#Hammond is an idiot for refusing to work with #Assad to defeat Islamic State (#Syria #UK #Politics)

hmndAnother sign that Hammond is nothing more than a mouthpiece for Cameron’s policies as he dismisses the call of the former Chief of General Staff, Lord Dannatt to work more closely with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

During an interview on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, Lord Dannatt said “The Syrian dimension has got to be addressed. You cannot deal with half a problem. The old saying my ‘enemy’s enemy is my friend’ has begun to have some resonance with our relationship with Iran. I think it’s going to have to have some resonance with our relationship with Assad.”

Lord Dennatt continued “If there are going to be any question of air strikes over Syria airspace it’s got to be with the Assad regime’s approval. Who actually understood that country, Syria, best – was it us, was it other people, or was it Assad himself? It’s clearly turned out over the last two or three years to be a very diverse, very complicated country.”

Syria has been engaged in an on-going conflict with Islamic extremists since the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ in Syria (aka CIA operation to de-stabilise the Middle East) in January 2011, and is the last stronghold against advancing Islamic State terrorists.

The propaganda distributed in mainstream media tried to paint Assad as a dictator in a similar way to how Gadaffi was portrayed prior to the invasion of Iraq. Our politicians do like to use the same tactic over and over again.

Although the Assad regime has rightfully attracted criticism from international organisations, the country has undergone a significant period of positive change under their current government. Many Syrians have been highly critical of the mainstream media representation of the country, particularly the BBC.

In the following video Syrian shopkeepers confront BBC reporter, Lyse Doucet, about the lies the BBC spread about the conflict in Syria.

The Syrian government has also complied with international requests to enter into talks meant to bring an end to the conflict, but each time the Syrian ‘rebels’ sabotaged meetings in Geneva.

The Syrian government have also complied with requests by inspectors to remove precursor ingredients which could be used in chemical weapons. Again, something which received little mainstream media attention.

Both the U.K. and U.S. governments have been (and still are) intent on destabilising Syria, which could be part or whole of the reason the U.K. government (via their useful idiot Hammond) that there will be no form of cooperation with Syria, even though there is a very real and present threat both to the Middle East and the rest of the world (if the mainstream media and government are to be believed of course).

In response to the call of Lord Dannatt, Hammond said on the BBC’s ‘Today’ radio programme “One of the observations I made on one of my earlier visits to the Middle East is that it is a part of the world where the old adage that ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ simply does not apply.”

Hammond continued “The politics of the Middle East are very complicated. In some cases we will find ourselves coincidentally fighting people who are also being fought by people who we would not share any space with at all and President al-Assad is one of those.”

“I don’t envisage us having any kind of relationship with the Assad regime but that it is not to say that we may not find ourselves fighting common enemies.”

As long as Hammond’s master, Cameron, remains in power there will be no cooperation with the Syrian government, which is very clear. Even though it could benefit millions of people, and prevent horrendous atrocities around the world, Cameron will remain as ineffectual as he has been during the whole of this current crisis, and during the term of his time in government.

Along with the government’s refusal to cooperate in fighting a common enemy, the opportunity to enter into a meaningful dialogue with the Assad regime has also been lost. Yet again we are seeing the government’s self-interest come before those of normal people around the world.

The U.K. government’s indecisive stance on Iraq is shameful, and so far has been limited to pinprick gestures of humanitarian aid. It is not until the U.S. makes a move to intervene in a more substantial way that there is any consideration of taking positive action against the Islamic State.

There is no good reason why the U.K. could have been involved in air strikes against the terrorists fighting inside Iraq. There is no need for ‘boots on the ground’, but a sustained plan of air strikes would help Kurdish fighters who have been woefully underequipped to deal with the threat on their doorstep.

All we have seen are piece meal gestures from Cameron in between his holidays sunning himself like an insipid walrus.

Cameron is more concerned with the number of votes he will get at the next election that saving lives. Perhaps he has taken heed of Baroness Warsi and is panicking about not having the votes of ethnic minorities and the incredible damage his government has managed to do to the UK. We think it’s probably just the votes.


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