Speaking to the Daily Express, former defence minister Gerald Howarth said: “We are paying a high price for multi-culturalism that allows people to believe they can have Sharia law in Britain. We are a Christian country.

“The Islamic community is a tight-knit one and it is up to them to be proactive and ensure their children are not seduced by these extremists. Why should people who claim no allegiance to this country and actively act against our values be supported by taxpayers’ money?”

Tory MP Andrew Percy said: “If people reject the British state then the British state should reject them. I am all in favour of stripping them of their citizenship and with that their benefits. If they want to go and fight for Islamic State, then Islamic State can support them and pay their child tax credits.”

Nigel Farage, who last week called for Britons who fight for IS to lose their citizenship, said: “Stripping jihadists and their supporters of benefits is a good idea. I think it would command overwhelming public support.” Farage said Britain could learn from Australia, which had shown “more spine” in dealing with home-grown terrorists.

For years the British public have been wondering why the government have not doing something about extremists and terrorists scrounging off taxpayer’s money – let alone being allowed to live in the country.

An example is hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who gets at least £25,000 in state benefits, and called for all ‘jihadists’ to claim benefits from the British state.

This vile excuse for a human being has vocalised his support for (what is now) the Islamic State for years, and yet he has been allowed to propagate his vile message, get paid by the taxpayer, and been allowed to stay living among us.

Choudary has called for Sharia law to be adopted across the UK, and seems little interested in democracy except when there is a threat to his hateful outbursts. Choudary said “I will never stop propagating Islam and never stop exposing the British government and their foreign policy,” and continued “I am not doing anything outside the premises of freedom and democracy.” As with most hate preachers, they choose what suits them when.

In 1999, the Sunday Telegraph exposed Choudary as playing a major role in the recruitment of Muslims to fight abroad. He has also been instrumental in fundraising for extremist groups in the Middle East.

He and others, such as Abu Hamza, have been allowed to live free lives while at the same time promoting extremist and oppressive views – all done in plain sight of the government.

So it is way past time when the government should take serious action against those who promote killing, raping, and other brutalities using religion as an excuse for their perverted views.

They will never change no matter what measures are enforced on them while they remain free in our society. The only thing to be done is remove them from society on a permanent basis – whatever that entails through the use of existing legal powers – and it’s not as though there isn’t enough legislation available.

If they are British nationals, strip them of their citizenship and prosecute them for high treason which carries the highest penalty of a whole life tariff – it’s not rocket science.

The two main applicable offences under current legislation which could apply are:

  • levying war against the sovereign in the realm
  • adhering to the sovereign’s enemies, giving them aid and comfort, in the realm or elsewhere

Politicians have been far too slow to step this poison from taking hold in our society. From uncontrolled immigration through to their failure to implement the laws of the land, politicians have allowed the situation to become a significant threat.

The recent announcement by Theresa May is ridiculous. May proposes to introduce new legislation which will impose glorified ASBOs on hate preachers. We don’t need more legislation when there is already legislation in place to tackle the problem and which carries appropriate sentences rather than short-term ‘punishment’ which will effectively be nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Time government grew some balls and started to take measures not only to punish those who promote such vile acts, but to stamp it out before it is too late.


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